A friend of my wife's...

JESUS!!!!!! So my wife has this friend she recently met through her daughter (my now step daughter). Step daughter went to a bday part for kids. we had to go pick her up afterwards. We walked in the door and were greeted by BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other girls mom! WHOLY S***!!! She was simply f****** HOT!!!!!! I mean just freakin sexy as could be to me! Short little Mexican chick with that beautiful olive PERFECT skin... sweet sweet SWEET sexy and I mean sexy face! Perfect eyebrows, deep set dark eyes, gorgeous smile and a body that would take another forum to describe! I mean she had these silver yoga pants on... WHOA!!!!!!!!!! I just about came in my pants just looking at her! Single mom too! Wow... just a hint of camel toe too and an ass that just would NOT stop... wow, this woman was just amazing to me! Even to the point to where when we left my wife says, "wow.... her mom was beautiful right? did you see her body? she was BAM!" My have had no idea what I REALLY thought!

Anyway, fast forward a bit... due to the kid's relationship, my wife and this woman became friends. She comes by the house often after work in her power suit/clothes from work and needless to say I could not WAIT to see this s***! So, I was ready! She came over and I'm all discrete with my phone snapping discreet shots of her here and there. Then I find her email and tried to find her on the internet, no luck anywhere of course...but I spent some time trying to find anything I could in terms of posted pics! during that first visit I got some fairly good shots of her ass and her nice big t***...they are mama t***, but they are nice!! Just today she came over again and in an outfit to kill! I was going ballistic with my phone this time! I FINALLY got some REALLY good, clear shots of her pretty face, her ass, her t***, her sexy neck... wow! She wanted a tour of the house, so my wife and I took her around, we got to the bedroom. In our bedroom we have this tantra s** chair... red leather, very elegant looking... looks like furniture, but it's really a s** chair. The chick was like, "oh wow..that's a cool chair and went to sit on it..." my wife was like...ummmm... yea, that's ummmm... that's a s** chair" The girl says, "oh wow! REALLY? that's cool... needless to say, I'm FREAKING out with the chance to get a picture of her 1. in our bedroom (got that) and 2. I'm just WAITING for her to sit her hot sexy ass self in that chair. SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!!! and I GOT IT!!!! IT was blurry, but I got the shot... holy f***!

Wow...that was about it. I fantasize about her and will be enjoying her pictures as soon as I get a chance!

I'm waiting for the day when we have to "watch her house" when she goes on vacation! I am gonna have a freakin heyday in her house going through ALL of her stuff and playing with EVERYTHING I find... I'm gonna need another phone for all the pics I will take. She is so freakin sexxxxy! I can't wait!

She's kind of a drama queen and bounces around with guys. wonder what my chances would be to get to f*** her just once! or twice! ha!


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  • I suggest jumping into a lake of icy water and then think on what you've done. But yeah, Mexican chicks are muy caliente! Still, what if your wife finds out? Haha

  • Really you need help, he is a total j***, stupid man

  • How in the f*** do you post pics here????????????

  • Yikes! You all want PICS? ha! Ok... well, I have them under MANY lock and key programs on my phone, so I need some time to be "safe" here to get them posted. yes, I have plenty, so stand by...

  • Waiting... :)

  • Ok dude, are you going to post the pics somewhere or just tease us all?

  • Tell you what your wife would think you had s** with her divorce court, child-support, alimony payments, House payments, car payments, that what my ex husband pay... Oh he works two jobs now..... Think with the head on your shoulder, not between your legs....

  • Your ex is gonna drop dead or have a stroke or just quit his jobs and you will miss all that money and you will lose the car,the house,your thong,your hair and make up and you will end up homeless,lol

  • Just think... What if your wife found out. Lol Jk f*** her.

  • Pics...or it didn't happen...

  • Ummm... ok, so how do I post pics??

    Also, she is coming over today again in about 2hrs... so I'm devising my attack plan!!! I need to take it easy though and not get overzealous...maybe just let today be. I can't WAIT to see what she's wearing today and how her hair is!!!

  • Wow...she was here again today... grey tights, black uggg type boots, sexy black shirt with some cleavage. Black leather coat, hair down, sorta messy...that just been f***** "look"... or that's how I saw it anyway! She has such a sexy face! Damn! She just drives me crazy! Whew... sooooo sexy!

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