Shat my pants

I shat my pants yesterday. i dont mean i got scared, i actually shat my pants. bad day

Mar 21, 2020

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  • Some people would see that as a happy day

  • I like h to sit on my potty and pee and poo. It feels amazing to have it fill up and leak all over. I wear diaper and pee in it when I am talking to women. I wish i could tell them and make them clean me up and spank me and call me disgusting names for being so dirty.

  • I used to deliberately wet my bed

  • Fake news neckbeard!

  • I'm not the OP. Just one step less disgusting than them

  • That's not really a bragging point, you're still subhuman.

  • At least now u ar not full of shat

  • I sharted whilst reading my daughter a bed time story once, not a proud day

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