Sniffing my step daughters knickers

Hi im bob, and i have a real thing for sniffing and sucking my step daughters knickers, ever since i went into the bathroom after she had been in the shower, she was fifteen when it started, i couldn't beleave my luck when i saw them, they were warm and damp, the smell was so sweet,i used to go in her room and find lots, she was very untidy, im so glad she was they were every were all dirty, she has left now and i cant get them, i wish charlie would come home , bob,



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  • Hi met in chat room

  • I have done the same thing with my step daughters panties. She was 13 at the time and left her sticky panties on her bedroom floor. She was very messy and I cleaned up behind her. I could not believe her p**** got so wet and it tasted so sweet! Made me c** just smelling them!

  • So h****. A h**** schoolgirl !
    Never been f***** I assume.
    I take it she has pubes ?
    What colour Is her f**** hair?
    does it match the hair on her head?

  • Blonde hair on her head. Blonde peach fuzz on her c***. Her name is Ashley.

  • H**** thinking about Ashley !
    I' d love to see her young c*** and maybe f*** her. Does she have nice t*** ?

  • Growing up ive jerked off in my sexy aunties panties tasted the gusset n blew loads in them. Ive done the same with all female cousins n gf sister n mom

  • I've once sniffed my daughters panties in front of her to prove a point...I think I went to far when I had my d*** in my hand while she was in front of me

  • Did she enjoy watching you j*******?

  • How old is she ? Does she have a bush and leave pubes in her knickers for you to find ?
    I sniff my flatmate's knickers while she is at work.
    She is 21 years old and blonde with dark brown eyebrows. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a mass of long thick ginger pubes in her fragrant knickers.
    She must have s forest between her legs.
    Her knickers ( I've kept them and she hasn't noticed as her room is messy).
    Have a gorgeous musky smell, a little pee stain at the front and a skid mark.
    The quantity of thick curly ginger pubes added to the fact that she doesn't suspect that I know that her Pubes are ginger really gets me hard.
    The next step is to somehow see her naked...Watch this space.

  • I got Melissa's again tonight !
    We got home from.the British Legion bar and went to her room.
    She was drunk and went to.the loo next to her room for a p*** leaving her bright red knickers full of ginger pubes on her bedroom floor where I was.

    It was so hot to.know that she was in the door with no.lock on the door, on the toilet with that gorgeous hairy ginger f**** between her legs.
    I could just walk in.
    Instead I stayed in her room and sniffed her f**** aroma in her panties as she called out me
    " Steve it's pouring out of me".
    I've just had a massive w*** just thinking about f****** blonde Melissa 's ginger c***.

  • Oops ! No more Melissa's knickers for me !
    I felt guilty tonight and gave her her knickers back that she left in my car after the local Slough Laundererette.
    She bollocked me in the pub and ended our friendship.
    The look on her face though when I told all her friends that she has an untrimmed ginger c*** ! Her face was a picture.
    Quite a few blokes want to f*** her now I'm sure

    . Get your knickers off Melissa Smith .

  • Been dressing in kinky lingerie and girls and women's clothes for 46 years found plenty of willing girls and women to dress up with me and have brilliant kinky perverted s** and l still do with my partner and my 31 year old step daughter she has a bloke but she loves hard Perverse s** and dressing up with me she says I'm the best she's had asked me to leave her mother and live with her makes me feel brilliant takes years of me she loves me to sniff her c** filled panties while she plays with her p**** and bumhole puts little satin panties on a*** or face and tells me come on them so she can sick and lick them clean oh my god got to go and bum her now our favourite thing. Tell more another day I'll do a post

  • I exchange BRAS N PANTYS with my adult step daughter

  • I have a pair of my sons wifes knickers that she gave me so i could w*** on them at night this i did every night , and as they got dry i used to suck them till i tasted my c** through them, i still have them and use them ?

  • Hey would love to see them

  • Was she a virgin hearing that got me rock hard

  • Yes she was and she wanted it all the time i used to w*** on her when she got horney she would then rub her self this would make me c** again ,

  • I am a 63 yr old male wheel chair user and have no feeling or function below my waist.

    I am looking to buy or swap worn undies from anyone in The South West drop me a line please to
    So love the aromas of all females

  • Selling my daughters and sons dirty underwear cheap If anyone wants email me

  • How much fot your daughters dirty pants and what age is she?

  • Id sniff and w*** in your girls nickers

  • I've smelled a lot of panties started in pubeety, smelled all my sexy Latina aunties and cousins and eventually I started taking panties from any place I visited

  • I am actually sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties as I type this.
    So musky and tangy. mmm love the taste of her little cunny juices.

  • Can i get them off you i would love to suck them and c** on them

  • How old is she ? Is she hairy and if so what colour and style?

  • Do you sell her pants?

  • God ...yes

  • Thats so h****

  • Describe her. How old ? What does she smell of ?

  • I'm guessing 6 and roses

  • So hot! How old is she? I smell my mum's and my stepdaughters 😉😉

  • I started with my mums dirty panties at 10yr old was soon addicted to them wearing sniffing licking had many years being kinky with them

  • That's how most of us start, I think. I loved the smell of my mother's p**** and ass, and now sniff my wife's. She knows, too, and doesn't mind at all.

  • How old is she ? Do you do anything with the pubes she leaves in her knickers?
    I collect my blonde step daughters ginger pubes.

  • How old is your girl ?
    Can I buy a pair of knickers with some pubes and a photo of her face please ?
    If you agree I'll send you my email address.

  • Excellent. I used to borrow my blonde 19 year old lodgers panties and collect her pubes. I think she must have had a totally untrimmed bush. She smelt gorgeous.
    She had no clue what I was doing.

  • My blonde lodger
    Dd left her knickers by mistake in my car and judging by the pubes she had an untrimmed ginger bush . Gorgeous.

  • I had similar. My friend left her knickers in my car after we'd been to the launderette.
    Her knickers were unfortunately just washed but The amount of pubes suggested a full bush .
    I've never wanked so hard.
    I'd so like to f*** her.

  • Mmm My daughter is 13 I have been sniffing her dirty panties since she was 9 and I am addicted to them. I dont mind if they are fresh, still damp, sticky and warm or dried and crispy. I just love her musky aroma.
    Do you have any pics of her dirty panties? I have loads of my daughters dirty panties. I would love to swap pics and stories. Email me
    mingeeter2003 at

  • Did you ever lick her p**** directly? Or see it?

  • How hairy is the 13year old and what colour are her pubic hairs ?
    How hairy is she ?
    I do like hairy school girls.
    I presume she has never been f***** which is a major turn on.
    I'd love to sniff between her legs.

  • I too love hairy schoolgirls.
    I'd love to put my hand down her knickers and feel her pubes , finger her to get her interested then lay her down and f*** her.
    If only ......

  • She hasn’t started puberty yet so her hair is still very fair and blond. I would also assume she had never been entered so tight as you’d expect

  • I trade daughters dirty panties with my neighbour who is the same age as me since I caught him wanking in my bathroom one evening while sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties.
    He was soo shocked and embarrassed and I pretended I was disgusted but then I confessed that I had actually been sniffing his two daughters and his fit wifes dirty panties while wanking in his bathroom for a few years
    Now we swap them almost daily and sometimes if we are lucky while still moist and warm.
    I love to watch him wanking off while he has a pair of my daughters dirty panties to his face sniffing and licking her sticky crotch describing to me how they taste and smell and telling me how he would love to lick her tight little cunny for real in front of me. So hot then I j******* in front of him while I am sniffing a pair of his daughters dirty panties while I have a pair of his wifes silky panties wrapped around my c***

  • Awesome! too many men lie and deny their needs. all men of all ages secretly have dreams/fantasies/ideas/curiousitys about preteen girls this i know and its societys laws that say we shouldnt touch that new fresh p****..........why f****** not? i dont see people buying old f***** out vehicles and feeling good driving them! so why do we deny our instincts! we stay away from fresh new p**** and make do with rinsed old hagged p***** true to me from now on! i always secretly fantasized about s** with girls aged 8 to 14 years old but hid it and was ashamed of myself..... well not anymore.... ive embraced it and i can safely say my sexuality has gone from that of a straight male to a pedophille .... im no f****** rapist though! im out and proud and i call myself a Non exclusive pedo which is someone who secretly has desires for preteen p**** but i will never act upon it as it could ruin lives including my own not to mention its against the law. but yes i must be feeling what gay people feel when they finally are honest to themselves.... finally i can deal with not having guilty feelings after fantasizing about my preferred age range! huge weight to be lifted off my shoulders. being a pedo is a sexuality its not a sickness bla bla bla! they used to lock gay people up in the mental hospitals because being gay meant you were mentally ill..... hahahahah look at society right now! gay is now a legal sexuality! its normal! and so then being a pedo is just as normal too! being a pedo doesnt mean im a Child rapist thats totally different...... the real meaning of the word pedophile actually means lover/carer of children . it has nothing to do with forced sexual rapes. those c**** need to be shot!

  • Sick mate

  • Wait til she gets to 13 they get stains in their gussets then

  • Yummy

  • Pics

  • Very nice story

  • Rock hard

  • Can I smell them

  • Me too!

  • Nice lil w****

  • I lived with my auntie and she caught on to me. She would leave her sexy panties out for me to w*** into them.
    I've also jerked off into my sexy young teen latina cousin and left my c** in them

  • I love sniffing my step daughters knickers they smell so go and the taste is so nice while having a w**k

  • I had a friend who's daughter would leave her wet panties in the bathroom all the time. She was young. Not even a teen yet. Her panties were always full of sticky juice. I didn't know young girls got so wet. I always picked them up to smell and suck. Sometimes I would bring them home and lick and suck them. Then I'd take the panties back to the house and place them back in the bathroom. It was fun to talk to the girl and put her on my lap and know that I smelled her sweet p****. I don't know if she ever knew that I jacked off with her panties or not. All I knew is every time I would visit I would find a fresh pair of wet panties! Do you think she did it on purpose for me? I don't know. She had the most delicious pantie crotch I've ever tasted! Do any girls reading this think it's wrong or can you relate?

  • Make you right, step daughters worn knickers are the best, the smell, the taste can't beat it..

  • I love sniffing dirty panties while I j*** off I have literally sniffed hundreds and hundreds of girls dirty panties of all ages. So hot, so wrong but the smell and taste of those gussets is amazing. email me to swap stories and pics of dirty panties.

  • Hey there mingeeter, this is ogvoodoo, I understand what you are saying, I have a beautiful Latina step daughter who is now 34 yrs old and my gosh! Her dirty little panties smell so beautiful! I've been stealing ,and sniffing hers since she was like 24 or so once she finally figured out why her panties would always come up missing and figure out it was me who was talking them , now she'll leave them out to make sure that I get them, just last week, she went out of her way to come over , stay the night took a shower, and made sure that her over night bag , stayed behind with of course, her dirty cloths and panties in side. I love her so much, I'm wearing them now..

  • That's beautiful. The special love between you is precious. I envy you, wish I could sniff them. S**** anyone who doesn't understand.

  • Lmao sick m***

  • It is so hot best taste and smell in the world.

  • Sniff them when there legal age pal

  • Prude

  • Theres no legal age to a pair of panties, a-hole.

  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear
    chatting now in NO PASSWORD NEEDED
    i also love panty wan kmeets sharing her underwear and wanking pervs with it as im told filth and inuslted and cucked

  • Make the world a better place and kill yourself

  • Why don't you.

  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear
    CHATTING NOW - TUES 3RD JULY HERE - , no password needed

  • I'm 15 and I am really really needy and I've just made my panties all wet

  • I will suck them clean for you. Would you like that?

  • Can i c** and suck them then i can w*** on them , please

  • Let's see

  • Are you hairy ?

  • I would love to lick your young butt hole

  • Me too. Would push my tongue way up inside.

  • Let me get them

  • Can I have them?

  • Do your panties smell with what you done in them.

  • I love feeling my step-daughter's knickers round my c*** while I w*** in her room while she's out. I took a black lace pair from her drawer a couple of week's ago, found a sexy young "masseuse" of about the same age and got her to wear them while I f***** her....all the time imagining it was her!

  • I have been doing this for years with my actual daughter megans underwear , i also l meet other pervs and wan kthem and some times suck them too with and over he rpics and underwear a they tell me filth taboo tales of her
    Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear
    CHATTING NOW (TUES 3RD JULY 0 in , no password needed

  • What did step daughter say when she came home and found another
    girl wearing her dirty knickers.


    Love panty talk. Especially good to hear from fellow UK sniffers.

  • I,ve been sniffing my steps dirty knickers since she was about 9yo, i still do, shes in her 40,s now. I,ve enjoyed many other womens and girls dirty knickers over the past 35+ years all sort, posh women, chavs, family, friends , relations, neices etc many customers etc of all ages.

  • Hi im a filthy perv daddy too, im dream of my own lil Merseyside UK daughter Megan the cheap chav council estate c*** sucker cuckolding me and insulting me from yng ages as she s**** and slags about to old perverts doing real filthy TABOO things , im actually wearing and wanking in her knickers right now , I also love to meet other pervs in NW England UK and share or even w*** u off udssing her things too as we chat filth .. any one interested PLEASE do email me

    is it soo oterrible im hard in her tiny knickers thinking of her yng with a dog c*** ?

  • Ya a dirty f****** nonse you need your throt cut you c*** dirty basteds

  • Right on man

  • Omg her pulling u round by ur cxxk.

  • Mmmmm f*** yessss

  • My wife gives my daughters dirty panties to me before they are washed

  • I’d love to hear more.

  • Would love to hear more.

  • I like to w*** and c** on a pair of knickers and when there dry suck my com out of then try this its lovley the tast its sogood i want to c** again

  • Alaksjdhf46

  • I love sniffing my young stepdaughters knickers that sweet smell drives me crazy makes me so hard

  • AW me too! Soooo good!

  • How old..

  • What she look like and how old is she..

  • Preteen panties are best. Just so sweet and tastey and nice little stains. Almost as good as licking their little vaginas. Lickey lickey preteen clitty..

  • They smell so sweet at that age.

  • Id loooove to w*** u off using my own daughter Megans preteen lil tiny cotton disney knickers as u all tell me TABOO filth about her , mmmm email

  • Creep catchers are on your case fella

  • I'm up for it!


  • I will smell any female dirty knickers and I love the taste of dirty knickers.

  • We have three daughters all under thirteen...

  • EMail me

  • Preteen lovely

  • Yes you ever get any off their little p*****..

  • Yes nothing better..

  • Dirty perverted b******

  • Your right mate

  • I sniff and taste my step daughters knickers.. the wife has gone off s** now for a while now.. because of her depression.. but i get very h**** sill .. so i need to smell and taste some p**** .. so i started to get my step daughters dirty knickers she leaves around her bedroom.. and have a nice w*** with her worn knickers.. the step daughters 26 years old. And her scent of her knickers gets me off most days... I no it's not good . But i cant help myself. But that's how far it goes ..

  • I love to eat suck out the discharge out of my step daughters worn knickers love the taste.. always clean the crouth out of her knickers

  • Lucky you!

  • Mmmmm hot

  • I love w......g into knickers the perver the better

  • I just suck the croutch out of my step daughters stained knickers.. she tasted good. While jerking off. Came fast..

  • You perverted b****** you want locking up

  • They do its f***** disgusting

  • Hi cool story id love to trade u

  • Ok will trade .. if you like .. who's knickers do you sniff ?

  • Like sniffing licking wearing my moms my sisters my mother in laws panties.of all the panties I have sniffed my moms and mother in laws tasted the best...momspantysniffer

  • Dirty t***

  • Will you post your sisters knickers?

  • I would love to have your sisters knickers sent to me

  • I love the smell of my daughters undies. Its not disgusting as long as that's where the line gets drawn, I'd never touch my daughter, but often get off with her panties

  • Love that..

  • I get that. How old is she?

  • Me too

  • I love smelling my step daughters panties

  • Why do like smelling your step daughters panties.
    Becouse I like smelling my girlfriend panties.

  • I bet that are so good to smell and Jeck off too

  • I lick my daughters panties

  • I go one better i lick my daughters p**** .

  • Mmmm hot

  • Nice how old is she. I have being fingering and licking my almost 12 year olds stepdaughters little p**** for over two years and cumm inside her tight hairless p**** as she has not had her periods yet. No better feeling than streching her little p**** and ass with my c*** and she loves giveing me hand jobs and bjs and love sucking on her golfball size t*** and hareing her squeal with pleasure..

  • Your a f***** dirty s** case your going to get your throt cut you you nonse

  • Dirty f*** head c..t

  • Omg

  • I enjoy it to. My stepdaughter is 27 & very fit & h**** blonde size 12. She leaves her sexy g strings on her bedroom floor just waiting to be sniffed. I like to put them in my mouth so I can taste her flavour while I w***.

  • You luckyfuck

  • Can I see knickers

  • Made me hard

  • Me also ,cant stop rubing it will have to c** thats better

  • I would really love to know what my step daughter would say and think. About me sniffing her wet smelly knickers. Iv never had so many hardons has I have just lately talking about her knickers. Tell me what you think Charlie. X

  • I feel same way about my daughter Megan - www.tlk/megan - chatting there NOW

  • Wow
    I do the same with my girlfriends knickers

  • Hi there my partners daughter visited from Scotland she was 15 and gorgeous it wasn't long before I hunted down her dirty panties they smelled lime nothing l'd ever smelled before I thought nothing could ever top it. How wrong was. The next time she must have had them on several days. And they had s*** stains in them. They drove me crazy after sniffing them I sucker all her s*** out. She was visiting for 6wks suffice to say I had her dirty panties over my face every time she got a bath. Little did I know she knew exactl

  • You dirty diry pedo. F****** discrase!!

  • Hi everyone. I want to here from some of you young beautiful girls out there. Im really not sure why or how I got into this sniffing damp smelly knickers. All I know is I can't stop. Maybe somehow you girls might want to sell me some of your wet knickers . Please comment and let me know what you think. I really don't mind what you say. Thanks. Bob xxx

  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear

  • Are you a r***** pal

  • Hi Bob,

    I would happily send you used wet panties for you to suck on and smell, I love the thought of strangers smelling my sweet scent whilst stroking their rock hard c****. xxx

  • I want to w*** overyou cxx

  • Yes you can wee over me

  • Yes you can cover me all over in your wee.

  • Id send u some

  • I'd like some dirty knickers to w*** in

  • What age group panties you like..

  • The younger the better:)

  • 15 years old

  • I'm a 15 year old girl

  • Send me your panties please

  • You shudent be on here there are lots of creeps mate

  • Awesome

  • Any

  • I have 3 daughters ages 10' almost 12 and a 13 yr old and all their panties are sweet. Love c****** in them and knowing there sit in school with my cumm against their bare p*****. Have seeing all them naked and in just panties and few times caught them masterbateing...

  • Did they ever watch you j*******?

  • I used my own uk chav s*** daughter megans knickers and share them with old pervs since she was preteen , email me to chat or more

  • HI daddy, i,ll drop you an email from my yahoo, tomfrom 7. cheers. peter, devon uk

  • Please get back in contac, i also chat often (NOW) at no password needed

  • Hey Peter. Be great to chat to a fellow UK panty sniffer.

  • Get in touch please
    Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear

  • Nice and did you ever get too see her naked. We have three daughters and their amazing..

  • Yes

  • Lovely


  • I'm also DESPERATE for women to sell me her dirty panties i'll pay a lot. But i like them really discusting stinking

  • How much


    Drop me a line, I'll send you some nice creamy knickers xx

  • I would love to have some nice creamy knickers
    to wear and smell.

  • If you send me some nice creamy knickers xx

  • Please tell me why you don't like what I do and I can't stop doing it. Xxxh

  • hi anonymous,
    I know you may find it discusting, but it really is not, from what iv hurd its very normal, i looked on google, and found that 96% of men have sniffed girls knickers, if you could see this girl you would understand, she is the most beautiful gorgeous girl iv ever seen, her body is awesome, and her little bum is the best you could ever see, she used to come down and ask me what i think of what she had on, omg i just wanted her so bad, and when i would go in the bathroom and see she had taken off her very tight jeane's and knickers in one go, And they would be inside out on the floor,i couldn't help but drop down on my knee's and bury my face in the crotch, And just breath in her sexy smelly p**** so sweet, i cant get any now, But i would pay her and one of her friends who has a boys name, but she is a big girl up top,id love her knicker too, i would pay for them, xx

  • Nothing wrong with having a fetish long as she's at least 16 pal

  • Please tell me why it's discusting. When most men love the tast of p****. If u can't get the p**** the next best thing is the pantys. Xxx love the smell. Xxx bob.

  • Any girls out there wanting to send photos of their soiled dirty knickers. I would love to see them, Please mail me at
    I am living in the South West of England and am also a big fan of d******, never tried it but would just love to give it a go.
    Fingers crossed that I get a few naughty photos to w*** over soon. xxxx Dirty Daddy xxxx



  • So H****

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