Sexual pleasure kept me around

My neighbor lost her husband just before her sixty first birthday. She took it very hard, did not want to be alone at night. When I got home from school the phone would ring, could you do this or that? when I do the chore, would you stay for dinner? after dinner, why not sleep here. I will wake you and fix your breakfast in the morning. PLEASE stay here.
On the sofa watching a movie I picked, she moves close. Holds me hand and I hold her. When I reached in her top, she got upset. I started to leave, NO we are ok. sit back down here.
When I reached in her top she moved her arm. Giving me more access.
It went from there to, I went to her bed room. Got in her bed. She did not accept it so well the first time, but did not say no. With in a few nights she initiated the contact, dressed for my pleasure. Including a bought white lace nighty I told I would like.
My brother and sister insisted it seemed strange. Yet did not tell my mother their thoughts. Mom accepted it as me being kind to her. She had no idea what was really happening.

Jun 5, 2014

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  • I'm 20 and I'm dating a 70 year old man. We've never had s**, but he's VERY good at other stuff in bed. I gave him my first b******* and he's a helluva kisser. Our make out sessions are the best because he does things to me that drive me wild. (It's a good thing he's got big fingers!) If I'm out of town, he'll have phone s** with me to purposely torture me and make me h****. I love it when he talks dirty to me in bed and then takes care of my every h**** need. I love him like crazy. I started off taking care of him for about a year, and he gradually became my best friend. We can talk to each other about anything and he treats me so well. He acts like an 18 year old boy sometimes. No, he doesn't have money. I just love him as if he's my age. We started dating after his wife died and he had no one else to take care of him. No one knows about my relationship with him, but I wish I could tell the world how much I love him. He satisfies me sexually better than any man ever will. My friends and parents assume that I'm just taking care of him and that's it. Don't underestimate the elderly... They're very experienced ;)

  • As a child I was fondled by many especially chubby women in my neighbour hood.
    As a teenager I didn't look at girls my age but to chubby older women.
    I am now 35 and so far only have slept with chubby women around 60 and to full satisfaction.

  • How old are you?
    I live near a retirement community and found that the 50-60 year old widows always act like they don't need to be touched or have s** anymore, but you get them in bed once and they want more and more after that.

  • When this happened 16 years old, she was almost 61. The confidence with her helped me get with a few other older women. I made it a point to keep up meetings with them. I did enjoy s** with older women. One died and left me everything she had. She said she loved me from the first time we met.

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