My step daughter has seen me naked has grabbed my privates in the pool. She has come close to kissing me on the lips I had to turn my head very quickly to avoid it. Yes I find her very attractive no I have never seen her naked. My question is what should I do. Someone please help!!!

Dec 6, 2012

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  • Put your d*** In her

  • Let her kiss you on the lips then take off her knickers ,spread her legs and kiss her lips

  • Stick to


  • Ok not enough details to offer advice. How old is she? How long have you been married to her mother? How long has this 'flirting' been going on? She just might be going through a phase. If you've had a talk with her mother and that hasn't helped, don't know what to tell you. It all depends on how old she is as to how you handle the situation. Good luck.

  • You should go ahead and f*** her brains out until she c*** all over your little dicky...it's going to happen sooner or later.

  • Invite me over to f*** her and i will video tape it and you could walk in while we are doing it and get your chance to f*** her

  • First off I feel that if you have to come on here to ask for advice on what to do then you have to be pretty immature and incapable of thinking for yourself but since I've been through that myself and you asked, I'd say go for it, just make sure that it's something that you both really want and can deal with if any situation pops up but also make sure she knows the possible consiquences of that kind of liaison(secrecy, guilt, jealousy, etc,) and if she's willing to accept and deal with it in a mature way if need be, I had a real great trusting and loyal liaison with my step-daughter for some years before she grew out of our secret relationship and now we just carry on as if we've had a normal father/daughter relationship with each other.... hope my experience helped.

  • dude......the girl is BEGING you to do her. and not just once. she isnt playing around......she wants you. next time she grabs the privates tell her 'you can have that but i get to choose where it goes'. before you know it youl be the lucky guy geting the mother-daughter dual. go for it!

  • All these negative comments sound like something a child might say... anyway these people posting such s*** most likely don't know what the h*** they're talking about, they only follow what they've been tought to believe in by the majority of soiceties rule and are incapable of making educated decisions and comments on there own, most likely these people have never been in the situation you are in, therefore all their comments are invalid! although they are intitled to their own opinions no matter how idiotic they may be.

  • I have talked to her mom and she kinda laughs it off, I also avoid her as much as possible. I have tild this to other people ad well and no one knows what i should do. Its not like I am encouraging this behavior. She unlocks the bathroom door when I am in the shower. On another note if you have nothing better to do than get on here to call other people creeps and other names you should probley get a life.

  • You should be ashamed for coming here. You should already know what to do, and that's to avoid her and talk to her mom. Pathetic creep.

  • Geez you people are really ignorant, the guy comes here looking for some advise and all you can do is vent your pathetic moral comments to him, you are the one who should be ashamed for showing the world how much of an idiot you really are!!

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