Caught drooling soccer mom

I am in love with the soccer mom down the road ,She is 40 and I am 26. She makes me drool everyday when i see her in her yoga pants. I almost crashed one day looking at her she laughed . One day she had me come over to help her with something i could not stop looking at her yoga pants , She embarrassed me and said " I know you cant keep your eyes off me when i wear these . I see how you look at me , I bet you wonder how they feel
' I was dumbfounded She invited me in and told me to strip and she made me put some yoga pants on , MY did they feel good to She helped get them all the way up and started touching me in them . I now wear yoga pants everyday under my suits or reg clothes . i love how they feel and i love it more when she makes me model them . Her hands feel so good touching me in the yoga pants I go to work every day wearing womens yoga pants.

When her husband is working and her kids go to school She calls me over and we have yoga fun.

Today i have on a pink floral print pair that soccer om bought for me they are so silky and sweet i love wearing them I love seeing them I am a yoga pants addict She totally controls me and I am her yoga pants sissy as she says .

Oct 11, 2016

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  • I wear Columbia thermal tights for men, I used to them for my zoom yoga, pilates classes at my community college online, man they feel good especially when the c*** is full rage h******!

  • Very hot..I love yoga pants! One of my very good, female friends wears them all the time. We were out one afternoon, and, she caught me staring. We laughed about it, and, she said, if I kept driving her around (she wasn't driving due to surgery rehab), she'd only wear yoga pants when with me, and..If I wanted to get her a pair, she'd gladly wear them for me.

    I did get her a pair of tight, black yoga pants that turned out to be one size too small, but, she kept her word and wore them anyway. Told me several times, "I love how my ass looks in these..So do you!". Both true.

  • Please, please, please write back when hubby and/or kids walk in and catch you and the trifling h****. The mental image I get is prrrriceless!!!

  • Soccer mums are hot hot hot. Yummy mummy. I'm haveing a girl-girl fling with another mom I met at our kids play group.

  • Yeah, sure, right,

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