I am 18 years old, overweight, and a

I am 18 years old, overweight, and a virgin. I went on a website three days ago and applied to be a pin-up model for SuicideGirls. I know I'm beautiful and I know that I would make a rockin' SuicideGirl, but I'm so afraid that this will be another thing that I get my hopes up for and never get. I'm afraid that Missy Suicide will reject me and tell me that I'm not good enough. And that might not seem like a lot to you all, but this is what I've wanted to do with my life since I first saw one of my dad's Penthouse Mags and it will crush me if I am rejected.

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  • go loose weight then......
    I hate how fatties complain yet they do NOTHING about it.....
    ugh so annoying.

  • LOL If you are overweight, why did you apply to be a pin-up girl? You are setting yourself up for rejection.

  • Go to church...

  • i'm sure your more then good enough for suicidegirls,if you don't make it then thats a loss for them.Obviously you have some self esteem issues,not uncommon these days.Get some help.Learn to love who you are & how you look. I bet your a beautiful girl.

  • Don't worry if you don't make it, SuicideGirls are lame anyway, and you're a beautiful person no matter what, I'm sure.

  • you ARE beautiful. you won't be affirmed in your beauty just being put on the site. btw, a desire to feel worthy is a desire to feel empowered with your WORTH. the only way you will genuinely feel beautiful is if someone you love says so. it's the truth. later

  • It isn't about the money and it isn't about trying to 'empower' myself. It's about feeling worthy. If a fat girl can take be appreciated for taking off her clothes, if I could be put on that website, then I will never have any doubts that I am beautiful. And I don't care if they'll never take my pics off the site. It's like a tattoo, I like the permanence.

  • please don't exploit your body, don't buy into the whole "women are empowered by getting naked for strangers" bullshit. seriously, you'll regret your decision and they'll never take your pictures down. it's a horrible idea, they treat their models like crap and they don't pay them much and you're required to toe the "i love sean suhl and missy" party line. sooo many of my friends were suicide girls and now they regret it.

  • i hope you get it, so i can see how beautiful you probably are. i love the suicide girls, because they are all so different and beautiful. good luck girl :]

  • Goodluck.

    But try not to see it as the end of the world. There are so many possibilities out there, so many things you could do with your life. Try to spread your interests so you have things to fall back on. You will feel crushed if you get rejected, but it's not the end of your life at least...

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