I'm a lesbian?

I'm 13 and I think I'm a lesbian but it could be just a phase. I need help I'm not just going to take a 'gay test' or do extensive Google searches to see if it's it true then I would be completely confused on my sexuality. Only I could know but I mean I feel a much stronger attraction to women then men. It's been going on for a couple monthes. I like a girl a lot. And it's been like a month since I started liking her I mean f*** the social eye of school f*** the world if it disapproves I want a realtionship with her but she might feel different I know she wouldn't care if I asked her out but I want it but is it what I really want? Can someone tell if they been through something similar. PLEASE!!

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  • A man wrote this....

  • My first sexual experiences were homosexual, I was 13 years old and was interested in both girls and boys. I'm married to my wife for many years and had a family. I never felt any guilt for exploring my bisexuality and enjoyed s** with both sexes. It doesn't matter if you have stronger feelings for girls and not boys. Its perfectly fine to have more sexual interest in other girls than boys.Be who you are and live your life the way you want, don't get bogged down in guilt or be ashamed of your sexuality. You have a long life ahead of you,so practice safe s** and have fun

  • Enjoy learning about yourself and enjoy exploring your sexuality.


  • Enjoy growing up. At 13 you have a lot to learn and a lot that you can be forgiven.

    Don't regret anything you do at 13.

    I used to look back on my 13 and get depressed and angry with myself and others. Now I just realized I was experimenting.

  • I was hurt by a girl who turned out to be gay. I loved her and she could not return my affection. Try to figure out who you are attracted to before someone gets serious with you. At age 13 I wouldn't be worrying about dating anyway.

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