Sniffing my step daughters knickers

Hi im bob, and i have a real thing for sniffing and sucking my step daughters knickers, ever since i went into the bathroom after she had been in the shower, she was fifteen when it started, i couldn't beleave my luck when i saw them, they were warm and damp, the smell was so sweet,i used to go in her room and find lots, she was very untidy, im so glad she was they were every were all dirty, she has left now and i cant get them, i wish charlie would come home , bob,



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  • Like sniffing licking wearing my moms my sisters my mother in laws panties.of all the panties I have sniffed my moms and mother in laws tasted the best...momspantysniffer

  • Will you post your sisters knickers?

  • I love the smell of my daughters undies. Its not disgusting as long as that's where the line gets drawn, I'd never touch my daughter, but often get off with her panties

  • I love smelling my step daughters panties

  • I lick my daughters panties

  • I enjoy it to. My stepdaughter is 27 & very fit & h**** blonde size 12. She leaves her sexy g strings on her bedroom floor just waiting to be sniffed. I like to put them in my mouth so I can taste her flavour while I w***.

  • Made me hard

  • I would really love to know what my step daughter would say and think. About me sniffing her wet smelly knickers. Iv never had so many hardons has I have just lately talking about her knickers. Tell me what you think Charlie. X

  • Hi there my partners daughter visited from Scotland she was 15 and gorgeous it wasn't long before I hunted down her dirty panties they smelled lime nothing l'd ever smelled before I thought nothing could ever top it. How wrong was. The next time she must have had them on several days. And they had s*** stains in them. They drove me crazy after sniffing them I sucker all her s*** out. She was visiting for 6wks suffice to say I had her dirty panties over my face every time she got a bath. Little did I know she knew exactl

  • You dirty diry pedo. F****** discrase!!

  • Hi everyone. I want to here from some of you young beautiful girls out there. Im really not sure why or how I got into this sniffing damp smelly knickers. All I know is I can't stop. Maybe somehow you girls might want to sell me some of your wet knickers . Please comment and let me know what you think. I really don't mind what you say. Thanks. Bob xxx

  • Hi Bob,

    I would happily send you used wet panties for you to suck on and smell, I love the thought of strangers smelling my sweet scent whilst stroking their rock hard c****. xxx

  • Id send u some


  • I'm also DESPERATE for women to sell me her dirty panties i'll pay a lot. But i like them really discusting stinking


    Drop me a line, I'll send you some nice creamy knickers xx

  • Please tell me why you don't like what I do and I can't stop doing it. Xxxh

  • hi anonymous,
    I know you may find it discusting, but it really is not, from what iv hurd its very normal, i looked on google, and found that 96% of men have sniffed girls knickers, if you could see this girl you would understand, she is the most beautiful gorgeous girl iv ever seen, her body is awesome, and her little bum is the best you could ever see, she used to come down and ask me what i think of what she had on, omg i just wanted her so bad, and when i would go in the bathroom and see she had taken off her very tight jeane's and knickers in one go, And they would be inside out on the floor,i couldn't help but drop down on my knee's and bury my face in the crotch, And just breath in her sexy smelly p**** so sweet, i cant get any now, But i would pay her and one of her friends who has a boys name, but she is a big girl up top,id love her knicker too, i would pay for them, xx

  • Please tell me why it's discusting. When most men love the tast of p****. If u can't get the p**** the next best thing is the pantys. Xxx love the smell. Xxx bob.

  • Any girls out there wanting to send photos of their soiled dirty knickers. I would love to see them, Please mail me at
    I am living in the South West of England and am also a big fan of d******, never tried it but would just love to give it a go.
    Fingers crossed that I get a few naughty photos to w*** over soon. xxxx Dirty Daddy xxxx

  • So H****

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