Stomach and vore fetish

I am a 19 year old male and I have always had a fetish involving female stomachs, I love listening to them digest or when hungry, I love rubbing and kissing them, i love playing with a cute navel. more over I also have a related fetish known as vore, where I like to imagine being swallowed whole by a giant women.

odd? yes

obscure? yes

fairly common? apparently

I don't have a problem with it, nor do I feel ashamed because of it, I'm a normal person in every other respect, just have an odd fetish.

your thoughts?

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  • At least ur not a furry.Jk tho. I understand ur problems

  • I'm ok with the stomach thing, as have been having at my hot older sister's flat tummy and deep, oval innie navel for years. She loves when I poke, swirl, smear stuff on it, and pleasure her midsection and navel. Stayed at a hotel with her a few months ago, and, used a hot candle inside and on top of her navel while she laid on the bed with her arms over her head.

    Few weekends ago, at her house, I was helping her put chairs into her shed, and pulled a sneak attack, using my water bottle to pleasure, and exhaust, her. Would love to do that to her again soon, the sneak attack.

  • Kik me totmason15

  • If you are ok with it I don't see the problem. There are much more, um strange fetishes out there. Yours is quite tame. Even if you find a partner not into it, I doubt they would mind you listening to their stomach rumbling from time to time.

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