I am so lazy. All I want to do is lay

I am so lazy. All I want to do is lay in bed all day.

Eversince I took a job at a law firm I've been miserable but it pays for my condo and my kid and I haven't been offered a job that would allow me to not have to live in a studio apartment with a 5 year old.

But I am so beaten down by it. I wake up as late as possible in pure misery. I cry at my desk. I am not happy anymore. I don't do anything anymore. I sometimes wonder if its so bad to let the bank take my home and go live in that studio apartment if it means I won't want to kill myself.

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  • I agree with the first comment - however, have a plan. Don't just quit and let everything fall apart financially. Determine what you want in say six months or a year - maybe you want it in three months. I think once you develope a plan for moving on you won't feel so stressed at your job - create a goal for yourself and then list all of the steps you need to take for that goal to be met. I am in a similar situation - I hate getting up and going to work. I have a job that should be very rewarding...but it isn't. I was a nontraditional student in college and now at 32 I am where I should have been at 24...however, I have a wife and two children to provide for. Even though I have decided to move on I am applying for jobs closer to home, that pay what I am making and have more set hours. I have been searching for a while - however, just knowing that I am doing something about my situation and there is an end to this job makes me feel a little better. GOOD LUCK!!! Pick yourself up and have strength, look at your beautiful child and know that you want to be the best mother/father you can be and waking up wanting to kill yourself there can be no way you are the parent you want to be for he/she.

  • Amen.

  • So you're not happy. Then leave. That isn't meant as a smartass comment.

    Think of it this way: if it was someone else that came to you with the same problem, what would you recommend to them?

    Surely this is not the only job you can get. If you are putting the choice down to "stay here or leave", be sure that you are not just looking for a reason to do nothing.

    Otherwise, tiredness is a stereotypical depression symptom.

    Change your life and start being happy. No-one will do it for you, so stop wanting and start having. You'll be more effective at your job and be happier and friendlier to those you love.

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