Dumping a friend

I recently cut out someone that was my best friend for years. It got to the point that everything about him was always bringing me down. I realized that he will never be happy no matter what I do. It's true, misery loves company. I know he is hurting but I don't even care anymore. Maintaining that friendship was so draining and I'm glad I don't have to do it anymore. I have been much happier now that I'm free of all of the negativity!

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  • Noting wrong with cutting dead weight, it’s hard to swim with bricks tied to your feet.
    You are not responsible for their happiness. Being happy is a choice, &/or proper medication. Now go enjoy your life & fruitful relationships.

  • Stepping away from unhealthy people is important, but so is acknowledging that life blows and we're supposed to be supporting each other while we're down here. Thanks especially to the "curation" aspect of social media, people want the world to think their dogshit lives are poetry in motion; inevitably, at some point and in some way, even the best lives catch a little rain. Some more so than others. I hope you're treated the exact same way when life isn't as good to you as it apparently has been.

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