I started working in construction as a helper people would always push me around because I didn't know a thing. A few weeks later the big boss showed up I moved myself into being nosy to civil and wanting to help but I'd always get pushed around I'm good at math geek shy quiet. Laying pipe they couldn't figure out the correct measurements I stuck my nose in and decided to do it myself I went off on everybody there because they all argued they took my measurements as a last choice next day at work I get hired on the safety meeting as a civil foreman I couldn't believe it in seconds I got a radio jhas to fill out and all that piles now I have my work truck I take home daily and also get paid for but everybody envys me now and I'm fresh out of high school with no brains but a geek shy math nerd oh and btw I went from 14hr to 40hr go fe what you want and don't let people push you around my life changed in seconds and hours yours can too

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  • While most of my fellow class mates are probably just starting college and getting their lives together while over here starting up my 41k with 20% working 7 days of the week 12 hours a day getting 2k pay checks plus 100 per diem! That's my English!!!!

  • I am speaking English, my point is go for what you want and don't let people push you around l! I was pushed aroun for getting hired for no experience and being picked at in the worksite. The main thing is I used my math skills and people would doubt now I have a work truck per diem ,a radio ,40$ hr pay rate ,bonuses ,no degree what so ever in civil engineering ,or survey! I just learned now the hate grew at work my life changed in hours and I'm just 18.

  • Very true. Congratulations.

  • Good for you !

  • So... I read that, and cannot figure out what you're trying to say. Please use English next time.

  • He did use english to a reasonable degree.. It seems as though this young fella may not speak english as his native tongue.. Are you multilingual like this youngster..? Its actually another demonstration of his reasonable intelligence level... If you can't fugure out what he's saying...lol, you're in no position to criticize... ;)

  • Hater.

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