Being naked before my aunt

I was lived with my aunt. One her little sister (20) come to live with us. I feel sexy for her and try to show my naked body. once i go toilet but don't lock the door bcz that time she also used the toilet. My Pe*** was in such position who open the door can sure see mine. I thought my aunt's sister going to open the door but that was my aunt who was there. i was peeing naked before her. she laugh and said why u not locked the door. i said need to do urgent. she said ok and remain stay there and come near me why ur pee is too much yellow is there any problem i said no. when i finished she up her nighty and sat on toilet before me.
But i don't have dare to see that.
But my wish completed when one day we going to bath in river . I like to swim and around one hour i swim there.
My aunt and her sister was sit in the ladder of river near bank of river. my aunt sister making video of river they were half in water when i go to them and come outside from water they both started laughing. and my aunt put her leg between my thigh and then i realize my underwear was not there . My aunt cover me until her sis give me towel.
but she catch it on video .

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  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • Why you no use good grammar.

  • Why don't you use proper grammar?

  • Comment on number one comment, Why don't U use good grammar, U arsol....

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