Weak boys get stripped

Went to a party with my girlfriends when I was 17. We had been kissing boys playing spin the bottle and being so close to them, couldn't help feeling the bulge in their pants. Even when they all had one, they began picking on a boy named Jerry garbing him and pulling down his zipper. I remember them asking us if we wanted to see him naked and the answer to that was a resounding yes. Jerry ended up stripped naked with his clothes thrown out on the front lawn while girls went crazy looking at his stuck up d***. Most of us had seen naked boys before, but never one being forced stripped and stuck naked not dare to go outside to pick up his clothes. Well we all saw plenty of Jerry that day. Never seen such and embarrassed boy in my life and the fun we had checking out his goodies. Weak boys always get the short end of the stick.

Sep 19, 2014

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  • Four 17 year old boys from my high school inviting a 15 year old boy into going to the rail road tracks. It was a place where old rusty train wagons were stored next to beaten down shak used by students to smoke weed. It was obvious the boy didn't dare say no out of intimidation. I was down there smoking pot with my girl friends, when they gang up on him and humiliated him by forcefully stripping him. I remember a girl video taping him held on the ground completely naked with his p**** exposed. They even forced him to play with his d*** by threatening him make him walk home naked. I think he did it to get his clothes back to avoid being left naked. It was cruel forcing a boy to j*** his p****, but sexy as h*** to watch him get a h******. It was that or a strip home naked and the only way to get his clothes back.

  • I once got stripped in public park bathroom and push out to embarrass me in front of girls from my school that were outside. They were out there because they knew what they were going to do. They caught on video threatening to show it in school if a said anything. I felt so degraded I kept my mouth shout so no one would know.

  • When I was a teenager I used to hitch a lift home if I was out late at night, which happens when you are a student. One night I was stupid enough to accept a lift in a car with three guys in it. I got worried when the driver pulled off the road only about a mile from where I wanted to be dropped off. The layby was in a thickly wooded area just outside the suburbs. The driver said he wanted to relieve himself and got out. The other two guys did the same. I decided to go too and went to join them. When we had finished they jumped me, pulled me to the ground and stripped me, ran to the car, taking my clothes with them, and drove off leaving me naked, apart from my socks, just over a mile from home. It was after midnight, and, being very careful, I walked home!

  • When I was 14 I used to play cops and robbers with boys from my neighborhood. I remember they tied a 12 year old boy to cross bar of kidies play penn and threatend to strip him. When they turned around to asked us, a girl right next to me said "do it" It was the first time I saw a naked boy with his p**** exposed and visibly emberrassed about girls looking at it. They did it because he was young, difenceless and easy to embarrass. The sexiest part was watching his d*** blow up into a full h******. It even embarrassed me but I still looked just as the other girls did while his friends laughed ran away laughing. i remember him pleading with us to pull his pants up. We eventually did it, but took our sweat time do it. Sexy as h*** because I had never even seen my on brother's p**** and muchless hard and stuck up in the air.

  • I got caught in the shower during PE by two senior girls. They just stood there watching me soaped up stark naked telling me to stop covering my p****. Kept telling me they were going to run out away with my clothes. I remember the thought of everyone in school finding horrified me and stepped out. So embarrassed about them giggling, looking at my d*** stuck up in the air in full view I could hardly breath. Lsst thing they said was "don't worry" our lips are close and no one will know.

  • I was 13 years old when some senior boys pushed me outside of the boys showers during PE period. I never thought they were going to drag me out the front door by arms and legs and drop me on the front lawn completely naked. All I could hear were a bunch of screaming girls saying "look at the baby d***" while these jerks held the shower door locked from the inside. I remember them pointing their cell phones at me while trying to push the door open before having a crowd showed up. There was not much I could do but wait out there, melting away with shame in nothing but bare skin humiliating myself. I remember the showers were out by the baseball field and no teachers around for help. I later found out those girls were there because they were part of the prank. I kept quiet because I didn't want the shame of whole school to knowing about it and horrified about about those girls looking at naked pictures of me and showing the to other girls. I just feel that girls looked at me in the school always as if I were walking around with no clothes on and the laughing stock of the whole school.

  • I was pulled into the girls toilets at lunch time at school , I was 11 in my first year at Secondary school & about 6 girls 2 or 3 years older than me grabbed me when I was standing outside . They got on the floor & was pulling off my trousers but fortunately for me a male member of staff heard the girls screaming & shouting in their exitement - annoyingly I was the one that got told off ! Later in the dinner queue a much older girl put her hands through between my legs from behind & squeezed my b**** - no kidding ! I turned round & she just smiled , I also had my ass smacked & pinched by girls who were behind me - I guess I looked pretty cute back then !

  • Damn that's hot.
    I wish I had that kind of experience when I was 12.
    Let me guess, you were a white long hair boy with blonde/dark hair, right?

  • I used do my school home work in my girl friends home. One day we walked into her house and found his 14 year old brother standing in a corner of the livingroom with no clothes on. He was so embarrassed when we walked in a saw him standing there completly naked with his hands on his head. When I asked my girl friend she said her Mom always did that when he brought home reports from school with bad grades. What shocked me was her mother didn't care about me being there. She just said it was part of the punishment. I remember I couldn't help looking at him standing there with his p**** stick out and blushing with shame. I just took a good look as we walked by him on our way to my girl friend's bed room. A real shame we didn't get to do our home work in the living room.

  • Was the boy her older brother or younger brother?

  • I got really h**** when I saw a boy from my school tied to a fence and stripped from the waist down. I remember watching his d*** creeping up. He looked so embarrassed about getting a full h****** in front of my girl friends. It wasns't our fault he got humiliated that way so we just looked and had fun. I remember we cut him lose, pulled up his pants and walked away without saying a word. We told anyone to save him from further embarrassment, but it was a real panty wetter and months have passed and we are still talking about.

  • Wow, someone who actually isnt a total piece of s***

  • ...especially when they are surrounded by heartless bastards like you.

  • I remember a group of girls conspiring with boys to strip other boys clothes off. I didn't know they had done it to a boy from our neighborhood because he probably didn't want anyone to know. When they asked me if I wanted to play baseball with them, I was more than happy to join them. There were no girls around and didn't know they were hiding in the equipment shed. I found out there were all inside when we walked in. I remember they locked the door, began forcing my clothes off while hearing girls saying "get him naked" I ended up displayed stark naked with laughing boys watching shameless girls giggling about my getting an erection. I tried not to but I just couldn't stop it. It only got stiffer when those girls began touching, jerking it while drawing my fore skin back to expose the tip. Not much I could have done about it, even struggling with them would have gotten me nowhere. What worried me and scared me shitless, was worrying about being left there and having to go back home naked. I guess I was left there picking up my scattered clothes, mainly because a naked boy running home would have gotten all of them into trouble.

  • I once saw a 14 year old boy from my school held up with his pants and underwear down to his ankles by four senior boys. They did for the fun of humiliating him in front of my girl friends. His d*** got so hard it was a lot bigger than we expected from a 14 year old. I remember it was so damn h**** I couldn't stop looking at it.

  • I'll never forget my friends stripping me in front of three girls we used to play with. I was 14, the youngest of the group and the easiest to take advantage of. I got held on the ground, pants and underwear yanked off and embarrassed about girls saying "wow look at that b****" squatting down besides me. I remember one of them looking from a distance while the other two, more daring, flicked it to watch it bounce back up. I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. Not even my own sister had seen me naked. I was 14 and being stripped in front of those girls was huge big deal for me. I remember boys bragging, girls having fun talking about it with other girls and staying home for weeks. Even when I decided to go out side the teasing was horrible.

  • I'm so sorry that happened to you and I wish I'd been there to protect you. When I was 12 years old I had to spend the weekend at a babysitter's because
    my mom had to go out of town. When I woke up in the morning having wet the bed, my babysitter (A cruel 20 year old woman) ordered me to get undressed and get in the tub so she could give me a bath. When I refused she told me if I didn't strip she would let her little sister (who was in my class at school) bathe me instead. I undressed down to my underwear but still couldn't bring myself to be naked in front of her. She tied my hands over my head with her belt, brought her sister into the room, then yanked my underwear down in front of her. Her sister started laughing at me hysterically and I started bawling. I'm uncircumcised, and though I had 3 little scraggly pubic hairs, my p**** was about the same size it was when I was 7. It was almost 7 hours before my babysitter untied me and allowed me

  • I too had a similar situation happen to me, like you my mom had Togo away on a course with her company and I was dropped off with her sister. My aunt had two daughters Alice who was two years older than me and Amanda who was two years younger, but as I was small for my age she was as big as me, my aunt also did child minding and baby sitting. As mom drove away I felt upset at being abandoned and my aunt led me indoors then said “ come Chrissie let’s get you changed “I told her I had my play clothes on and anyway I would just chill and play on my I pad. Auntie told me I would be doing as I was told and I wouldn’t be lazing about in the house while there was glorious sunshine outside and she want me to come with her so she could change me, adding that she had a rule in her house that all little boys were put in nappies and vinyl panties as she had had two who had wet their pants on her sofa in the past couple of weeks. I exclaimed that I didn’t need nappies as I didn’t wet myself and I wasn’t going to have them on. She took hold of my wrist the walked me in front of her upstairs and into a room that looked like a nursery closing the door behind us she said” Look young man we can do this the hard way of the easy way but which ever way, when I take you back down stairs you WILL be in nappies “ she turned me to her then pulled my tee shirt up over my head and as I pulled my arms loose she pushed her thumbs into the waistband of my short and together with my pants she pushed them down to my ankles. My hands flew to cover my little dickie and she lifted me onto her lap then tipped me back to remove my shoes and socks and my shorts. She sat me back up and ordered me to go and climb up onto the changing table. I had tears running down my cheeks as I begged her again saying I didn’t need nappies adding that I wasn’t a baby. She lifted me onto the table and told me to lay down and be a good little boy, I started to cry louder as I tried to fight her.

  • Continued from above:

    to get dressed again, because her sisters was calling all of her friends and charging them 5$ each to wash my genitals. By the end of the day, 12 of the 14 girls in my class at school had been given a turn to molest me, and she allowed at least a dozen other girls age 6 to 11 to have their fun with me as well. One of them held onto me and made me urinate into a glass in front of my classmates, then shoved a funnel into my mouth and poured it down my throat. Several of the girls took pictures of me with an erection, and said they would put the pictures in the boys AND girl's bathrooms if I ever told anyone.
    Anyone who thinks girls don't sexually abuse has NO CLUE.

  • I saw this happen to a boy named Mark. In every school I went, there was always some boy singled out for abuse and that year it was this boy named Mark. I don't remember how many times other boys played jokes on him, some of them darn right cruel. Well one day leaving school, these boys stripped him in a open field to embarrass him. I remember them ganging up on him, stripping him from the waist down and pushing him in front of girls to embarrass him. Some girls pretended to not look, others ran away and others just stood their looking at his d***. The fact was he wasn't about streak home naked and basically got stranded pant less wait to recover them. I think the worst was having to show up in school every day with girls knowing what he looks like naked.

  • One of the boys we hung out with got stripped right in front of us. His pants were pulled down and discovered he wasn't wearing any underwear. My girlfriends and me thought it was the sexiest thing that ever happed in high school. He was so embarrassed about getting held up in front of us, because we all watched him get and erection. I guess you can call it that because his d*** was so small, even when it got fully hard it only measured 3 inches. Still we had fun looking at it and getting sexually turned on. Why did they do it? because he was weak, shy, young and easy to take advantage of.

  • I once did drugs in high school with my girl friend and we both ended high and naked with a bunch of guys groping and sucking us. The horrible thing about was that we can't remember who they were.

  • Did you want to touch it

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