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I dont tell my wife but when am alone and h**** i like to pee in my mouth and drink it . then i j*** off and eat my c**

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  • This old bag at the shop was saying "oh yeh I am a qualified pilot" like am I less if you are or so what? you work too wow. what don't do, that you could help someone else do?

  • Why wouldn't you tell your wife?
    She may be doing the same things, and you may be able to spice it up with her by drinking her pee too and watching her lick up her juices while you eat your c** or something.
    Something that may ultimately build your relationship instead of be a division thereof

  • Don't forget to mention that you like to put meaningless ads and comments on Confession web pages.

  • I think you people are a bunch of degenerates. This is the first it comes to my mind.

  • I think you are a j***. Hope this helps. - Squadfather

  • You sound hot. I would like to have a guy to guy c** and pee fest with you. Hot j*** shots and golden showers. Think about it. Yours, Ralph

  • I can beat that. I love to eat my own poo, and I'm a female teacher.

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