Is it true.........

.............what they say that "once you go black you never go back"? im a white wife and mother of 3 and ive only cheated on my husband like 5 times in 11 years but all with white men and it was never a big deal but only about having a little side fun and it never did anything but make my sexlife at home alot better. but i recently met a really hot black man who makes me wet and weve been flirting alot and talking about s** alot and he knows im married and doesnt care and i dont care hes married so its all cool and i know he wont talk to my husband about this. but what sorta worries me is what if me and my black man hook up and its so good i dont want my husband anymore or maybe even dont want to be married to him and just cant stop with this stud black i found and only want him. does that ever really happen or is it just one of those things that people say or fantasize over?

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  • My wife f***** some black dudes while she was on Mackinaw Island, michigan.
    They wanted to breed her. That was like 40 years ago. She was 19. At 62 she has the hots for a 30 something black stud. I even bought her hot, sexy outfits to wear for him. I fantasize about sucking his c*** after he does her throat, c*** and a******.

  • My wife is 60 and see several black lovers.

  • You people are so full of s***. I'm a woman how has had both black and white lovers, and as a student at university I can tell you I have had my share of lovers. I can also tell you there is no difference in c*** size or skill between black and white lovers. So please stop feeding other women this line of s***. It's just not true.

  • I've had three black babies by three different black fathers, and I love them all, much more so than the two white children I had before that. It has certainly made for a complicated life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm still involved with two of the black fathers. And you are so right: black men are so much more lovable, because the love they give a white woman is so much more powerful than they give to their black women. They don't love black women in nearly the same way they love us.

  • Thick, black superior black c*** c*** breeding you! So dear.

  • F****** n***** lovers should kill yourselves

  • New times new age Gramz

  • You are a sick, sick B****

  • I'm a 69 year old white woman, married for 50 years, with three children. When I was much younger, over the years, I slept with over 125 men, about two-thirds of whom were Black. I loved very moment of what I did, but I did love the Black guys so! My only real regret is not having a baby by one of them.
    Deep in my heart, I so regret the baby I never had.
    C' est la vie.

  • So hot!

  • Its sooooo true

  • You're a s***.

  • Yes, it’s true Black Men are SO amazing.. Black Men are bigger, stronger, more Verile and definitely more endowed than most white bois.

    I am a white sissy boi who LOVES sexy Black Alpha Males and worships beautiful long Black d***.

    Check out this blog..
    White Bois Worship Black Alphas’ - ♠❤;-)

  • Oh My God! I checked out the website (I actually spent nearly 2 hours there, admiring the photography and falling in love), and I must say that you have been with some amazing men, haven't you? Powerful, strong, long, thick, dripping, beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all that wonder with us! You have a fabulous website and a charmed life. Please don't ever stop!

  • How can a white woman, married or not, stop a black man from f****** them. Most want it even if they say no. I could not stop my golfing buddy from f****** my wife. He just took her, time and time again and I have no choice but to accept it. That's the way it is now. We just have to accept it.

  • You could kick her ass to the gutter - that's where she belongs

  • Your a f*****

  • What you said is so true if they won't your wife you cannot stop them . And it's the same as my wife had the hots for a very young Black guy and she just could not stop thinking about him even to the point she called his name in bed I even ask her who do you love more and she said Paul .even to this day I don't know if he had taken her
    I know I would be happy if he did ?

  • You are sick man

  • Well how do you stand the blk smell?

  • You must either be kidding or insane. There's nothing as powerfully sexual as the smell of a black man's s****. Believe me, I've smelled enough of it on my wife to know this. Nothing smells better. Or tastes better.

  • Throw a basketball lol

  • OMG so true about chatterbate the few black guys on there have nothing to brag about total myth that all black guys are huge.... seriously check it out, can't photoshop a live video either

  • Im a 42 year old woman and have white hispanic and black c****, to be totally honest been with a lot of black guys that have c**** that were average oron the small side, black guys get a lot of interest from curious girls that want a longer c*** but I will tell you what really matters is girth lets face it a v***** is only so deep and a ten inch c*** cannot go b**** deep. check out chatterbate lots of white guys on there with huge c**** interestingly very few black guys showing off the goods

  • I walked in on my wife and this dark black dude f@#$-&+ wife, I never heard moan like she was when I was doing her

  • I'm a bbc w**** for life.

  • I started sucking black c*** at 13 and he was 32 and my next door neighbor that watched me. Once I started sucking his c*** I couldn't get enough. Especially his big loads of c**, they were so delicious. Eventually he started f****** me and letting his friends f*** me. Now I'm 15 and a proud black c*** w****.

  • Sounds like my 58yo white wife.

  • Can you send me your number

  • Your too young man! 18 and older

  • It's because it's not true

  • Make a video

  • Nice

  • Thts f***** up

  • Black c*** is the best. I've sucked BBC since my 13th birthday. He was 45 and 12" and instantly became addicted. I'm a white make and I'm hooked on black c***. I got my mom and sisters hooked on black c*** too. The only p**** I ever ate was my sisters and moms. My dad found me my first black d*** after I ate his c**. Most white girls I know only f*** black men

  • So hot

  • A black kid wrote this. Too much swearing

  • I'm the same way. I used to like women. Then I started watching women f****** black c**** which I like bc us white boys have little d**** so I think every white girl needs a black c***. However I became fascinated by black monster c****. All of a sudden I start puttin myself in the girls spot. For some reason you see her sucking on a huge black c***, then I start wishing I was in the place of all the girls cause I start wishing I was sucking on a black c***. Black c*** is crazy addictive for some reason it goes from just a fantasy to you actually wanting black c***. Then it happened I really did start going out getting f***** by black c***. Now it's too late. I don't even want pissy anymore. Even I became black c*** addicted and I was totally straight so you can't blame your girl for f****** a black c***. She can't help it but it's ok bc all white girls and white sissy b****** like me will only be f****** black c*** which is awesome bc all white women and men should worship black c***. It is the least we could do plus I just like doing it. I'm a sissy b**** now. I only want black c*** nothing else

  • Means your a sick ass white b**** for going with a f****** black crayon. That's sick, your sick, your wrong for even being on here thinking about it. Yea and it is true, once you go black, you never ever go back.

  • My wife has had black men, and she says they only think of their self and are real jerks . just saying !

  • She still f**** Tyrone don't be naive js

  • Thts rite

  • I am 20 next month and for the past five years I have been sexual active and during that time I have had my share of blacks and to be all honest the ones with really big p***** cant get them all that hard for some reason. Myself I love a c*** that I am getting f***** by super hard and lately I am going out with and getting a lot more than I ever dreamed of a Hispanic who use to take care of mom and dad's gardening work. Last year the first time I was running a lot at the time and I came home all sweaty and sore and I was cooling down doing stretching exercises and he came up to me and offered a good rub down at first I declined but maybe a hour later I asked if the offer still held and he led me to a Chaise Lounger by the pool and began to massage my legs . God his hands were so smooth on my body and boy did he ever relieve my sore mussels. He worked me over very well and then his fingers brushed against my puss as he went higher on my thighs and subconsciously I raised my hips a bit and he took advantage of me and began to slip a finger into me before long he had my shorts off totally and he was f****** me really good. Surprisingly how a p**** will stretch to accommodate a huge c*** for he has a good 10 inches and more than 2 inches across and man does he know how to use it he f***** me for a good hour before I said you better quit for mom and dad will be home soon. When he finally came in me for I held onto him for I wanted his c** in me he said we'll have to start earlier tomorrow and gave me a big smile and I laid there c** soaked and drenched and he told me I had better shower for I litterly had c** from head to toe,. before he left tho he had to slip his c*** deep into me again and help me up for I wrapped my legs around him and he had to carry me to the shower room impaled on his c*** and he had to bath me to

  • A Hispanic is not even considered a man they are tiny little drug carrying gardeners and bathroom attendants. Why would you have gone from a true alpha man to well not a man?

  • F*** you a******

  • Tiny white d*** cuck

  • I wish my wife would give in to the desire for huge black c*** that she denies but is so obvious to me . I've been fueling her with a huge black d**** and she screams and c*** on it like she never does for my smaller d***.Her preference for bigger c*** really turns me on.The thought of her getting her freak on with a black man drives me crazy. How can I make it happen?

  • I'm in the same boat dunno if she wants to or not she told me her ex's were black and pleasuring her was easy I would like to see the black c*** tonight banging my wife back out why I listen

  • Pretty damn lucky you are ! must be nice .

  • Go for it,you will loveit

  • Http://

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  • Yes our big white d**** are real unlike the fake d***** you black boys use in some of your p*** movies L**** b****

  • Http://

  • Black's feel a sense of worthlessness especially the male's and there genitals if they cant pull some nasty white trash skanks they either rape them or they kill themselves that shows you the mentality towards anyone really .maybe thats the reason why so many rapes and child molesting mostly incest goes unreported in the black communities without whites blacks have nothing without whites blacks are nothing if this country was ran by all blacks it would collapse in a year crime would be so widespread that the U.S would be invaded by nato and taken control of and there black leaders removed from office ..dont kid yourself monkey noses you really are worthless ..

  • Still got big d**** your white qeens love

  • You'll never touch my white queen hahahaha she thinks blacks are gross and smelly

  • Youlle never kno her deepest and truest thoughts... White women are full of hidden thoughts and desires that are well suppressed. Billy bob. Lmao

  • When the white cane to Africa di rape the black women abd steal our goal abd diamonds so stop talk s***

  • Http://***/

  • Black c*** is with out a doubt better then little white d***. black c*** is much bigger and thick then white d***. white boys just don't have what it take to satisfied women. that is why all white women should only f*** black man. the only thing a white boy is good for is being a slaved to the white women and her black master.

    white women you need to turn your white boyfriends and or husbands in to sissy slaves for the black man. started by lock their little clocks in chastity. then get a big black d**** to stretch out their butt holes. getting it ready for that black c***. Then make them dress like women. teach them how to wear make up. have a coming out party for them. so all their friends and family can see them for the true sissy they are. during the party that is when your black bull will f*** him for the first time in front of all his friends and family. now he is a true black c*** sissy

    white women breeding with the black man is also very important. its is a honor for a white women to be black bred and white boys it is you duty to help white women breed black. white women take black seed in your belly know.

  • F*** you n****

  • I'll 4ucking shoot you n1gg3r if you come near my women, ya they're all myne. Beside they feed the myth, and the bigg3r the less likely he can keep it hard

  • FAKE post f** alert .

  • As a white woman i respect myself i only date white men by choice the thought of laying with a black makes me sick to my stomach plus that nappy greasy hair and breath eww

  • U probably have a black d*** hiding in ur closet....u nasty b****....LOL

  • I love you lol

  • That's great

  • Still gotta bigvdick n u still want it s***

  • That's cause you got a ltitle p**** and scared of a good f***

  • That isnt what your mama said about me f****** that musty ass

  • Amen if it not white its not right

  • True

  • What a joke negros are the most despised subhuman species on the planet why would any decent white girl want something that smells and looks like s*** freeloads off of them beats them and kills them porch monkeys favorite weapon on us white folks is fire and let me tell you they really really really enjoy burning them like they did that girl from mississippi or that couple from kentucky just passing through tenn only to be raped and killed dont be a fool who ever wrote the insane topic diffidently are evil minded

  • Ur little b**** Ass f*****....ur probably suck BBC on the side ....??????

  • Where your wife

  • Whats sad and pathetic is that a black male most likely wrote the b.s above in hopes of snaring a dumb naive tramp stupid enough to believe that s***.if you think for a minute a real white man would put up with a whoreish scumbag of such a thing your in denial it would not ever happen .you've got to be a real piece of trash to even think up such a thing .Loser

  • Neggar lover

  • Sick n*****

  • Btw your ugly troll the biggest d*** in the world belongs to a white man with 13.5 inches why don't you shove every in of Jonah falcons d*** up your a****** until it bottoms out g****** w****

  • Your a stupid disgusting std carrying aids reflected foul worthless low down miserable lying troll of a disgraceful s*** you make the average w**** look like a nun S**** !!

  • My gf lost her virginity to a black man and don't regret it I often let her go out 3 times a week and have gang bangs with black men then come home and I love licking her clean mmmmm tastes so nice

  • I know what you mean, I'm a white guy, my girlfriend has been with black men, she tells me about the b******* on their big c****, I was so turned on, that I asked her to s*** him again, so I could taste his big black c*** on her p****. She did, and I licked her clean. We're both addicted to black c**** now. I'm even wanking writing this. Keep cleaning your girls p****.

  • I would love this with my wife.

  • This is the biggest troll comment thread ever.
    i'm 25 years old, white here. i don't care about their skin color and neither should you, if you want a big p**** look for big penises, not only big black ones, because there are more white men in the U.S. there will be more white men with big penises than there are black ones...and yes the rate of huge d**** is the same for both races...

  • Im telling ya what they say bout black men having bigger c**** then white men is not 100 percent true cuz i know a black man that was just average or just below and the white man i have now is completly PERFECT AND KNOWS HOW TO WORK IT BETTER THEN ALOT OF BLACK MEN ITS NOT THE SIZE ITS HOW YOU WORK WITH WHAT U GOT

  • I want to be forced to suck a Hugh black c***

  • Young black p**** .as a white nothing better than f****** some young black p****.lived in Africa for 3 years

  • Wats the biggest u ever had?

  • My husband and I are married for 10 years,and I've been f****** black men since before we were together.when he asked me to marry him I told him I would never stop being with black men ,and he was ok with it.

  • Many white women like a black stud once in a while. I find it amazing how many women would risk their marriage for a romp with a huge black guy. I have lady friends who I talk to about this and they all say its exciting and its fun to have them force f*** a woman. Some women want to see if they can handle a extra big c***. One gal told me that the next day after having a huge black guy really take her rough and very hard, she was very sore but that was all she could think about for two days and she wants more!

  • He is looking for all of you on this post thread: 15 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • Amen

  • Jesus is back again? OMG save me.

  • This whole thread is ridiculous. This is why humans fail. S** is great but arguing over the bullshit race card is old. ya, go black never go OK. White dudes are racist. Not true. Asians have small d****. Sure. You all spew rumors and lies and unfortunately, there is people that will take this bullshit as fact. I'm sure there's huge black guys out there. I bet there's many white guys who are just as endowed. Same with all people and race. You like a big d*** ? cool. You like the contrast of colors? Cool. Dont be a d********* and bring the race card in or say on is better then the next. I have a big d*** but i can please with more then my d***. Its physical, yes. Nut, knowing how to use your tounge not only speaking, but in words goes along way. Hands do wonders. Anyways, stop playing the race card. Racism is dead.

  • I agree, Racism is dead.I have a larger size c***, I just try to f*** women brains out. Please come back for more. Any race, color. I will f*** you.

  • I'm not going to read all posts here on whether black or white men are better in bed. My personal experience is that as a woman in her mid twenties I started dating black men instead of white guys. I was pleasently surprised by how nice they were, and that turned me on tremendously! The s** was spectacular , taboo, contrast was fantastic, and their animalistic moves absolutely sent me over the edge many times during making love. I'm definetely into size and have not been disappointed in the least!

    I'm very particular who I go with, and a ghetto thug will not work for me. I prefer black educated men, well groomed, and has self confidence! I've had many s** partners over the last 20 years , and if any white lady dares to live out her hidden fantasy , I'd highly recommend it. For me, I'm open to any well endowed black man , married or single as long as he has what I mentioned earlier, my legs will always open up for him!

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness.

  • Father father see what these naughty girls are doing. They are doing boys.

  • Why do everything have to be white or black. As far as d*** size lol h*** I am 8maybe a little more and I have trouble getting my wife to have s** never cheated but she make me feel like I am not big enough so I guess that's why I haven't cheated. Hi if both are married get together and have a 4some

  • As a white man I have lived in countries where the population is 70% black and you know what? The black females always found me attractive bc I was white. And MOST of the white females here date and marry white men. Yea some trashy white broads here in the us "dig the nig" but that's a good thing as they will breed out the trashy poor end of the spectrum of clearly superior white race. If blacks could have made whites slaves they totally would have, everyone knows it was other Africans who sold blacks into slavery. They just COULDN'T subjugate white men bc whites are physically and intellectually far superior. It is pretty sad that knee grows have to cling to a stereo type that their d**** are bigger. Which isn't true anyway, it just shows that their ape brains never matures past middle school. Look at the fact blacks commit upwards of 60% of crime yet only make up 30% of the population. So yea if your a nasty w**** who gets off on doing something taboo please keep bragging about your chimp lovers. Good luck with raising your kid by your self and fighting off the STD you got. And even if your primate lover sticks around good luck having an intelligent conversation. Good luck having a conversation at all since they barely can use the English language, or boast about their huge c***. Which again isn't ture. Sure some black men are hung but even some gooks are hung. Let me just say Thank you to white trash b****** for leaving the white race and removing your s***** genetics from our white gene pool. All the intelligent and classy white women stick with white men.

  • You sound really bitter, and jealous of black men….. The p**** thing is mostly fact by the way.. Black average and white average are 2 different averages. Get over it…..

  • This guy is telling the truth. I've had multiple black partners. Never have been disappointed with the package besides the s** is mind blowing. I was once the straight guy who loved p**** too but lately I've been taking 9 inches of thick black c*** and I've never came so much in my life. Plus I put on sexy lingerie for him. Yum. I wake up to black d*** pounding my ass every morning and not by choice. He pins me to that bed before I can wake up. Feeling like a s** slave but oh well I love it these days. Real story by the way

  • "they can barely use the English language" [...] "which again isn't *ture* ?" mmhmm

  • A kkk member

  • First of all blacks make up 12 percent of America y'all make up 60 we also sold slave because they already were slaves but we wasn't raping them hanging the force them not to read or write they were also free to walk around not what u crackers did nobody wants a white man but for money they can also get black d*** why u take care of them black men aren't fucken trash their fucken trash and white girls like your daughter Cindy I love white people but u not superior blacks ran the world now it your turn only because u jack the Chinese gun powder technology and made a gun know u got nuclear bombs that why yall fighting Iran and the other sand n***** cause when the make that bomb and they got the oil plus then China will remember. Something's from world war 2 and your massive debt then u will not run s***

  • U b**** ass barrel

  • This confession was either written by a white man with a humiliation fetish or a black man who is realizing that he has failed in his career and relationships and is hoping that sexual boasting and domination can help him overcome his intense envy of white men. In any case, the "never go back" refers to the fact that once a white woman disgraces herself with a black man no white man will ever want her again and her family line will forever be tainted.

  • Hey everyone I'm the O.P. I just wanted to thank you all for giving me advise i also wanted to give you all a update. I tried to resist but i couldn't. im black owned now. I want nothing to do with my white husband and those inferior kids that came out of me My black daddy made me worship his c*** he even made me beg for the extinction of the white race anyway im his now and ill never go back sorry white boys but it is true

  • I'm a white boy who agrees

  • Bye, bye white boys. The black man already owns us snowbunnies, how long until they own you pathetic little white boys too? The white boys smile at the extinction of their own race.You guys are so f****** pathetic. You tremble every time a black god walks by. Our race is scared and weak. Scared because you know a black man could beat your ass straight into the ground and then take your women. I also love the way they treat us nowbunnies. They treat us white girls like we're the scum of the Earth but then again all of us whites are. Getting degraded is so much fun and makes me feel like the inferior, tiny little f*** toy that I am.

  • I can say this an its not bs. God gave me a tiny 2 inch c*** an all my life ive been humiliated girls laugh at me.
    So i took a chance an learn to dress sexy but slutty. keep my body smooth.
    Than i got on craigs list an found me a huge black c***
    an submitted my body n soul to him. After about 10 mins of pain. i became a total s*** for him.
    He came in me an i was in heaven Alex 580-478-6567
    Want some more

  • Baby I know I'm a white mani love big black c*** to I let five black c*** f*** my wife I f*** up I was f****** my wife and one put his 12inch c*** between our lips we were kissing I could not yes I did it was in my mouth yes my wife and I made love to five black c**** now I can take 12inch in my ass and dranking the black man c**

  • To each his own, as with anything. I'm a white guy with an average size d*** and in the 4 years I've been with my wife, I've only failed to get her off a few times and each was right after she took a prescription painkiller on an empty stomach. Not long ago I let her try a black friend and he was bigger than I am but still couldn't get her off. The first time he didn't last long enough and the second time, the s** was just bad. Plus, if you go too big it'll just hurt. Bigger is better when speaking only about size but a guy with a bigger d*** isn't always a better lay.

  • Im a white man marred I try we'd it n nothing mad me feel better s** wize then a black man's d*** better then p****

  • I believe white woman choice black BBC not because it hurt but because they can,t help them selves even with some stigma in Europe BBC rules

  • Get real white boy. Maybe your d*** is average size when compared to whites and Asians but that's about it. BBC will always be 100 times better than anything your pathetic c*** could give. You're wife also seems like a very sweet and considerate person but lying is never the right thing to do. Trying to boost the white boys confidence by telling him his d*** is average and he's always gotten her off, is wrong. Now little boys like yourself spread lies online. I became sexually active at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 I was only taking black c***.....massive fully grown black c***. As a girl who has had a lot of s** I can assure you black is best. Also going big doesn't hurt that much. Yeah at first it hurts a little but after a few minutes you're completely fine and having the greatest c***/s** you've ever had. All white women need to try BBC. I guarantee not a single 1 goes back to white boys exclusively.

  • It,s true I want my GF to try . my white p**** is small 4" I struggle to work hard she c*** but she is Asian I cant make white girls come its hard work blacks are so much stronger they are always in the gym. I love my race but white woman deserve the best of everything that means letting them get blacked by 9" and thick h*** even I want that.

  • So you a white trash w****, is all you telling me. ...

  • I don't believe that so many blacks also have small c****,and there breath don't smell good I'm a black woman and I can prove that,its not about our races its all about us how to become more human not a s** object.

  • Don't you see, you're already addicted to the superior black c***. Did you really think you had to take the d*** first to become hooked? From now on BBC will dominate your mind. Every day you resist, the worse the urges will be and the harder it will be to resist. Once he gives you the black c*** you become his both mentally and physically. There is no going back. Once you think about it, you'll always think about it. Once you try it, you'll always submit to it. Tell me something sweet heart, now that you know his d*** will turn you into a bbc s*** for life, does that make you want to avoid his superior p****? Do you really want to go back to your middle class life with your pathetic white boy husband, thinking about black c*** owning you every time your husband finishes and you remain unpleased? No, I don't think so. Now that you know he'll change you, you want it even more. I'm not even attracted to n****** but my p**** gets soaked just thinking about physically superior beings enslaving me with their superior p****. OMG there is nothing more satisfying than having a black thug tearing your p**** open and ruining you for any 6" long white boy. Just do it sweety. Go tuck your kids in, give them a kiss goodnight, tell your husband you love him, then sneak out and go do what you and all white woman were born to do.

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  • A lot of people care S H I T H E A D

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    First of all it is the first 2 inches of the v***** that is the most sensitive, so length has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is all in how it is used. Are women with bigger breast better? I have been with many different types of guys. Just think about this. Ever wonder why there are 1 billion people in China and India? The best I've ever had was an Indian guy. I guess there is a reason they invented the Kama Sutra.

  • Spoken like a person with a small p****. The first two inches are where all the nerves are? Okay, math nerd, explain why some women, and not by any means all, start squirting when their cervix is getting jammed deep into her guts?

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  • Ps specially From the guys point of view. AzN

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    Eventually I settled down and got married,but deep down I know I couldn't resist if the right guy came along...

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  • It was true for me, but maybe not for everyone. You should at least try it a few times. Only then will you know.

    I am a white woman 37 y.o. and wish I had tried black sooner. For the past 4 years I have been strictly black (except for a few times a year with my husband). Two of my married friends are the same way, but one of my friends tried it and didn't see what the big deal was.

    YOLO and you wont be young forever... go for it sister!

    p.s. bareback is WAY better.

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  • ALL I can say to THAT is A.I.D.S regardless of condom use YOU WILL eventually get some STD ... good luck with that..

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  • This turns me on so bad haha, I'm a white guy and I really really want my girlfriend to do this and is clean it all up but she doesn't think it will be fun

  • So not true. The best s** I had was with a 24 year old white guy and the black guy I had sucked so bad. I'd rather have my 24 year old any day any time.

  • OK, one out of a hundred,,,,,

  • *..adding to that last comment I am a white guy.

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    Does he know about your other encounters?

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  • Don't do it. A confident black coworker who was rumored to be huge (you could see it in tight pants) seduced me at a party once and yes he was as big as the rumors said. I orgasmed in ways I just didn't with my husband or any premarital partners (although s** was never bad with husband)...but with those powerful o****** it soon became an obsession for me. I can't speak for all black men but this guy had a huge d*** and he knows what women want. Drunk with power he didn't earn he didn't respect me and had me crossing lines I wouldn't in my right mind do just for more pleasures with him. It was the most exciting experience of my life, but having me sneaking out of the house at his whims, of course my husband caught me. My dishonesty was hurtful and awful and I still feel terrible about what happened. I cut him out of my life (new job even) and my husband and I have been through therapy and on the surface we're over it but I still think about how good it all felt. I don't know if you can call it addiction but honestly remembering how good it was I still crave having s** with him, his dominant confidence and how s** with him physically and mentally felt.

  • YOU just want what every woman wants its call " taken by the hand" look it up.. every woman desires THEIR man to TAKE THEM.. BE the MAN, take YOUR Woman.. I know this because I am a Married Man and have been for 25 years and sweety is a submissive wife in every way of our marriage unless I would cross the line and then all h*** would break loose.. LOL.. but seriously your husband can do that to you.. unless its ALL ABOUT the d***.. and in that case he could buy a bathmate.. I bought one a couple years ago thinking my wife wanted bigger and I was DEAD WRONG.. it works and after 30 mins wearing it my c*** is as fat as a silver dollar around.. and you gain about an inch..IF he is somewhat long but not real fat a bathmate would make him HUGE..and then talk to him about how you want s** to be.. I.E. HIM being a MAN and taking YOU and making YOU his woman... I say all sorts of sexy things to her when im laying the pipe.. like " baby I am going to breed your sexy ass" or "damn girl you make my d*** move".. gets her h**** as h***... good luck

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    Black men are the ultimate sexual experience. Black men rule, Pat

  • Because you are stupid person

  • I let my wife have her little fun with black guys on occasion but does admit, they are good for s** but not much more. She is open and honest about her escapades and she couldn't see herself dating them or going anywhere but the bedroom with them. If your woman loves you, she will always come back, maybe just a little worn out tho. Lol

  • I bet all this girls are f****** ugly nah who cares go black i dont care just as long as dont go after us white guy to marry us and cheat damm i would punch that girls and leave HEHE

  • I will give u some useful advice. i am maried to a white guy, i love him he is my soul mate and the father of my baby. i am 20. never been happier. he is prolly 7 inches and not extremely think, ust right. but he knows i love bbc, so every now and then he lets me meet a black guy to come over and f***. i loooove black c*** omg it is the best thing ever... if i could take it every day i would. but i physically cant, i mean im sore for 2 days after some 10 inch f**** the s*** out me. and i love my hubbys c*** too, it gets the job done. but he loves f****** me after my p***** stretched out from bbc. si i can say once you have black you will alwys love it and want it, but no it isnt impossible to go back to ur white guy. i say let him blow ur mind girl ull love it

  • Do you live in a friggin' trailer park?

  • I married a woman that had been with a black man. The truth is that many women that do go black and don't go back are deceiving themselves into believing that black men have something special between their legs. One wife and several affairs have taught me that black men don't have a monopoly on being well endowed or knowing how to use it. The truth is that even though it may be more common that a black p**** is larger, some freaky white dudes are able to hold our own. I usually refrain from talking about package size because I don't need to, but since size is the #1 argument I'm seeing here for the black p****, i'll just offer up. Don't discount us white guys. Some of us are packing a surprise.

  • This is very true, let her bang a black guy if you can handle it, or maybe she has already like mine, does she f*** a black man under my nose now and then? B**** has and probably does ha. I can handle it, we are good, so she enjoys a black dude once in a while, she could be addicted to crack right?
    I just pray its wrapped but i know she barebacks black c***..oh and she is smoking hot so they never leave her alone.

  • Your husband is better than you. He does not deserve the punishment of being married to someone as shallow as you. This is not about color, it is about love and commitment. I sincerely wish that he has an affair with a beautiful black woman, falls in love with her, and dumps you on the street.


  • AMEN to THAT answer...

  • First of all im a black man and i do have a big d***. im known in my neighborhood for my s** rep but woman come on. u have a husband and u are cheating on him because of whats between my legs. come on thats not right man.

  • Yes of course we white women cheat because of what you have between your legs and that is exactly EXACTLY right and you know it.

  • Not all is stupid moron like you

  • i gave my v-card to a black man over 18 years ago and only had black in me for about 3 yrs before i tried a white one and i couldnt stand it and couldnt hardly even feel it inside of me it was so small. i went back to the black men and have been living with one for the last 6 yrs and still date about 4 others on the side there is nothing even close to the black d***. i worship them. really worship all black d****. all of them.

  • Then go to h*** with black d*** you worshiped you fool.

  • All these black d*** loving white b******,listen up

    Please don't forget your dad made you with that white d*** you don't want to go back. I see All these black and white mixed babies grow up to be welfare lined up dead beater criminal punks. I'm not an expert on earth's humane history.
    But this n***** loving white b****** want this whole world to be 100% black in the future.
    I'm an Asian man. They said our average d**** are even smaller than white race. When we f*** our Asian woman we produce medical doctors engineers artists famous piano player,, ETC. At least my son and daughter are. I talk to my black employees out loud all you guys have is the big d*** and nothing else. I also say it loud to dead beater redneck white punk this " all you got is you are white and it really doesnt impress this world anymore" This whole world is taken over by all this Asian babies made out of these 5 inches rice d*** we got. So tell me big d*** is every thing.Everyone enjoys s**.Whether its 5inches or 10 inches of d***.

  • I would have to disagree. I am biracial and own my own house and car. I worked while putting myself through college and on top of that I don't receive a dime of government assistance.

  • Yeah your Asians are "successful" and all that grand stuff, but they're soulless, uninteresting and identical to each other. So ultimately, no one gives a s***.

  • Yeah, but when you get sick, or are in need of medical attention, you will eventually have to face the phd rice d*** for attention, unless you go to your voodoo doctor for that dosage of cyanide he'll give you....

  • Sorry i have to agree black d*** is the best. i thought the size of a d*** didnt matter but when i saw this white guys d*** and tried grabbing hold of it i couldnt. it was like 2 inches. and when he was in me i couldnt feel anything and had to fake an o*****. but now with the black d***. omg it is so f****** great and tasty yum yum

  • F*** you I'm a Niger but I don't have big d*** so it means not all brothers got big one,my white friend got 9inch so in short not all men posses big d*** even black white asian

  • your wrong chinky boy. big d*** realy IS evrything. theres nothing better or more important in the world.

  • This girl has it totally right. Big d*** is the most important thing in the entire world, and there's no better big d*** than big BLACK d***. All these haters need to just go the f*** home and stay the f*** there. BBC RULEZ!

  • Hey negro come here in Saudi and I will show you how to f*** a very real man in your race gay is legal in here only real man rule not like you black skin you where just nothing but shame on face don't pretend your race are men p*** site reveals sissy black man hungry for white d*** come here and I will tear your p**** black ass hole c** on your mouth and your mother p****

  • Do all of the guys posting on here really think that we can't tell that they are not women.

    Here's a hint. Women don't talk like a men's p*** magazine.

  • I don't know what women you've been haning with, but the women I know all talk WORSE than a p*** magazine. Some of them go black, some don't, but they all talk way nastier than people think. They are some very very bad girls. You need to get out more, really.

  • L****!!

  • ........oh you poor REALLY have NO idea........

  • that guy is wrong........the saying is true and every white woman of every age knows its true.

  • This is totally shameful and totally wrong. The saying is a convenient rationalization for a bunch of tramps who tried something taboo, thinking it would be wonderful, thinking they'd never get caught, discovered it wasn't wonderful, actually did get caught, tried to go home to the husband, and found that all the locks on the house had been changed so that they COULDN'T "go back". Confronted with the reality that they'd thrown their lives away and wouldn't be allowed back, of COURSE they reasoned that the only thing then left to them -- black d*** -- was so good that they didn't WANT to go home. They saying isn't just's a f****** LIE.

  • nasty
    all of you

  • It really is true but it doesn't happen the way it says here. You don't get ruined for white d*** when the black man puts the tip inside you: it happens when he gets the tip all the way to the back wall of your v*****......and then he still has six inches that's not inside you......and then he starts to push and pound and hammer and stretch you out and stretch you open and wrap your p**** around that incredible black d***. It happens when he finally gets all of himself buried in you, and you look in his eyes and you see your future there. can never go back. But you won't WANT to go back: all you'll ever want from that beautiful moment forward is one of those beautiful things that beautiful black men have between their thighs. And you'll be happy whenever you get one. One of the other white girls here said it right: white men aren't men, only black men are men. Go get you a "man", honey. And don't come back.

  • Black man aren't men the real man is here in our continent in the great mid east black got many gays bullshit don't pretend race that not pure pretending to be god your only humans fools in here you can find ah d*** like a horse a very verile man

  • their not men their beasts and you women should stop saying these things about them and about your husbnds

  • Correct! They are animals, just filthy diseased animals.

  • wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG! what they are is GODS. each and every one of them. theres not one of them that i would ever say no to. any black man who asks will have me. even if he asks me in front of my white husband or my white children. now that i know the truth about those gods i will always say yes to them. ALWAYS!

  • Burn to h*** with your stupid pretending god bullshit

  • dont pay attention to all these people. the saying is true and i know its true firsthand. i had heard it before the first time i went black and i thought it was bullshit and i thought i could beat it and i was sure i could go back but i couldnt. i knew it the minute he put it in me and then drove it all the way down......i was never going to want anything with a white man again. that was 19 years ago and i havent had anything but black men since that night and i havent wanted anything but black men since that night. im a w**** for black c*** but i dont care. the minute i meet a black man that i like somehow they just know what i am and what i want and they always take me and give it to me. this will happen to you too so just be ready for it and be ready to have a lot of black men. youll love it as much as i do and as much as all these other women love it. just look at what all these women wrote to you.......have you ever heard any woman say those things about white men or about any one white man? the answer is no you have not and you never ever will.

  • Small brain women only ,know is l*** prepared your soul

  • Cheating 5 times in 11 years is still cheating and its still wrong. How would you feel if he cheated on you? It makes you seem like a w****. It is not true, my ex boyfriend was black, and Im now engaged to a white man. Color shouldnt be focused on. If you have s** with him you shouldnt worry about only wanting black guys after that, you should worry about the fact that your a cheating w****, and your setting a horrible example for your children. How will you feel if something happens and your marriage ends? Do you want your children to have that experience? You should be ashamed of your actions. If your with someone and you make a commitment to not be with anyone else, you should take that seriously.

  • Most sound advice on here. Good on ya!

  • i actualy thought when i made this confesion that i would get some help understanding if the saying about going back was true because i realy dont know if it is and i dont know if i should have the affair or not. i never even thought it would get me called so many ugly names or start some kinds of race fights. im sorry i put it up here now because it did no good and only made a bunch of people be mean to each other and saay hurtful things that i hope they dont realy mean. i really am sorry.

  • Whores. All these women are is a bunch of whores. Cheap, damaged, disgusting whores. It's sad. You're all sad. And you're all a disgrace to white people and to all of humankind. A disgrace and an embarrassment.

  • You people are all full of s***!

  • you are just such a s*** and you should be ashamed

  • i totaly cannot believe all these white women think this way. your all total tramps and whores and your all gonna get stds.

  • For the first several years I was sexual, all of my partners were white, and everything seemed fine and normal. I loved s** and I had a lot of it and I tried all kinds of s** and and kinky s*** and sport-f****** and I thought it was as good as s** could be. Then, on the night of my seventeenth birthday, I went to a club with my new fake ID and several girlfriends and they got me drunk and we all danced with like everybody in the club and one of the guys was black and he turned me on and I left with him and went home with him and he totally changed my life. Ever since then, I have only been with black men and I will always only be with black men, because what they have between their legs and what they do with it and how they do it is soooooooo much better than any white man could ever give me. I have been prgenant six times for six different black men, and had three mixed-race babies for three different black men (all given into adoption), in the five years of my new life and I love it completely. My parents disowned me for being what they call "a n*****-lover and n*****-f*****" and "a diseased w**** for n***** men", but I could not possibly care less. The problem is with my parents, not with me: I know what I am and I know what I love, and I am getting the thing I need the most.

  • You should be a shame for your self even your family ashamed on you, you live in worthless life with short pleasure and you don't even miss your child's how human you think you are left everything in exchange for s** with lazy stink black man that even a cent can't give a support on you.

  • Kik BMF4LIFE white girls for a big black d***

  • Your parents are correct. You are the problem, not them, s****.

  • your a sick twisted b****

  • I agree with both of the above along with the fact that aids and other std's could become a reality for these women and their partners, along with the moral destruction.

  • All white women know that our eternal salvation is brought to us in the form of the black d***, it's just that not all of us will confess that. Everything we our bant in this life and everything we'll need in the next one comes by way of the black d*** and we have to have it, all of us. White d*** is less than zero. Any white woman who hasn't had a black d*** in her hasn't lived her life. Life begins the moment he inserts the tip of his black d*** into your v*****, and it is confirmed the moment he starts spewing that rich, thick, sweet, delicious cream inside your white body, reaching all the way to your soul. You all know this is true. YOU ALL KNOW THIS IS TRUE!!

  • F*** you ashamed on you trying to lure a woman with lustful word your not god and in second life you will burn to h*** and you can't even save your self how could you say that salvation is in the tip of your small d*** head black man lazy stink skanky and ignorant go to where you from back to your beginning nomads

  • Oh, sweet JESUS, I just f****** LOVE what you said about the way the black man's cream "reaches all the way to your soul"!!!! God, that is so true: the amount of c** those magificent animals produce is just f****** AMAAAAAZING, and I could never give it up. Even the ones that are selfish and crude and stupid and brutal give you so much cream that it more than makes up for the fact that they are so unrefined. I just love the black d*** and ALLLLLL that f****** dream and I really don't care if my husband finds out that I get on them as much as I do: if he divorced me, it would just give me more time to f*** the black stallions I know and the ones I might meet. Delicious!

  • Fool woman with small brain lazy black man give you nothing but sick they don't even work even toothpaste can't buy shame on you

  • It's amazing what kind of filth people are able to spread.

  • To the animal who can write,

    Why whole human life is all about big black d***?
    you must be sick h*** white gay who has a thing about
    big black c*** or you are cuckold for your nimpho wife who
    wants to f*** 12 times per day with 10 inch black d***.
    wake up or kill yourself. your are worthless.

  • I think your the animal here its not stallion its gorilla with flat nose and big lips not big d*** so come on eat your white banana open your mouth don't be shy open your mouth and I WILL POUR MY REAL MID EAST JUICE IN YOU THIS IS THE REAL MAN NOT YOUR black gays race TEAR YOUR BLACK ASS APART

  • Amen!

  • A black c*** is absolutely the best. I'm f****** a black guy and have been for several years. he gives me the best oral s**, has me climbing the walls and his 9 inch thick d*** makes my mouth and my p**** water. I started doing him while married to a guy with a d*** no bigger than my thumb. The guy I was married to liked to watch and we let him. I will never marry anyone ever again but I will never f*** a white d*** either. In my book, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

  • Your book is full of lies why you didn't write small black d*** do you think all black man have huge d*** stupid idea stupid book stupid with stupid author how about the friend of mine his black but his c*** only4 inch its that big huh

  • DAYUMMM!! Nine Inches???!? You are a lucky girl! Not only does his c*** make YOUR mouth and p**** water, his c*** makes MY mouth and p**** water! Lemme say again ........ DAYUMMM!!

  • Black is the biggest and best to give head to! White boys should go back into baby diapers.

  • i agree and my experience is exactly the same. i couldnt have said it better than this girl did. shes totally right.

  • White boys are two year olds.

  • n***** d*** lover lolz

  • She love them 12 inch c**** and the c** bursting n**** d**** lol

  • I love them, too. What self-respecting white woman WOULDN'T love them? How would any self-respecting white woman possibly NOT jump on twelve inches and drain all that m************ c** out of it over and over and over and over again? It's a dream c** true. Dear sweet mother of f****** christ how I love those gigantic "c**-bursting n**** d****"! F*** YAH!!!!!!!

  • Make sure you let us white boys watch you with them 12" superior beens. Ye I,d do anything to have a 12" I have 4" I wont be able to fit into big booty girls just Asians flat and easy to make c**.


  • The only coward here is you and all the other white boys who are crying because deep down you can't admit you're inferior. At least some white boys are brave enough to accept it and meet their extinction head on.

  • Yes the polls always favour the BBC superior as they are.

  • The coward here is you you think black is the biggest c*** got me wrong p*** industry white c*** is superior even your big ass black chicks can't handle white c*** supremacy they want to be breed so breed them like a trash they are.

  • Yes, what they say is completely and totally true. I know because I'm a white woman, wife and mother who has made the leap and not gone back and not looked back. Black men are the only real men -- white men are not men -- and once you've had a real man inside your body, once he's taken you and made you what you can be, what you're destined to be, the very sight of a white man, and his worthless white wee-wee, will disgust you. You will only be able to find happiness and pleasure and excitement and satisfaction by opening your legs to a black man. To a real man. Everybody knows this, but nearly no one will admit it, much less tell you the truth. But I'm not trying to discourage you from having the relationship you want with the real man you've found: you really should have it. You really MUST have that relationship with that real man. You should actually call him as soon as you read this, and begin it today. And before you leave the house to meet your man, say goodbye to your husband and your children. And mean it. Because there really IS no going back once you've gone black.

  • No I think this one is a stink negro pretending to be a girl trying to lure women,and if I'm wrong I think your p**** is very rotten because black d*** is dirty one

  • useless w****, c***, b****, s***!

  • you Stupid s***!! Your husband doesn't deserve you. Just leave him he can do SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  • Look down white boy. Look at your lap. She can do MUCH BETTER than that little thing.

  • ommfg you are so trashy! trashy trashy trashy! do you live in a trailer park?

  • I wonder y there is so much hateful comment, maybe it is because the truth hurts lol.. But hey it is not cool to cheat to you husband. It is a slippery slope

  • It's not cheating if he's a superior black man. It's worship. It's no different than praying to god.

  • I don't think so they only lazy black man who can give nothing run from responsibility they not god, coward to everything how stupid you are calling that trash a god folls

  • Black d*** = aids

  • White d*** = no pleasure


  • yeah once you have HIV you have got it for life no going back.

  • yes its true once you have had a black c*** you will not be able to go back... not be choice its because no white man would want you, so don't be naive to think its your decision.

  • Once you have black c*** your whole life is dirty and nobody will taking you back

  • he will give you herpes

  • If master wants to give us herpes then we'll gladly take it and thank him for giving it to us. Don't you get it white boy,we don't want you anymore. White boys are so clueless. The only future for us is as a tiny section in a history book. The chapters title will read "Inferior Race Begs For Extinction."

  • Fools black are the first to extinct look inside Africa they killed each other because they are ignorant

  • You are right! (H.E.R.P.E.S) means Hours of Endless Relentless Pulsating Enjoyable S**. C** get some of this mandingo Black D*** .


  • My name just happen to be Big Black D*** are you satisfied.

  • n***** n***** n*****

  • I'll accept that because I'am Bigger. Bigger. Bigger now say something else derogatory to make yourself feel better and don't forget women do love Big C****, Yours do to so you can send her to me.,

  • Lol. All this posts are written by black guys with conplex of their d**** and brain structure.
    Its proven that d*** size does depend on the race so black peeps, stop trying to rise up ur self esteem, you are the same or even on the smaller side then Europeans.
    Also, all this people who posted here so crazy fantazies about white chicks lovng black, wyf? Obiously not, i dont know any of girls who prefer that beside girls who are to ugly to find any good guy.

  • Because black man don't want black women they have bad smells in there p**** that's why they fantasies white women than their own race

  • Finally someone who isn't a dumbass. It's scientifically proven there is no size difference between whites and blacks, and for the record the biggest p**** in the world belongs to a white person - and there are more black micro penises than there are white.
    The only race rumor that carries thruth is about Asians - they are slightly shorter.
    So many delusional black people on these comments, and so many white people who believe the bullshit rumors.

  • Shorter they may be, but billions of people they are, and they love to have s**.

  • Correction - doesn't depend on the race :)

  • Hi ! I'm a married white wife and dated married black guys for the past 20 years with my husbands approvel ,it's fun,I love the attention I get and the s** is fantastic.The guy I'm dating now I see three times a week,Monday afternoon,Wednesday night and Friday night ,my husband loves me being well stretched and the sloopy seconds afterwards when I get home and we have s**.

  • Hi There

    My white husband of 23 years has also encouraged me to have s** with w/e black guys and it has been good for us. I have had some truly great s** with black guys but I can still go back and I do. I still enjoy making love with my husband, it's just very different but that is the whole idea. Each to their own, we should not judge or try to generalize.

  • We have been married over 30 years ans winging over 18. In thiose swinging years I have had all sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. I have had several regular boyfriends and on eof them was black. We started out doing 3somes with him, then he and I started to meet alone during the week. The s** was incredible, he filled me with his c**, and I went home extremely satisfied. My husband knew of all my encounters with my b/f. After a while he started to have a friend or two over and shared me with them. The s** was the best ever - I was taken over and over. One day when I got to his place he said to take off my bra and panties - we were going out. he took me to his bar to show off his white married p**** to the guys. Needless to say he shared me with a couple of them. Our relationship started to cool off and said our goodbyes. I have such great memories of those months together. Now when we swing I always look for the black guy first if looking for a 3some. The s** was awesome.

  • Iam a 21yr old native American merriest to a 26 ye old white woman. An she loves my 9inch c***

  • So lady's maybe y'all need a re natal d***. My wife loves native c*** so give it a try.

  • Any body want Asian lady?

  • You bet, bring it on Princess1

  • Why cant we just all get along ? s** is just s** no matter who it is , it is all about pleasure with whom ever .

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