Saw my aunt Naked

When I was 17 Yrs old i come to another city for graduation. There my aunt(uncle's wife) lived alone bcz my uncle is in Navy. I lived with her. There is one room set thats why i sleep in my aunt bed with her. I have no wrong intention for her . She used to sleep in nighty. Once we sleep opposite side of each other. When i wake up in morning her one leg was over my face. her nighty was near her knee . Then first time i saw inside her nighty she not wear panty inside. i touched her p**** and remained my hand there and close my eyes. suddenly my aunt turn her full p**** area was on my palm. she wake up and try to awake me. but i beahve like that i sleeping . she go for toilet then. when i wake up i thought she will scold me but she ask me what u saw in dream today .? i said nothing. She said dont u saw a black deep forest. I ask what? she laugh and said nothing leave it. But from that day i never try to touch her p****. but i seen it many times.

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