I should of just lisened

So I am a freshmen this year and I have been talking to a jr and he was really nice but my friend told me not to trust him well I don't care what he thinks so about 3 weeks ago me and him start s**-ting and I tell me friend and he starts to flip put saying why hes messing with you etc. then the next day i find out he got back with his girl friend :( then It gets worse so I text him one day and he reply saying a pic so I did then he texts back no send a dirty pic and well I did ya ya I know but it was one of me in a swim suit so ya but he ask for one of me all naked well i tell him no and he goes on and on about why not and stuff then the next day I say hi to him and he just looks at me and then keeps talking with his friends I felt so bad I wanted to cry but I didn't because I would have to tell people about the pics when they asked me hat was wrong so I go to school the next day and my friend Sam tells me that every one is saying I am a w**** and the guy I send it to is say that he doesn't know me and that I am some crazy b**** and that really made me feel worthless but this is where every thing goes out of control my friend the one who told me this was going to happen he goes off the deep end and it was really starting to scare me he keeped telling every one that he was going to kill the guy who I sent the pics to so ya but one day the guy I sent the pics to walks over to me and starts talking with me during lunch I don't really rember What it was about but I didn't see my friend who was bring his lunch try up or some thing standing watching this and my friend walks over and punches him in the eye and it swealls up really bad and there fighting every one is cheering then the guys i send those pics to takes a broken pastic spoon and starts and try and cut my friend well he takes the spoon away and cuts up the other guys face and it was really bad and now He wont talk to me my best friend in the whole world hates me now and to tell the truth I have had a crush on him since 3 grade but now that he hate my guts Idk I really miss him and this is all my fault and I am real lonely

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  • A lot of this type of problem would be solved if all you little a******* had your cell phones shoved up your a****.

  • Let some time go by and then try to talk with your friend again. He will eventually forgive you. Just apologize. The thing is, you can ask someone for advice or someone can just tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing and it's up to you to use your best judgement. And when you don't, you just have to learn from your mistakes. Never sext again..it's just not worth it. It's also considered child p********** at your age. You are not worthless. But there are better ways to get a guys attention. Someone will love you for who you are, not because you send some dirty pic to them. Respect yourself. This whole thing will pass..give it time.

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