I like listening to a girl's stomach when it growls..

I've always had a thing for girls' stomachs. /Always/, ever since I can remember. Since I was 12, I'd begun to listen to recordings of girl's stomachs growling/making noises on Youtube and realized that it was a full-blown fetish for me.

I'm embarrassed about it because a lot of people think it's gross and disgusting and to be honest I'm ashamed about having it. There's just about no situation where my mind immediately goes to that fetish side of me when I hear a girl's stomach make any kind of noise.

It's hard to deal with sometimes but I just can't let it go yet I'm embarrassed so much about it.

I would love to meet someone with the same fetish just to talk so I don't feel like the only person in my life that has this fetish. I know there are people out there, I've just never talked to them.

Jan 19, 2014

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  • I have this as well and I want to have a girl let me listen to theirs

  • Well. I don't have this fetish at all. But I wouldn't mind if you listened to mine.

  • My girlfriend and my sisters let me listen to their stomachs all the time they love it they will lay down on their backs on my bed and lift up their shirts exposing their lovely tummies my girlfriend has a cool talent she can make her stomach growl on command by swallowing air my younger sister can also make her stomach growl on command my oldest sister likes me to listen to her heart my girlfriend also likes it when I listen to her heartbeat

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  • It's totally normal I'm a gir you Snapchat

  • What is your snapchat

  • It's fun..I love listening to my hot older sister's bare stomach when it grumbles and gurgles..She used to not each much, but drank a lot of water, so, her thin, sexy tummy would make all sorts of noises. We were in her apartment one weekend, and I heard it from across the table. Made her lift her shirt up so I could go in for a listen and little munch. She laughed like crazy just that I was listening to her tummy noises..

  • Honestly, thats a pretty cute fetish.

  • Kik me totmason15

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