Juliet longing for her Romeo

We are in love but keep it a secret! We fell in love while he was married his wife that now is pasted on. If any one found out it could be bad for the two of us. We have a son together. We were consoling each other when his wife died and I just broke up with my boyfriend. We stayed up late nights just talking we went to parties and hung out a lot we got to know each other.He stared to sneak over to my house late at night and told me he had feelings for me he then kissed me I kissed him back and we decided it would be best if did not any one. I soon after we started a secret relationship I had his child he has his own children with his wife if they found out the you know what would hit the fan. I am longing for the day we can come out and say were in love but right now its to soon we rushed in soon after his wife died and after my break up we don't want any one to think its rebound or it was too fast!It also would upset his children their all grown up and close to my age!

Nov 21, 2012

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  • How did you fall in love while his wife was ill? Why the h*** was he not by her side??? How the h*** do you jump into a relationship and not let him mourn his wife and you let your self get over your break up?That is the time to heal and take care of your self first and let him heal! How can you love someone if you don't give time to let each other heal?

  • She pushed him a way. She did not want him sit and watch her waste away.We spent a lot of time together we visited her when she wanted company and he was by her side when she died.He is the one who advanced me.My boyfriend was abusive and I needed to break away I had tried for years. I was very upset that I got what I wanted it was just not the way I wanted to happen He beat me and called cps and had our children taken by saying I as their mother I failed to protect them from the abuse his family got placement of our children.

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