I'm sorry daddy.

This morning my mum told me and my sister that our parents marriage was finally coming to an end,
For years now my dad has been using us and causing this family pain and suffering.
He's selfish and only befriends people if they're any use to him. And hes an alcoholic.
Hes sexist and believe he should sit down and have a beer while we treat him like a king and do his every bidding.
He constantly tells my sister that she's fat and needs to get skinny. Hes even told me before that I'm becoming fat; unknown to him I have anorexia.
Hes very cruel and if you are not made the way he wants you to be he despises you.
I have some Mental Illness's; Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar etc and not once has he ever been supportive for me. Rather; when something happens he just laughs and calls be pathetic.
For instance; I was trying to stop a friend from committing suicide and it was around 1am. He turned off the internet. For me it was extremely traumatizing knowing that my friend may be dead at any second so I went to turn the internet back on. Things were said and it ended with me becoming very bi-polar, cutting up my arms, smashing a few things and braking my cupboard and bedroom door, as well as a wall. My mum later walked in and told me to calm down etc. Then, my dad came in. You think he would be kind. No. He straight out told me that I was being stupid and pathetic and its just the internet, I should stop talking to my friends all the time online and actually go make some real ones. He told me that by hurting myself I was just looking for attention. While my mum wanted to take me to the Hospital.

People kept telling me that hes just trying to make me stronger and man-up. Wrong. He laughs at my pain. He tells his family that he is the boss and we need to obey him. He prefers to buy $30 000 speakers than get my a $500 laptop I needed for school.

I've lost all respect for him and even the sight of him makes me cringe. Though, It hurts knowing we might be leaving. I've always been a daddies girl, but I've never had the daddy.

I may seem selfish, but all I want is a happy family. I want my sister to be happy, my mum to be happy, and my dad to disappear.

I'm sorry dad, but I'm done, we're all done.

It hurts knowing you just threw away your 13 year old daughter, along with your wife of 25 years.



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  • That's exactly how my dad is i know it hurt's now just wait until you get a nice stepdad my dad when i used to cut he said that i was just seeking attention and that he would call the cops on me for that and my mum (mom i'm not british :p) treats me a lot better she provides me with clothes and she didn't get mad when she saw my cuts i do drink i haven't smoked i do take medicine i don't need at times i wan't to end my life but you know i just talk to people who get me through it :)

  • That's one nutcase American family

  • Mental illness can be hereditary his actions sound bi-polar, do you know if he has been diagnosed? Because that is not to excuse your dad's actions, but may explain why he does some of the things he does do. And you said your dad drinks, does he also abuse drugs? In many ways, it's sad that your parents marriage is over, but it also sounds very toxic and totally unsupportive for you so it may be for the best for all involved. Maybe with time your dad can get the help he needs and be the dad he needs to be to you and your sister. Don't completely shut him out, he's just in need of help. Hopefully, he'll get it before it's too late. Don't cut or develop eating disorders. Take care of yourself, and be sure to talk with your friends or your mom about what's troubling you.

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