Gonna get a job in a nursing home

This might sound bizaro or sicko but I am thinkin about getting a job in a nursing home so I can get some women. I am 30 and shy and not too hot in the looks departmint and never has a date. One woman said my face is ugly as sin and look like a pigs face and my body look like the dough boy, that s*** p*** me off. Yeah babes in nursing hone kind a old and out of it but at leest I could meat some women there and mayeb they would not coll me bad s*** like pig ugly becaus of their oldness none of them look to hot either.

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  • I have worked in nursing since I was 22.I have had s** with over 100 women who work in that field.Most people will not believe with me but its the truth.I have had s** with co-workers in bathrooms,patient beds,closets, break rooms,parking lots,kitchens etc.Those who did not want to do it at work,we do it out of work. Some of these women are married, single, separated, lesbians, young,old,family members of patients,any race.Some are better paid than I am.
    I have heard and read about employees having s** with patients.That is actually illegal and a violation of work policies,state and federal laws and could get you fired,charged,jailed,fined and result in the revocation of your certificate or license.Please, don't sleep with a patient,its bad f****** business.Good luck.

  • That's some sick s*** dude.

  • Thank you. I appreciate your post. I thought it was pretty cool myself.

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