If your spouse cheated would you cheat on the cheater?

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  • Youre all losers who deserve to be cheated on. people are not property and jealousy isnt a turn on. if u cut my d*** off id f****** kill you in the worst way......

  • If my spouse cheated on me, I would not cheat on the cheater. But the cheater would damn sure wake up one morning with the cheater's d*** cut off. Straight up.

  • Kill u in the worst way

  • Lol!! I loved this comment!!

  • I would just kick their a$$ to the curb.

  • What if it's realllly good d I C k. (Just a hypothetical.... Not saying I would) sexist?

  • Why assume it's a good d***? Perhaps it's, good p****!!

  • Why in the world so you assume it's a woman writing this drivel??

  • Just leave her dude, anybody who cheats on me am done with immediately! Have some self respect, don't go down to their level.

  • Why assume the OP's spouse is female and that the OP is a man?! You're either a child or a fool!!

  • It may be fun but it won't change anything. My wife cheated and knowing her friend was cheated on I went to her for advice and had a 5 year affair with her. My marriage ended in a bitter divorce, not because I was banging her friend, she never found out about that but it was because my wife wanted to continue having s** with other's, men and women. I'm in a new relationship and I'd never cheat on her.

  • No, just leave

  • A part of me wishes she would, so I would have an excuse to. But really, I hope she would tell me beforehand that she wanted to because I'd probably be ok with it (and I'd want to watch). Unfortunately, I truly don't think she ever would.

  • You aren't the OP!

  • Yes!!!! An eye for an eye!!

  • That leaves you blind

  • I stated "eye" not "eyes!" You'd be partially blind, as you'd have one functioning eye remaining lol 💩

  • Not fully cheat but sure as h*** flirt a lot to show how stupid he is for treating me like a POS

  • Do it right in front of him. I don't think cheating back would solve anything, but I'm not in the situation either.

  • If you cheated, would your spouse?

  • Your question is rhetorical, as everyone is different.

  • Who f****** cares. If your ego is that bruised, do it.

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