That So Called Family

My maternal family are leeches. They use others to pay their way. They won't take responsibility for their actions. They used my mother but they never used me. I made them pay their way. This family is scum. Those f****** should be banished from the face of the earth. The sooner this family dies, the better. They are parasitical, useless humanimals.

The main culprits are uncles & cousins. They are selfish parasites who bilk others & never feel guilty about it. They are so full of s***. Those bastards only contact people when the low lives want something. One of the cousins neglected my aunt in a nursing home which resulted in the aunt's death. This same cousin now neglects her mother. This b****** cousin only stays with her mother-for the money. This worthless scum is able-bodied yet refuses to work. Hopefully, this scummy family will die out- I certainly hope so. This family is better off dead. They are pieces of pure s***.

Feb 2, 2020

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  • My wife's family is like that. They always treated her like s*** as she was the youngest. But I have the money and and control everything in this town. We force then to work for it, if they want help.

    I make the me cutting trees by hand, no chainsaw. Do the outside work. The women Cleaning our house. But my wife is really taking revenge, she makes her mother and sister's strip and take turns blowing me each morning. Their husbands don't know.

    They have finally gotten what they deserved.

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