More than friends?

Im a 19 yo female and i'm having a huge crush on my best friend! Ive been in love with him for about a year now, he is 25 and we met 2 years ago. I love to cuddle with him or sometimes i sit on his lap just to feel him... The other night we were cuddling and we both fell asleep... When i woke up i felt his morning wood on my leg! It was HUGE i cant stop thinking about it and now every time i hug him or something i rub myself on him just to feel him! Im afraid he might notice i like him and im always touching him and i might loose our friendship! Its the last thing i want!

Dec 25, 2012

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  • Maybe it's time you took the relationship to the next level.

  • Do you notice when a guy touches your b***? He notices.

  • Why doesnt he stops me if he notices? how can i know if he likes me back? What if i tell him how i feel and he doesnt like me back? I dont want him to change when he is around me... he gets jealous when im around my guyfriends cause most of them try to hit on me.. I really want to have s** with him at least once! I want him to f*** my brains out with his huge hard c***! I want his hot thick c** deep inside my p****!

  • Seriously grab his d*** nothing says you guys can't be friend after f****** like crazy! Most of my female friends I've banged several times.

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