My water broke while I was shoppping on black friday at the mall so I went in the changing room left my we pants and walked out of the store in new pants like nothing happened an gave birth late that night.

Dec 6, 2016

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  • Oh come on, why is anybody surprised? Trash loves to breed, and the sense of entitlement kicks in long before the fvck trophy is actually pushed out. OP now has her hand stuck out for all kinds of free $hit for the next 18+ years, won't discipline the dumb thing, and will hang out all day on social media while claiming to be SO TIRED from doing The Most Important Job in the World. She'll call herself a Proud Mama Bear for going ape$hit on people who look at her sideways when her crotch muffin (which will undoubtedly have vague "special needs" of some kind) rockets around the church, library, store, etc. screaming like it's on fire and wrecking everything it touches. When it drowns in three inches of water because she's Facebooking on her phone and small children are stupid, she'll put up a tear-stained GoFundMe faster than a neckbeard making a Mountain Dew run. I'm calling it.

  • Are you an author? Love to read more of your writing!!

  • Theiving mom. Great

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