Obsessed with a guy a dont need

Im happily married but had an affair with another man. My husband actually knows about it and weve moved past it but I cannot stop thinking about him!!! I have some pictures of this other guy that I look at everyday, and I know this other man doesnt feel as strongly as me and he would never leave his wife for me, I know I don't want marry him or anything but just can't stop thinking about him, I know it sounds elementary but why am I obsessing over a guy I don't really want!!!

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  • You'll eventually lose your husband AND the other guy, then what?

  • regardless of what some retards think or say its just true....there are some women in the world who can not ever possibly be satisfied by one man. i know because i am one of them and ive known that since i was still in school. its just a fact and you are obviously one of them too. you will never be able to limit yourself to your husband and be happy. and if your husband really truly loved you he would understand that and allow you to find your satisfaction and your happiness. if he wont allow that then he doesnt truly love you. you might find a way to stop having flings on the side but you will not be happy staying only with your husband. you wont and you know it. you need to keep your man on the side. and i really mean that you NEED to keep him, just to keep yourself pleased and happy. you NEED that. and that will make your marriage better too because then you wont be h**** and anxious and jittery and jumpy all the time because youll be getting s** from your husband and your other man, and maybe from some other men you find later on too. s** is for fun so enjoy it and dont pay attention to all the jerks who call you names

  • Ah, but you DO need him AND want him, which you've proved to yourself by falling into his arms (and into his bed) to start with, by continuing the relationship for however long it lasted, and by looking at his pictures long after it supposedly ended. Except that it hasn't ended: it's still happening. It's happening for you every single day. Ignore the ignorant ravings of the moralizers: that puritanical bullshit lost favor two centuries ago and was ultimately discredited and discarded altogether in the last century. You want the man, you should have the man. Just be careful and discreet. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your man.

  • More moronic advice - if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. You will render an account for deceiving this woman.

  • He stays with you in that way because he represents the escape from reality that you need. He requires no maintenance, no attention and no commitment, and he makes no demands: he's just the free, fun, romantic diversion and sexual release that every one of us wants and needs. Stop beating yourself up over the affair and the sustained desire. See him when you can, f*** him when you want, and let the relationship be exactly what it is in your life and nothing more. It doesn't have to grow and it needn't come down to a choice between your husband and "the other man" in your life. And it shouldn't.

  • That is probably the most stupid piece of advice I have ever heard/read. Here's reality: if you keep feeding your attraction to him by looking at pictures, thinking about him, etc etc, IT WILL BECOME A MAJOR ISSUE. Burn the pictures, don't phone him, don't see him, stay away from mutual friends.
    Don't forget to pray and ask God to take away the attraction.
    And while you're at it, flush "Dr." Satan's advice (see below) down the toilet where it belongs. He's feeding you a malicious load of crap.

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