My bf or my mother

So im 23 a hispanic female my bf is 25 a white male plain and simple my mom hates him he moved in with my family and I about 3 months ago after losing his job and place to stay he is originally from utah im from tx how we crossed paths was sheer luck his old job back in utah required him to travel alot he came to tx met a girl hooked up then she went on to claim to be pregnant he quit his job stayed in tx now this girl isnt me so this girl isnt pregnant he later meets me we like each other but I lived 2 hours away from where he lives he moves closer by an hour but he loses his job and moves in with his ex im beyond mad a week later shows up at my door apologizing for leaving I accept his apology he moves in with me now I live with my parents 2 sisters 1 brother 4 nieces 1 nephew and my daughter my mother hated this like I stated earlier he lives outside my home in my dads old office now my mother hates him he has a job no car but he uses one of our spares which he does maintane very well he pays utilities I love this guy I honestly do he treats me with alot of love and respect but my mother always finds something about him to complain about she keeps me busy just to avoid seeing him I went 3 days without seeing him and hes right outside my front door she hates when I enclude him in family events she goes out looking for me like a maniac if im gone for longer than 10 minutes the rest of my family is fond of him they see him as a good guy who really loves me not one day goes by that I dont argue with my mom over him I have a daughter from a previous relationship this man was abussive he is currently serving 10 years for attempted murder (me) now my mother went to the point of telling my current bf that she liked my ex better and prefers I be with my ex and not him that really hurt me my ex tried to kill me and for my mother to say that makes me feel like she doesnt want me to be happy my bf hasnt done anything wrong we havent even had s** we have been together 8 months I just dont know what to do I fear my relationship will end due to my mothers dislike towards him I dont want to lose him but idk how much more fighting crying I can take I try to talk to her but she wont budge from her mindset I know how he ended up at my home was wrong the fact he went to his ex before me yes was wrong but I trust him when he says it was a huge mistake im sorry if I rambled a bit I just get so angry and frustrated with all this

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