Into my Mother-In-Law

I want to have s** with my Mother-In-Law and I think she might feel the same. She's so sexy, with a slight BBW build and huge t*ts. Every time I see her with huge. She hugs me close and I can feel those t*ts rub against my chest. I always hug her tight back. Recently I started placing my left hand right above her a** when we hug. Last time we hugged, she lifted on her toes. It caused my hand to be on the top of her a**. If we say bye or meet and nobody is around or paying attention, the hug will last for seconds.

Apr 11, 2020

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  • My MiL noticed that I got an erection when the hug lasted a little longer than expected, she was the one who then made the move on me. Yes it is immoral but it is also exciting and great s**.

  • A lot of men want to f*** their mothers-in-law. Almost all want to do the sister-in-law. This is very natural. I say go f*** her. Give it to her hard. Lick her c***, eat her out till she can't take it anymore. I bet she will love it. Make her promise not to tell anyone. She will keep quiet. Just don't get caught. Also, don't forget your wife's p****. She deserves good pounding too. Eat her out, f*** her hard, and enjoy!! Not everyone is as lucky as you!!! Tell us what happens!!!! Happy f******!!

  • Having s** with your mother in law is a risky business but ok if you guarantee it remains a secret. I used to live with my ex girlfriend and her mum. I had s** with my girlfriend's mum several times and my ex doesn't know to this day. I'm certainly not telling my ex and neither would her mum. The trick is to make sure that you and your mother in law have an understanding. Just don't fall in love with each other because that in when it becomes complicated.

  • I think this is headed down an interesting road!

  • Follow your guy, it’s rarely wrong. Let her lead you with her subtle Q’s. Post up the progress!

  • Gut!

  • It may be a fantasy and a thrill. However it will have detrimental effects on the family when it all comes out. My advice to you is to leave it as it and do Not take any further steps

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