Is it true.........

.............what they say that "once you go black you never go back"? im a white wife and mother of 3 and ive only cheated on my husband like 5 times in 11 years but all with white men and it was never a big deal but only about having a little side fun and it never did anything but make my sexlife at home alot better. but i recently met a really hot black man who makes me wet and weve been flirting alot and talking about s** alot and he knows im married and doesnt care and i dont care hes married so its all cool and i know he wont talk to my husband about this. but what sorta worries me is what if me and my black man hook up and its so good i dont want my husband anymore or maybe even dont want to be married to him and just cant stop with this stud black i found and only want him. does that ever really happen or is it just one of those things that people say or fantasize over?

Jul 14, 2012

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  • We live in Gwinnett, and my wife would love to have s** with a good looking well hung black man.

  • I am a16yr old Swedish girl. I have had s** with 10 guys since I was 13.The last 5 were Black. I am highly intellegent and plan to earn a PHD and become a practicing sexologist because frankly, with my experience,all you small d*** white bois will need one to cope with the humiliation of watching prtty white girls go Black. This blog should be standard reading in the field. What else can you guys do but vent the true white bois jealousy of black c***? Black c*** is larger,the bodies muscular and the skin creamy smooth. Black rythm,endurance and amount of e******** provde a healthy satisfying experiencefor the white girl that you white bois should encourage. Girls like me who plan to have black babies are the future of the world. Yes, u can c** on my feet. Guys in this blog ae obsessed with doing that to enlightened white girls who prefer black c***.F*** that pillow hard and imagine its my feet. Good therapy and acceptance of your place in the sexual food chajn

  • I need to be your patient when you start practicing. Keep your head on straight and remain devoted to your beliefs and BBC. Your knowledge on the BBC/whitebois problem is spot on. God bless you and all BBC loving girls. It is Gods will that girls get nailed by BBC.

  • Such sexual sophistication and understanding at an early age. Young teen girls are fortunate receive their s** education by watching BBC p*** on their Iphones. Let themjudge for themselves the benefits of black c***.Dont kid yourself white guys.Watching and sharring BBC p*** is a cottage industry for teen and preteen girls . Their fascination with the muscular wellhung black stud is humiliating for us but must be accepted.It should be encourager and acknowledged to insure these girls will be properly impaled and impregnated.Whyite bois must know their role in the sexual word.Foot worship of these girls might be the only way they can participate

  • The future will soon be here. All pretty white girls will have black studs to properly impale and inseminate them. The white bois sexual role will be to worship, kiss and c** on their feet. Financial support of these girls will be required. An over the lap spanking to o***** by these girls will fulfill his purpose in life.

  • Every T.V. commercial today has a white girl with a black guy. Pre-teen girls are seeing this and considering it the norm. When they find out the sexual superiority of the Black stud why bother with white bois?

  • I think you are a wonderful wife; i wish my wife though just like you are thinking; on a side note, it totally expected that you would be completely ‘into’ your black stud; at this point he typically starts ‘sharing’ you amongst his friends; again, your hubby would be supportive and your marriage would ‘grow’ as a result;

  • Your one sick b****, and i wish your husband knew about his worthless w**** wife

  • I was married for 18 years to an "average white man" and never ever had an o***** during intercourse. I have now been with my very well endowed black bf for 6 months. After the first time I was hooked. He makes me o***** every time we have s**.

  • It is soooo true. I am recently separated after 20 years and the first thing I did was to connect with my ex bf. 6’8”, lean and had a 10” beautiful BBC. I’m meeting him after I drop off the kids on Christmas.

  • Keep us posted. white bois worship girls who f*** black c***.

  • He should divorce you and why do you ask? because you seem to think cheating on him is no big deal unless he of course put you up to it in which case it isn't cheating but an agreed act. Adultery is the biggest deal going and the biggest sin in Gods eyes so good luck when the time of judgement comes around, lets just say I wouldn't want to be you.

    Yes it happens often in fact it all ready has with you as you have no respect for you husband and you are showing by you own admission, too many people jump into marriage for the wrong reasons and a little down the line meet someone else and they s**** up there marriage.

    So before doing that you should get divorced then go s**** up your own life instead of everyone else's

    The saying no man or woman can answer to two masters and that is the same here with love, you can't give your full love and attention to two men at least not constantly. At some point one or the other will start losing out to your game because you will get tired trying to keep the facade going.

  • But white girls needand prefer black c***

  • So do us bi guys. I’ve had a handful of black men, the first one when I was 14 and was dressed up for Halloween in one of my sister’s figure skating dresses and tights. I was walking home after the party when it started to rain. He pulled up next to me in his van and asked me if I would like a ride home. At first I hesitated because I smelled marijuana but then it really started pouring so I said ok. Like a dummy I said yes to finishing a joint with him and before I realized it his hands especially his fingers were all over my upper legs and it felt incredible. By the time I realized that I was humping back against his rhythmic thrusting it was too late. I was totally mentally and physically in l***. He screwed me until it was morning and in those hours I had released over and over. It was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me and turned me no. He was in his mid 30s and we continued to have s** at least once a week until I graduated high school. He taught me how to have great s** with girls.

  • Not necessarily... racist.

  • Adultery is not commited by a white girl if she is f****** a black stud.

  • Never go back.....don’t have a choice, no white man with integrity would have that w****.

  • If she is married she is

  • Black c*** is like food,water and oxygen.White girls cannot live without it.White bois must accept this.They must hope the girl lets them c** on their feet so they can fit in.

  • Personally, I was just thinking of this EXACT same problem just this morning, and as a husband = this is what caused me a concern. We are not into anything like this, the bull etc., but the thought came upon me more out of curiosity than actual conditions.

  • No. Its true.

  • This is the most outrageous and sexy blog in existence amy

  • You know I’m sick of trashy ass f****** women to you you know they f****** can’t stand by their man but can get them m************ in trouble with them and f****** yell act like you don’t f****** exist you know I’m sick of m************ doing videos and all that s*** and taking s*** head shots and you don’t really get to see what their body looks like until I get the f****** lights come on well you know what I need to get that s*** fixed stop paying more attention to your face b**** and fix your f****** ass and your t*** and your scores you got it you want

  • Whoa there hoss, get back on your meds before Mommy finds out

  • Need more girls to weigh in on superior black c*** tammy amy lisa and jessica

  • I know most of these comments aren't from actual white females; Rather 50+ year old incel perverted cuckolds who can't please a woman. And the rest are Hasbara Jew trolls. So let me preface it with that.

    But to any white women, young women especially who may be reading this, let me explain the pitfalls of this ugly fetish.

    -Loss of respect from any attractive white males, most won't even give you a second look.
    -Ugly children, if you mate with a black male (seriously has anyone ever looked at a black kid? Especially compared to a white child?)
    -Loss of respect from family
    -Loss of respect from peers (even of other races)
    -Much higher likelihood to be a victim of domestic abuse.
    -Much higher likelihood that darkie partner can't support you financially well.
    -Much higher likelihood of cheating spouse/divorce.

    ^Just some of the major pitfalls of rolling in the mud with a darkie for cheap thrills.

    The simple reality ladies who may read this comment is that this is primarily fetish p*** for old incels who would rather/or are only capable of... jerking off rather than having s**/pleasing a woman.

    If you don't believe me, GO to a P*** site. Almost all main stream p*** sites have an amateur section, meaning, real people, not p*** stars. I challenge you to find all these white amateur women filming themselves having s** with their black partners. You will find almost 0%. because 99.9% of it are paid actresses, because this is big niche fetish p*** for the aforementioned OLD white Incels.

  • As opposed to young white incels such as yourself? It looks like your love of p*** broke your brain

  • An Actual Zionist to answer(How I got here..IDK)

    Andva f***** to boot.
    I have never saw any particular difference.

    My own is Rather Large. I saw ethnical Jews and Whites, Arabs And Blacks.
    All somr larger, most smaller than mine about 18-1cm 7.5'' depends how fat I am at the time.

    I've had. Unless you're a size quinn..

    I'm more than enough.

    That was about the Hasbara Crack.

    Now, I almost agree with you here.

    WWBM devorces are the worse rate.

    The Best seems to be WMBW and WMAW.

    These are thr most statistically stable interracial Marriages. With WMAW just short to WMWW.

    So, that indicates you're right.

    Maybe it's his C**

  • Keep that rhetoric on the yard, man, or, "superior race" dude.The f...u angry and proud about race, something you had no decision on? You live 75 years like everybody else. This post is about s**, and you're angry? i wonder why...

  • Women are too busy fulfilling their obsession with black c*** to film something only a white bois would watch and j******* to. why would they do us the favor? In a way they are giving all us smalldick losers the finger.

  • 🤣👏🏼👏🏼

  • Wow, I do not know what is sadder, the comments or the the OP. The comments is full of cucks and probably half JIDF trolls (promoting that jew interracial p***) and Euro-cide.

    Especially that one that says she's a 25 yr old blonde of 3 niglets, and white men worship her? Yeah right... in what world? Maybe 50+ year old incels with low T. But most likely just a JIDF shill. They often post on social media (such as twitter) and act as blonde white women while they promote white guilt.

    As to your story... you're cheated on your husband 5 times, and compound it by calling it "no big deal." (He definitely didn't win the 'wife lottery.) you're already pretty damn skanky, gross, and dishonorable based on that bit of information alone.

    As for your fantasy, you'll do what you want, and if you've already cheated that many times, I think you'll make this decision on your own regardless of the comments.

    Back to the SHILL that says she's a 25 yr old blonde with 3 nig-babies. That lie couldn't be more obvious.

    Most white men actually are the complete opposite; Looking down on 'mudsharks' and thinking "gross." Also, with regards to younger white women breeding with them, that "don't go back" actually translates to "can't go back." No self-respecting white man wants a woman who has slept with sub-humans, nevermind the notion of dating one and having to raise ugly niglet children.

    You are already a lost cause, this is more of a caution comment to any young white women even semi-considering interracial s** and especially pro-creation.

  • Lmao, kys you white cuck

  • Today interracial s** is what f****** is all about. black men are sexually superior.the girl who f**** black c*** only is the sexiest in existence. All white men secretly worship and are intimidated by these revolutionary,groundbreaking s****.Myself and many others fanfasize about kissing,licking andfucking the feet of these beautifull women. The ultimate sexual surrender to these courageous black c*** s****. To c** on the soles of these women should be every white bois desire. Perhaps followed by an over the lap spermspanking. amen

  • To be spanked to o***** naked over the lap of a 16 year old black c*** s*** would be ultimate

  • I would love to spank this pervert to o*****. AT the same time, sitting in a yoga position, I would be squeezing his b**** between my soles and wiggling my middle toe up his a******.He would then be my slave Tammy

  • Tammy is the new age girl. Would love to be spanked to o***** over your lap. To see you being serviced properly by black c*** is now my dream.

  • Thank God and black c*** for these revolutionary teen girls like Tammy!Their preference and passion for black c*** makes the sexual world go around.

  • Sittin at a bench in the park I saw a cute young girl around 15 years old approaching wearng shorts and flip flops.Her feet were beautifull. Long toes with black polish,toe ring and ankle bracelet.She noticed me gauking at her feet and stopped and said " You want to worship my feet?" L[fting her foot up 6 inches from my face she pointed to a queen of spades tattoo above her ankle and said "you like that?Im sure you know what it means." I had an uncontrolable body spasm and came in my pants for 30 seconds.Her staring and noticing the sperm dripping iout of my gym shorts made this the most intense o***** of my life. The flirt smiled and gave me a wink and walked on.Now I dream of being naked over her lap and being spanked to o***** while she tells me about her black c*** experiences and squeezes my b**** between her soles and f**** my ass with her middle toe.

  • Guy was mindfucked by a modern girl Jenny

  • Being Spermspanked by young BBC oriented white girls is now his obsession.This is also my fantasy.I cant think of a better way for us small d*** losers to be humiliated. Wish there was more literature and joi videos on this and foot worship of enlightened white girls gone Black. No. 1 fantasy by far among all white women. Why do you think Black d***** outsell white d***** 3 to1?

  • For four years I was a footboy for a stunning 6foot 2inch stripper who had perfect size 11 feet. She dated and slept exclusively with Black studs. I was obsessed with thoughts of her being f***** by BBC. I supported her and she let me worship and c** on her feet every two weeks. Before she went Black she had a daughter when she was15. This girl resembles her mother and is also a sixfooter since she was 14. Sexually active too. I think the stripper was getting tired of me because she gave me to her daughter on her 16th birthday!! My new masters name is Lindsay. Not knowing what to do I tore my clothes off and fell to her feet, kissing and worshipping them. She ordered me up and told be to lie across her lap because I was going to receive a spanking. I did as I was told.This girl was a Dom. Suddenly the door opened and five or six of her young girl friends came in to watch. I was humiliated yet quickly developed an erection. The small size of my p**** was duly noticed and laughed at. The hard hand spanking began, alternating buns. My buns were red and sore after 5 minutes of this punshment. Lindsays friends cheered and encouraged her. Just like that she moved her feet up and clasped my b**** between her soles. I was openly crying yet the pain, humiliation and being a spectacle for these girls was heaven. I had a tremendous o***** with at least 10 spurts. Lindsay spanked me harder and faster as I came. Her friends clapped and Woo d . A couple girls stuck their toes in the puddle of sperm on the floor and laughed at the strands of my sperm as they lifted their toes out.It was remarked that BBC produces much more sperm. Lindsay shoved my pathetic naked small d*** body on the floor and told me to kiss eveybodys feet. I have serviced Lindsay for three years now and never get tired of being spermspanked. Lindsay like her mother f**** Black c*** only. Eat your hearts out! I am in heavenly humiliation.

  • This strong girl should have lifted you in the air and with your legs wrapped around her back and her hands holding up and spreaing your asscheeks, f*** your as with a 8 inch black strapon. Afying f*** to remember o lucky man

  • You can't make this up.

  • So wondefull that girls like tammy have their sexual priorities right at an early age.Spread the word Tammy. Wish I could e******** on your feet

  • Love u to do that to me, Tammy an admirer

  • This man would make a good slave lisa

  • About these f****** women is their f****** lazy and all they wanna do is make money while they lay on their back and f****** not do things the right way and f****** handle up on a business in the bedroom with the old man instead of f****** go on around him today either of them and I can get money from them and being f****** real s***** yeah to the kids

  • Teenage black cocl s**** rule

  • I am a25 year old blonde professional model and white men worship me because I have 4 black babies. I must agree that many desire footjobs from me. I see it as a psychological acknowledgement of my lifestyle and superiority of the Blackman. This is great that this humiliating experience for white bois is made public. cmon losers. admit it!

  • Would love to leave a "worship puddle" of sperm on your feet.This new age girl has her priorities'May she be blessed with BBC and humongus loads of jettisoned j*** in her holy orifices.

  • I do I do

  • There are many footboys/interracial p*** addicts who wish to serve mudsharks.I am one.The sight of a woman's soles during a black c*** f****** is ultimate' I wish we could get together so I could serve you and support you$$$ Love to c** on your soles

  • Just a bunch of high school girls who stumbled across this blog and will agree blacks are well hung and produce superior ejaculations.Black c** is precious and must be consumed and not allowed ever to hit the ground or be shot into a condom. Last years senior prom was attended to by at least 30 black studs who had very attractivw married white women in their late 20s and early 30s. as dates. these women charted a flight to Jamaica for a long weekend.Will keep you up on our personal experiences soon'

  • I pray that at least one half of these modern age milfs were wailing like banshees when those magnificent black c**** were impaling and impregnating them. so good to hear

  • Evolutionary women. makes sense. Females are at their sexual peak at age 35. Men at 18. Throw in the blackcock factor and thus these teenage black studs benefit. By age 20 most black males have nailed at least a dozen older white women looking to fulfill their dreams

  • When I got married I agreed to let my cute 30yr old wife f*** younger black males. She tells me its the only way she can achieve o*****. And oh what screaming o****** they are.People don't know of our arrangement and she acts like a loving wife. Like others in this blog I am allow3ed to watch and hide under the bed. And she does allow me to worship and c** on her feet.Interracial p*** addict that I am I consider myself fortunate to fit in.

  • Sad fact

  • Tammy amy lisa Jessica are our names. hope to have a following. love

  • Love to worship u and fuc your feet while u tell me about ur black c*** s** sessions.

  • Love to have you c** on my feet and worship me while I tell you about my black c*** lovers jessica

  • Tammy,amy lisa and Jessica are our names. love

  • You're such a liar. Talk about overplaying your hand shill. What men worship you and why? I'm 33, I've never heard or seen such an incident where white men worship mudsharks unless they are already well passed their prime cuckolds already. Do you mean 50+ year olds who like to look at interracial p*** all day worship you? Of course, I know you're a shill and not what you claim to be, I'm just entertaining the absurdity of this comment.

    Anytime this subject has ever been broached with white male friends and/or acquaintances, the white race traitor in question gets verbally hammered. I have never experienced an incident where WM A) talks to WM B) about young white women race mixing(miscegenation) and getting a big hip hip hooray from WM B). Quite the opposite.

    Was born during the day, just not yesterday.

  • Black c*** and white girls are a taboo subject among white bois. They will not admit they like it but then they go home and j*** off to interracial p***, which by the way, is the most watched by white bois and girls.

  • Agreed tammy amy lisa jessica

  • I worry that in the future there will no longer be pure white girls for blck guys tofuck. This is te golden age. 70% of all white girls lose there virginity to blacks at the average age of14.

  • Your concerns are admirable

  • I lost mine at 13 to a black guy and had to keep it secret from everyone because of a whole lot of other circumstances too.

  • Hopefully a condom was not in use.your enlightenment and appreciation of black c*** is a joy to hear' us white boys cant compete.keep up the good work and spread the word to all junior high girls. john

  • My wife lost hers ae 15 to a black guy that was 15 in a park during the summer. By the time she graduated from high school she had f***** his 7 friends and brothers.
    She said it was the wildest s** she ever had.

  • , dna biotechnic engineering and genetic cell splicing of black males and white females reprodution organs could result in all blackbred white girls giving birth to either a nba type black male or a playboy centerfold white girl.. what a f****** world that would be

  • Sad

  • You got a source for those statistics? I doubt it since you made that up. 94% of statistics are made up. Unless you have a reputable source, you're full of it old cuck or JIDF.

    I notice you can comment to stories on this site as frequently as you like.

    This post has about 494 comments, I would say at very least half, but more likely 3/4 were made by the same 100 or so cucks and JIDF shills.

  • I am a 17 yr old girl and I read about this site in Teen Cosmopolitan.Turns out it was confused with another clean site.Got in touch with T.C. and they said no one complained but asked about similar sites.Let the girls be girls.Blackcock comes so naturally to us. Tonya

  • An ankle bracelet and queen of spades tatoo on the foot of my lovely yoga instructor 35 year old wife looks so sexy bcause I am only allowed to cream on her soles. She exclusively f**** 18 to19 year old black bodybuilders

  • May the holy sacrament of impregation enchant this confident wife. you as her husband are so lucky. The creamy smooth black skin of these tenage studs contrasts sexually so well.

  • Wish I were you

  • Whenever an attractive white girl gets married there is always a black stud on the side.My wife only let me f*** her every two weeks.The first 5 years of our marriage, the paperboy, a15 year old black stud;f***** her every morning after I went to work, until he was 20.In 2 hours he averaged 4 o******, me just one.Figure it out, 125 c*** for me and 7000 for him. unfortunately last month he moved on after impregnating my wife with triplets,that I will raise as my own.I am forever gratefull for gratification and enchantment she was blessed to receive from him.

  • Sexually speaking this guy has it made.In the future he should make sure his wife is getting nailed by two teenage black studs so there will be no interruption if one leaves.Her ecstatic cooing and orgasmic screams of delight when anally penetrated ( I bet you never do that) by these Black Adonises must be music to your ears.

  • Interesting tammy amy

  • Lucky girl

  • Lucky man

  • I am a high school girl reading this blog and suddenly I find myself yearning for black men because of it! thank you

  • It's been 5 moths, anything happen? Arthurathur

  • Poor arthurathur, tonya here. why don't you f*** a pillow and imagine its my soles. c** tribute me

  • Us too tammy amy lisa Jessica keep us posted

  • Nice to have friends online. my name is tonya and I am no longer yearning for black c*** I have one! I am 17 and he is a 14year old manchild' who has impregnated at least a dozen white wives.His 10 inch d*** and lemon size b**** thrill me and I have no use for white bois, unless they want to f*** my feet. my black masters name isBEN . Because of the volumn and frequency of his cumloads all girls who have been serviced by him lovingly call him BENJISM and hope to be impregnated. me too!

  • Tonya here again BENJISM has been busy impregnating my mother and older sister..I am jealous and hope to join them. Needless to say, Benjism lives with us now.My mother especially worships him.

  • L white bois are thrilled with the fascination reverence white girls have for black c***. These remarkable girls lives revolve around f****** black c*** and receiving the sacred sacrament of insemination.Immortalization by impregnation by thesehung younger black studs fulfills their purpose in life

  • BENJISM is a god..we need more like him to service our sexually deprived white milf population

  • Benjism should be in the movies. he is 15 now, f**** only white woman and has 23 children. tonya

  • Wonderfull hope more girls share their experiences jessica

  • Tell us about yourself Jessica I admire young girls like you go black tim

  • Make sure you let the pathetic white bois c** on your feet

  • Is this wshat all you white bois want to do? Lisa

  • This is the sexiest blog I have ever read. ESpecially the high school girl spanking the pervert. I pre c** every time I read it.

  • Go f*** one

  • No you aren't. You looked this up specifically. In case you haven't noticed this post is 7.5 years old. Your post is 3 days old. Highly unlikely you just stumbled upon this one. But if by high school girl you mean 55 yr old man that would rather m********* to interracial p*** instead of pleasing a woman which you are incapable of, then I'd be more inclined to believe you. I'd be more inclined though even if you were a Hasbara jew troll.

    Let me teach you all a little something. 'Young' women generally look for 3 things in a man. 1a money/financial security 1b looks/attractiveness 3. Charm.

    Young white men beat the breaks off blacks in all 3 categories.

    Thus, this is almost exclusively a niche fetish for OLDER white MEN. The consumers of this type of p***, primarily OLD white MEN.

    There was a study done by OkCupid of "most likely to respond." Guess who ran the board of all female races? White men. Guess who lost "least likely to respond?" Black women, followed by... black men.

    White women are most loyal to White men, out of all the racial combinations in this study, despite all the interracial propaganda being pumped out.

    Also... Asian women, and Hispanic women are more likely to respond to White men than their own race. Unlike all these hasbara trolls and probably a few actual OLD male cuck pervs, the stats don't support any of this.

    One more statistically supported fact I'd be happy to cite a source for. Out of all interracial combinations in marriage, guess which is MOST likely to fail/end in divorce... you guessed it... Black Male White Woman.

    Guess which is has the highest rate of a long-term happy marriage? White Male White Woman, followed closely by White Male Asian Woman.

    White women should stop worrying about the Big Jungle D*** and worry more about losing their men to asian and hispanic women.

  • 9 out of 10 times, white men get the ugliest, most westernized asian women they can possibly find. Look up sandra oh, margaret cho etc etc. They are the rejects who asian men doesn't want. F***king ugly shih tzu faced trolls. Plus overwhelming majority of "asians" in U.S are from brown, p*** poor southeast asian countries. White men are like clean up crew that pick up every trash that other races of men tossed out of their communities

  • You have no money, you're unattractive, andyou known white boys and especially white girls love big, BLACK, c***. Must feel strange how hard you c** when you see some sweet white princess getting railed by thick, beautiful black d***.

  • Are you crazy? “I only cheated like 5 times in 11 years....never a big deal”. Which really is probably more than that. You make it sound as if it’s ok to cheat if it's only a few times. Now you’re considering cheating w a black man even though you admit it may lead to you not wanting your husband anymore. Then it would lead to divorce and s**** your entire family. Your kids would suffer the most. You should divorce him and not break his heart just for your enjoyment. What happened to self respect? Or better yet your wedding vows “forsaking all others”? You people make me sick. I know this post is a little old but I imagine you went on and f***** the black guy anyway and damned the consequences.
    I hope your husband finds out and divorces your slutty ass and finds a woman who is committed and loves him. You deserve the misery that's coming your way. I just hope it doesn’t hit your poor kids hard.

  • I am jealous

  • I hold my wifes hand and kiss her when she is with a black man

  • My wife has a black boyfriend who is married too. They saw each other about every 6 weeks until she had some health issues. I think they're about to start again. They have kept in touch. She is very good in bed and obviously he must be too. She and I still have s** but she occassionally needs his much larger c***. She has had s** with four different black men during our marriage.

  • My wife has a black boyfriend, after dating my wife for one year he wants her to have his black baby as product of love. My wife was also very happy on his proposal so I gave him permission to plant his baby in my wife.

  • Sexual surrender to the supremacy of black c*** tammy

  • You ve been blessed

  • It's amazing my wife's love has a 10 inch c*** easy 4 inch around. Most erotic thing I've ever seen. My pale white wife his huge black c*** jammed deep inside of her. His huge nuts sack emptied into her. My wife holding his sperm in for half an hour. Several rounds that night we have one white son one white daughter and three black sons now. Just after she was able to have s** after her first black son. We went to a motel in Georgia to visit friends. She picked up four black men and let all four c** in her multiple times.

  • Make sure the daughter is blackbred and pregnant by16

  • He'll be f****** your white daughter by 12 with wife's blessing I'm sure....;) arthurathur

  • What a blessing that would be

  • Why do white girls always lose their virginity to black studs? And they refuse to use condoms.S9ociety encourages it. Target recently ran a full page ad in many newspapers advertising swimsuits.A muscular coal black stud in revealing tight short swimsuit was running hand in hand toward the camera with a knockout blonde in a skimpy bikini.Each of their outside hands held the hands of small obvious mullato children.Their children.Many studs like this have several white breeders. Jewels in the crown is what they call these babies of theirs. us small p**** white boys can only watch and j*** off by humping pillows as we watch interracial p*** and marvel the size o0f black c***'

  • This man knows his role in todays society. Tammy

  • This is why the white race is going into extinction. Lol. Hey. Sad to watch in a way but in a way its. Funny to me as im arabien paletiinin

  • White people are CRAZY!

  • Do it, you'll love it. Ice let my wife do this for years, you only live once.

  • My husband and I (white) used to swing with black couples, and it was fun. Not all black guys are huge (it's a myth) but the interracial dynamic is hot and it was fun to have some adult playtime. Unfortunately we had to stop it when our kids were old enough to know what might be going on, but those were fun times that we'll hopefully revisit one day.

  • DMB, Lockport, NY, my husband is a great provider but BBC has satisfied me since 2006. Watch my videos on the internet no mistake.

  • Where can we find your videos?

  • Jesus girl! You sound like a dream c** true. Does your husband have any idea what you're up to? Does he have any idea how lucky he is?

  • I'm 30 I have 2 kids and bbc is amazing I'm DL bisexual so I'm trying really hard not to leave my life and cool worship BBC full time

  • I am a white 52 year old woman mother of two adults and married for 27 years with a man with a black p****. Before we got married we dated for several years since we were teens. I lost my virginity to his strong rock hard p**** when I was 13 and I got attached to it. However he is 54 now and his erections are less strong, less frequent and last shorter; therefore his penetrations have not fully pleased me in a while now. Here it comes my confession to you: As part of the things that I do in my alone time I get a relaxing massage in a spa. This time relax turned into arousal and I found my mind wishing his hands come closer and I even had thoughts of having s** with him. My body must had shown what my mind wished because he asked me to sit up and as I watched him he undressed from waist down and came close to me. His erection looked very hard, I felt my hardened nipples poking through my bra and my juices wetting my panties. I didn’t want to think it over and grabbing his p**** I begged him to penetrate me. His erection was as strong as a hard rock and lasted forever giving me several o****** until he asked me where to finish. I asked him to come inside because I had already had my uterus removed. After a whole life doing a black p**** I did a white one and I am not giving it up.

  • In my experience once a woman has s** with a black man she will want to have other black men. My wife cheated with a few white guys but mostly one night stands. But when she had a black man she did not want white guys again. I find it very erotic. I am 58 and my wife of 15 years is 42. She was married before and started having s** at 15. We had s** the night we met and did not even know each others names. LOL. She was married at the time. I asked her to marry me 3 weeks later, knowing full well she would cheat. In fact we laughed about my being her cuckold. After she was f***** by her first black guy I was cut off. I get so damn h**** and have to m********* now. But I would not change anything. I love watching them and cleaning up.

  • Do you guys have no pride. Do you really enjoy being a little cuck..sit there knowing another man is plowing your wife while you smile and watch. What a pathetic excuse of a man. I think most men that do this are gay or well on their way to being gay.

  • Not if the wife allows you to c** on her feet

  • Why do so many guys want to suck the a****** and c** on the soles of white girls who prefer black men?

  • Sexual surrender,inferiority and acceptanceto the physical and psychological wanton l*** and need for black cokk by white women.

    only way they can fit in

  • That’s just sick and f***** up. Good grief you people are f****** nuts

  • Maybe she’s just a cheap s***?

  • Burn the coal - pay the toll.


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