Professing My Love

Abigail... I love you. heh heh... yeah...
i am almost certain you will never read this, and even if you do, you wont know it was me. but that doesnt matter.
today is December the Second. cotillion is in twelve days, and god willing, youll be there. im gonna grow a pair, and do one of the boldest things anyone has probably ever done in 8th grade at Model. the reason im disclosing all these details is because i kinda hope you do see this. your big, beautiful, brown eyes that electrify me with the slightest brush of eye contact, scanning these words on this screen. your dark, flowing hair, and you, dark as a cherokee. i gotta say, im scared! im scared of you! im more scared that i will f*** it up somehow. but... i have always been able to talk to women better than i have men, so i think i will be fine.
i cant wait until the dance. Boy's Choice i swear. i will have a dance with you.
this is no mere crush. i have fallen on my ass in love with you! Virginia was just a summer interest, and she turned out to be a b****. sixth grade. since sixth grade, when you came to this school after christmas break. i looked upon the soft, supple edges and curves on your face, and i was f*****. i had finally found a girl that had made me giddy with euphoria and emotion, just by the sight of you. now, im going to risk it all for a chance with you.
you have, from the start, been indoctrinated in the ways of That One Clique of Popular girls. but you are not like them in some ways. Mallie is attractive, so is Emily, you are as well. but Mallie doesnt have as good of a personality as you. i truly think that she hates my very existence... haha, i really think that! i mean... whenever i try to join the group she is in, i try to say something, and... well, lets just say that the ice in her gaze runs my blood cold.
Emily is a lot nicer. a LOT nicer. she is more down to earth, and friendly.
you. You fill me with the most... elation. the most jovial feeling of love i have experienced in a long time. even though i havent really spoken to you(because i was scared id f*** up!) i can tell that you are a much better person than mallie.
i think ill end it here. i dont want to write too much for my fellow confession-makers.
i hope you found my Profession of Love to this girl truthful, entertaining, and inspiring.
trust me, i really will ask her out at cotillion. i will say the words "will you go out with me?"
which is a big deal, because no one does that. ever! makes no sense to me...
bye! ?_?

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  • Awwwwwwww. :')

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