I want to be sent free

When i was six years old I can remember everything that happened to me, my first cousin forced me to do oral s** on him and he molsted me, when it all did come out to my family it was a lot of disbelive. So therefore they same s*** went on for so many years until I reached th age of 16 years old, I told everything, but guess what the people found no proof. What hurts me the most is that he knew he could do that sht to me, because he knew I was in foster care, but I was with my blood familt, ut my mom or granny wasn't there for me, so I had nobody. And its like I think about it everyda. I see him during the hoildays and all, hedon't look m in my face and he be trying to be koo with me like nothing evry happed, but what comes around goes around. I just feel sorry for the next innocent child, because I know it will be times worst

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  • I have thought for a long time kate middleton is celine dions child and notice she looks nothing like her so called mother or father and the sister looks half islander which blackish skin? she also looks nothing like her brother. I think we have been lied to and the old celine has a sorted secret past.

  • Oh, do quit whining. You enjoyed it, and you know it. You don't need to make excuses for who you are. Just enjoy being you.

  • You just say that because your a W****!

  • The Lord rebuke you.

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