He's kinda married....

So I have a friend named Chris and initially we wernt very close at all. We met through a mutual friend and He would always look at me with a lustful devilish smile. He always played the cool bad boy card.

Eventually he sent me a message online and we talked from time to time then more and more often. Now we have each others numbers and text each other for fun. He acts so respectful and gentlemen like. Hes very attractive, has two jobs, maintains his killer body. Thing is...he has a girlfriend who months later become his fiance ugh. I had no clue until I saw a picture of them together.

So I try to ignore it and we still talk a lot via text. We find out we have a lot in common like being night owls and stay up talking till 2am. Weeks later he tells me he needs to confess something to me. He appears to be embarrassed like a little boy and tells me that he finds me very very attractive and that he has to be careful about his true intentions when he talks to me since hes engaged. I tell him I feel the same buuuut I dont know if he caught my drift... Ever since then I cant stop thinking about him. He tells me he wants to hang out and see me but also doesnt want to lose control. But I can't help that I have developed feelings for him. Im so sad. I wish he wouldn't have told me hes attracted to me.


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  • So he's "respectful" but at the same time neglects to tell you about his gf/fiancee? That's somehow not contradictory in your eyes? It's true you can't help how you feel, but you're an idiot.

  • Well dating is about getting to know someone b4 marriage so if he did like u then just think about your future he would do the same to you and clearly he like his wife better because if he didn't she wouldn't be his wife

  • There are certainly other single, available guys who are interested in you. Don't be naive and go for the first guy who tells you that he thinks you're attractive. You're going to end up being broken hearted. You have to end all contact with this guy and look at the red flags that are slapping you in the face and be grateful that you're not this player's fiancé. Isn't it interesting that he contacted you but had a girlfriend..or fiancé the whole time and failed to tell you? Who knows how many other girls he's chatting up. There has to be more to what you have in common with this guy (or any guy) other than the fact that you are both night owls. It's amazing he even finds the time or energy with a fiancé and two jobs to even contact you. He's cheating on his fiancé by flirting with you. And if you're that special, why doesn't he break it off with his fiancé and give what you two may have a chance? Because he's not that interested...sorry, that sounds harsh. But he's playing you. And chances are if you were to date him..this little game of him contacting women via FB or however else.. He would do the same to you. Guaranteed. Move on, you can do so much better.

  • What about his wife. Do you feel like she worth his while? Do you think he'll ever leave her for you? Do him and his wife are really happy? She can't be if you guys are talking.

  • If the two of you are attracted to each other, that means something. And it's more than just l***. You should let him know, clearly, how you feel. And you should let him know that he doesn't have to quit the fiancée first in order to get with you. Once you guys have hooked, then all's fair. If you two want each other, and if you believe you're better for him than she is, take him. Period. Life is too short for any of that other nonsense. You like him. He likes you. You owe it to yourselves to see how it is to be together. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't work, but there'd be nothing worse than losing him without having ever found out if you guys were supposed to be together.

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