I don't wanna lose him

My boyfriend and I in a few days will har been together for two months, but here's the thing, this recent weekend, we had I don't know if I'd call it a fight but I told him I don't like his best friend who's a girl; they went out for a few days, but It never worked out, well I try so hard to get her to like me but it doesn't seem to work. And I told him and we talked but then he went on saying he fights with her, Becuase she keeps telling him he should break up with me, she has a bf of one year, anyway he said sometimes he thought of breaking up with me and Said he didn't know, the next day everything seems fine, like normal, then the other day he was give his other friend (a girl) a backrub, I at first didn't mind she had skoliosis, but then I learned he gave a back rub to another girl (friend) of his and the one with skoliosis gave him one back. He says tere like his sister but I don't feel that's ok. I love the girls too, but what gets menus he's never done this for me. And I want to feel like a equal in this relationship and I want him to listen to what I have to say but I fear that we will fight an h*** become unhappy and that Ill lose him, I apologized the first day and everything was ok but I don't always want to be the one who apologizes I want to be equal in this, I love him with all my Heart and I am so Afraid of losing him idk what to do. I feel tension but he says there isn't, and I just don't know what to do, I want to be with him for a long time but I don't want thing to go as they are I'm always afraid everything were going to talk about will lead to a fight, I should have to be the only one to change right? So what do I do? :/

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  • I want i want i want... you are so freaking confused on what you really want you don't make any sense. First thing is that you are letting jealousy get the better of you. If you can't accept the friends and the type of relationship they have AS THEY ARE, you are trying to control him and you need to stop. If you believe there is something more than friendship and he denies it, the relationship is over anyway because either you are right, or you don't trust him and you need to cut him loose and work on your trust issues. I think it is out of line for his friend to say you 2 should break up, and if he has considered breaking up with you based on that, the relationship is over anyway. The brutal truth of the matter is that your insecurities, his friends, or his uncertainties or all of the above, it doesn't matter if you WANT to stay together with him, ALL OF THESE ARE INDICATORS THAT IT WON'T WORK OUT. Talk to you bf and tell him how you feel. When he tells you how he feels DON'T FREAK OUT. Don't try to MAKE him see it your way. If you can't come to a resolution, your relationship is doomed.

  • Newsflash: if you don't have him, you won't die. Trust me, you'll feel worse about compromising your own self and your dignity than you will about losing him when you look back on it later. It sounds like he's a punk anyway. Teenage boys are just that, boys. They're a******* by nature. Play around with them when you're young, have fun, but don't sell your soul just to have a boyfriend.

    I tell you what, I have always been fat, but there has STILL always been another one coming down the pike not long after the last has left. So don't worry, relax, and let what happens happen. That's what men want anyway--they want someone to have fun with and not feel pressured by.

    Just what you write makes you sound like something of a clinger, and that is only ever going to drive men away. Try indifference. Nothing makes them want you more.

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