I hate my stepson so much

The little s*** is 11, only 8 more years of dealing with his ass before I can kick him out of my house! I love my wife so much, but she is blind when it comes to her little r***** son from her previous marriage. He is just like his fucktard father, and just as useless. The kid is lazy, dumb as f***, disrespectful and I pretty much hate every single second he spends in my house. I enjoy the days when he goes to his dads or his grandmothers house, or school....basically anywhere other than around me. Of course if I do any disciplining he throws a fit and my wife gets upset and mad at me, thinking I'm to h****** the little s***. She doesn't do that when it comes to the child we have together. I personally hope that my stepson does something f****** retarded enough to land his ass in jail until he turns 18 so I don't have to deal with him.

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  • Jesus man, your situation sounds like mine. I understand how you feel.

  • I know exactly where you're coming from. EXACTLY. But having been there and done that, I want to give you the best advice you will ever get, coming from experience.

    Love him.

    It's the hardest thing to do. Don't give in to his wants, but give him what he NEEDS. Surprise him. Guide him in the right direction by doing stupidly absurd selfless giving. Go out of your way to make him happy.

    I know your wife is your priority, and she knows you love her, but she will love you beyond all measure and understanding if you do a 180 and make that boy second only to God and your wife.

    I wish I could tell you more here, but I just need you to know that if you don't, that boy is going to be in pain for the rest of his life, and your wife will feel it every day. Just trust me. It's the hardest thing to do, but just do it.

  • Not eight years, two years (in most states anyway). Just start dropping hints to the little fuckard about how when he is 13 he can go live with his bio-dad. Most states have laws about when the child can decide which parent to live with. Look into it.

  • You represent the destruction of his happy family. Who wouldn't be p***** at the guy who f***** his world!! You need to love him like your own blood. This is the situation you accepted when you married his mother. It's your own fault if this is not ideal.

  • He is going through a hard time... His parents got divorced and his stepfather hates him!

  • Thats f***** up man

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