Young and Married.

Is it really that bad sleeping with a pretty young married woman who doesnt get any s** at all?I know its wrong but I figured i'm doing her a favor and I can't help it.
The woman in question being the wife of a guy I did some work for.I've been helping them fix up their new house and we've all become good friends.They're a young couple,bout mid 20's,married 5 years.But the guy had an accident a year after they got married which left him paralyzed from waist down.
When I took the job about 6 months ago I never thought this would happen.To be honest I cant wait to finish the job so it doesnt go too far.But it all started when she suggested that she take me out to buy me a drink for being helpful.I thought,why not?Her husband was being cared for so we met up at a bar and had a couple drinks and a nice friendly chat.I got to find out alot about her and she about me.And found it quite great of her that she loves,cares and stays with her husband as alot of women wouldnt.
We chatted for almost 3 hours so I suggested we move on,she said she wanted to see my place,so we went back to mine and had a few more beers.
After an hour,I got up for more beers and when I came back she stood up and almost bumped into me,i said sorry but she stayed there and then kissed me on the lips.Like most single guys I lack self-control and i knew it was wrong but i kissed her back and we made out.We ended up on the sofa and I didnt take long in getting her naked.I hadnt had s** in about a year and she i imagine longer,I wanted her bad,i always did.She was damn hot and i she was very h****.I got naked too and spread her legs,I was way too h**** for a condom,so i entered her and we had a nice long f***.She was very tight and moaned alot til o***** and when i came the excitement made me forget to pull out and i e********* inside of her.After half an hour in silence she got dressed and took a taxi home.I thought,what have i done and what if she gets pregnant but when i went to hers the next day she said she got the morning after pill to be safe.I wondered if it would be a one off,but the following weekend we went to the movies and then back to mine for more s**,with lots of condoms this time.We've been sleeping together for the past 3 months now even doing it while her husband sleeps upstairs.I don't know how to stop as the s** is too good but i know its wrong.What do i do?

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  • Not wrong that girl needs to be taken care off

  • So u still doin her or what?

  • Your a scum bag.

  • Weather her hubby knows or not, it doesn't matter. She has needs and you are helping her. There is NOTHING wrong with what you 2 are doing. My wife is 100% able and willing to have s**, yet I need more than she is able to handle so I get extras on the side. there is nothing wrong with this as we are creatures intended to be non-monogamous by nature. The fact that you care enough to help her is great. I hope you can get over the irrational guilt you are feeling and maybe keep this going past the job you are doing. Just remember, she is with you for the s** only, don't attach "love" to s** ever. they are completely unrelated.

  • Don`t agree with all of the first comment. People have needs. Its not like people have a choice, we are supposed to have s**. Hubby clearly can`t do it. My guess is that hubby knows or has a good idea of what is going on.

  • Its a matter of time-you either gonna knock her up or get caught.Enjoy it while you can;its either you or another guy doing her.She loves hubby but she has to stay for insurance money:)

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