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I am 30 year old lady I am engage to my husband and I have been with him for 15 years on and off he cheated on me about 5 times but now we have been together about 5years straight he hasn't cheat on me but I cheat on him with 1girl and 2 men but I didn't have s** with them the girl I did and sometimes I fill bad that I need to tell him.He no about 1 man but don't no about the other man ang sometime I still think about the girl but don't think about the man at all he knows that I used to like women's so please ADVICES PLEASE

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  • Don't marry him and don't feel bad,that you cheated on him.
    He cheated on you first.Regardless if,he hasn't cheated for the past five years,he still cheated on you,prior to that.Anyways my point is,you're both equal now.I know that's not how it should be,but I personally believe in,"An eye,for an eye" mantra,regardless of whatever situation.

  • Best thing to do, (STOP CHEATING), both of you get on with your life togather.... Cheating break up relationships and marriages, that what cheating does, don't look for anybody else, be with your boyfriend,

  • In my years of marriage I've cheated on my wife 2 times. The first one was a one time thing. The other one, the woman (also married) and I had s** about 5 times over the course of a year. We moved and that ended it. She knows about the quick one, but not the other. I still think about the one she doesn't know about but now it is just a memory.

  • Why are you so dumb you have a wife and childrens....why are you want to give all that up for...

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