I love messin with nerds

I love messin with nerds, I love the way they get scareed when they see me, lol. And I love heairing thyre squeeky voices when I push them around. Best is when they beg plaese dont hurt me I dont want no trouble lol. When I get board messin with them I knock their books out of thyre hands and give them a good punch in the gut and laff when they fall down holding theyre guts and sometimes they cry like little babies lol, lol. I hate stupid nerds. but I love messin with them.

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  • What *I* love is running into old schoolmates! I was a nerd back then. (Still am, but caught up on the social ins and outs) Since then, I've grown several inches, bulked out, and through many life adventures am much more confident than I used to be.

    When old classmates come across me and actually recognize me, the b@lls-out fear in their eyes is delicious. I'm not sure why they're so scared, but they are, and that's good enough for me. I do know for a fact that I'm stronger than them now, because enduring challenges and coming out the other side gives you a visible strength completely aside from muscles. Whereas those fools peaked when we were 17 and have only been putting on weight and adding useless kids to our world's population ever since.

    I haven't forgotten any of those lumps from my small, stupid high school. May they never cross me the way they did 30 years ago, because while I've forgiven for my own sake, I would have NO problem running some old scenarios and showing them just how different the outcome would be today. Any takers? :)

  • I would normally say that bullies like you don't succeed, but then I look at your president and see I am mistaken.

  • The best is when they give you lunch money. stupid nerds.

  • I love that s*** too. Nerds suck.

  • The Lord rebuke you.

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