I hate white scene girls

I hate scene girls more or less, Im a black female that is true gamer girl and a actually nerd, I love rock music and some of my favorite bands are Pierced the Veil and I See Stars. I love tall white guys who share my interests the problem they never pay attention to me because Im neither white or scene. It drives me crazy that guys wont give me a chance because my hairs not pink. I wear the same as a scene girl not that Im trying to copy there style I just like band tees and sleeping in batman shorts. I have all the same interests as any other girl the guys I like, like yet because I dont have colored hair and drown my eyes in liner they refuse to pay attention to me. It drives me crazy and lowers my self confidence completely. Ive grown to hate these types of girls which makes me feel guilty because I dont want to hate anyone.

Dec 29, 2012

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  • Live your life and don't worry about others cause you'll get noticed sooner or later. Be glad that you don't have to do all that extra stuff to get attention. I'd also say, while you have a preference, be open to what or whoever comes your way. I myself am a black 23 yr old hipster who's open to interracial relationships and so far, it's worked for the best for me.

    P.S. I. LOVE. Batman..that is all

  • Op your story reminds me of aisha Taylor, live your life enjoy the things you do and it will come together.

  • Truthfully I agree, but i'm a white girl who is overweight and whatnot :/ I'm personally jealous of them :( Just the fact they get so much attention! It bugs me :<

    To me you sound quite attractive and you seem like a sweetheart :D Everyone has this, the whole not liking certain people but for all different reasons.

    If you are/were bi-sexual i'd say we should chat sometime :D But you seem to be into guys :P

    I wish you luck! And I think you should just stick to your style and not let them bitchez bring yuh down! I mean truthfully you probably just haven't found the right dude to s***** yuh up o:

    You'll find someone <3

  • I wish someone would respond I feel really bad-OP

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