Please eat me

I have been so h**** lately and my husband prefers to sleep!!! All I want is to be eaten out and pounded... please? I'm about to start looking for someone, anyone else to take care of this for me.

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  • Fer crap-sake, just go on's EASY!!!!!

  • I am a black guy who wants to please you any time you want.Whats your email?

  • I would sooo love to lick and suck your nipples and go down on you. I'm a hot blonde with big t*** and I know many ways to please a lady. Kisses, Sweetie.

  • I have the exact same problem. Anyone in Sydney wanna rock my world? No strings

  • I have the exact same problem. I am in Sydney if anyone wants to help me out. I need my world rocked!

  • you definitely have to go out and find yourself a man who can willingly give you what you want....and love......and deserve...and NEED. dont wait anymore for your husband to step up to the f****** plate: if he hasnt already he wont. get a regular thing on the side and enjoy it. if you lived near me i would totally take care of everything. everything. my wife no longer likes s** (she stopped taking any initiative about 2 years ago and now barely responds when i take the initiative) and i am - if i do say so myself - really really REALLY good at pleasing a woman with my mouth and i love doing that and i love making her c** like crazy that way. i have had a lot of experience and i know what to do. but you need something close and steady and immediate. a man you can go to and who will slip away from his wife whenever you need to be loved. yes loved. thats what it is. its not just f******. its loving. but then you already knew that. good luck to you!

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