I just want attention

I desperately want attention, as a woman I seek male attention the most and sometimes it isnt healthy. I dont mean it in a way that says Im sleeping around or anything, but on social networking sites like facebook and instagram I post picture of myself and I desperately want guys to like them. All I want is to be told Im pretty, all my female friends will tell me Im beautiful and Im the best looking in the group but for some reason I cant believe them. I need boys to tell me that Im sexy and hot and to like my photos. I want to be popular on the internet so I can feel good about myself. I have such low confidence and that makes me disgusted with myself, sometimes I feel so low I kinda want to commit suicide. Ive had plenty of bfs but not of them were considered attractive to other people so that makes me feel like Im not as pretty as people tell me I am. All I want is to be loved by people, mostly men so I can feel good about myself. I hate myself.

Dec 29, 2012

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  • Losers like OP consider quiet people, introverts, etc. as "inferior" to them. Yet which group dissolves into noisy nonstop tears, exactly like they did when they were in their Terrible Twos, if they don't get validation every fourteen seconds from literally any place in the outside world? Sounds pretty fragile to me.

    And the way they beg for it is quite literally nauseating-- it's pathetic watching what's supposed to be a full-grown adult howling for approval for getting out of bed and putting on pants. Were these people not hugged enough as children? Well, they're nothing but a friggin' annoyance now!

  • What's your user name(s)

  • Omg your so pretty.......now suck it b****

  • I think as long as you will get your selfconfidence from the "male attention thing" you'll be stuck in a circle. Sounds simple but try to concentrate on yourself... on what you like... try to develope your personality in the sense of doing new things that you've never done before (new hobbies and stuff like this)... You won't see the sense in this as long as you don't really try it out for several weeks!!!
    Your life now doesn't give you the selfe confidence so try to develope from it. When you'll succeed you will be more attractive than you have ever been and in contrast to now - you will also feel it! Then the time has come when men love you for your personality and not for your pictures and you won't even think about what your environment thinks of of your men.
    I don't know whether this helps you (but I am quite sure because I was in a very similar situation :)
    Best wishes!!!

  • Live for yourself... why do you care about what people thinks about you...?? do one thing, for some days just dont think about nything. do the stuff like you normally do... you will feel better...

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