He found the hidden camera.

Me and this guy Cory have been together for a few months. S** is great, but hes an alcoholic and always really freakin mean to me. but hes gorgeous. ANYWAY. I was working a few nights ago, late hours so I didnt come home til 3 in the morning. Well last week I had a weird feeling in my stomach whenever I would go to work about cory if he was messin around behind my back. I installed a hidden camera in one of our picture frames right by the bed so you could literally see EVERYTHING that went on. I came home around 330 that night. when he went to work the next morning I reviewed the tapes. Low and behold he had some nasty nasty girl in my bed. Disgusting as h*** total downgrade, not only that but he was using my d**** on her. GROSS. When he came home I put all his s*** on the front porch, changed the locks && threw the tape in his suitcase to find it. He never spoke to me after that. I work at a s** shop so a few nights later he had the NERVE to come into my work with her. I told them to get the f*** out now before I f*** someone up, I chased the b**** outta my store, started beating on the b****** car. ALMOST LOST MY JOB. But it was so worth it.

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  • Doesnt somethig like this belong in th revenge section?

  • I would get me a different boyfriend that I can trust, not a drunk, or ladies man, you need your own life get your own place,

  • " Totally worth it." Lmao

  • What did you expect from a boyfriend who is a mean drunk? I mean, wake the f*** up? There is more to a successful relationship than great s**, ding d***.

  • Kudos to you! In my mind you did the right thing!
    Hope u find someone more deserving ...

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