i refuse to let people in, and i'm

i refuse to let people in, and i'm terribly afraid of intimacy. i'm fairly attractive and have had lots of come-ons and everything, but i avoided them. i hate to admit it, but at this point i wish i had just lost my virginity a long time ago, just so i wouldn't be so afraid.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i am exactly the same. i'll sleep with people but i'm terrified of relationships. i'll come on strong but as soon as people start talking about anything past a few nights i freak out and stop talking to them

  • I am the same way. What you can do is slowly allow people to get to know you. Now, of course this doesn't mean telling them your life story, just a few details that show your human side. I wouldn't mention virginity to people, it is none of their frickin business. P.s. I eventually married the man that I "let" in.

  • I know your type. When I was younger, I didn't much care for your type. No bother. Here's my advice: loosen up. Have fun, be relaxed. Enjoy the flirt. But remember you are always in control and just because you talk or flirt a little doesn't mean you're obligated to do something you don't want to do. And don't loose your virginity in a stupid way just out of desparation. There's always plenty of time for that.

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