Double Trouble- part I It had just

Double Trouble- part I

It had just turned summer and school was out! I was ready to party. I went to all of the usual parties and celebrated

graduation with my friends. I had a job all through high school and another friend of mine that went to another school

invited me to his party. I was already wasted when I got there. I had pretty much been partying three days straight at

this point. My boy Travis had this huge house and it was just him and his brother living there. I made myself at home

and I was laying down with my head between the stereo speakers that were blasting when another friend of mine kicked my

feet and we were very happy to see one another. Ty had two smokin hot chicks with him. One red head and one blonde. Ty

always had a knack for the kind babes. Ty said this is Andrea and this is Paula. We were all partying and hanging out at

this point. I was keeping my cool because I did not know which chick was with Ty or if they were both taken. I didn't care!

Well, the girls head off to the bathroom and I ask Ty? Who's available? He said they both were! He knew I would be happy

either way! I thanked him for being a cool bro! I said are you sure, he said yeah, fair game. So the girls come back and we

pick up where we left off. The red head was skinnier and had smaller b****. She was dancing around the room and "accidentally"

fell into my lap. We started to cuddle and hold each other right away and just played it off. I was so wasted that I was

just going through the motions. I thought if I put the moves on her too fast, that she will leave. So we are playing quarters

and she is grinding her ass in my lap. Andrea had super low cut jeans on and let me have a nice view of her blue lacey g string.

I then just leaned back and let it happen. Paula, the blonde, keeps eyeing me. I was like WHAT!?! and she is not saying a whole

lot. I can tell she is really p***** about something because she is giving off a negative vibe. I thought it was because she knew

I was going to take advantage of the tight little package grinding my lap. Paula doesn't say hardly two words for the next hour.

Andrea is french kissing me and grabbing my b****, Laughing and we are still shooting quarters. Paula just stands up and storms out

of the room. Whatever, not my ordeal. So we end up in Travis' little brothers room. He had built in stereo equipment in all of his

book shelves. We lock the door and land on the bed. Now, when Andrea was on my lap her t****** looked like A cups. She straddles me

on the bed and takes her shirt off. I can see her b**** are ready to burst out of her bra! I was like, this is too cool. We are groping

and kissing and taking each others clothes off. I lift the rim of her panties with my finger and see a little red landing strip. I can

hardly contain myself. Andrea had a tongue ring and was all over me. She gave me a nice tease and a short bj. I flipped her around so we

could 69. We were going at it and I had a raging h****** and I was so wasted I knew it would be on for quite a while! I am fingering her and

giving her pleasure. We finally flip over so I can see her fully nude. Andrea had burning red hair, rock hard nipples, and a petite frame. I

still was like PINCH ME! I can't think of anything better to do before I sleep for 24 hours! I macked on her and got her off first. I went to

put my d*** in her and it wouldn't fit! I barely got the head in and she was screaming! I am looking at her like, b****, you ain't even got any

pipe yet... She told me she has a very tight kitty kat and to hit it from the back. I do as she says. I swear, I was not even 2 inches in and she

is going ape! I said relax baby, I'll go super slow. Her tiny little body began to slowly contract around the tip and I just massaged her and let

her get used to it. I then started to make a circular motion. She realized what I was doing and followed my lead. I am caressing her and pulling her

beautiful auburn hair. She is now moaning instead of screaming. I can tell she wants to work it all the way down. I grabbed her t****** and pinched

her nipples gently. I am just hanging on to her nipples pulling them straight down and letting her dictate the pace. Her body was convulsing. I knew

there would be a request for a second date at this point. She gets about half of my manhood and I put my arms under hers and I sit her up so she is

now sitting in my lap, forcing more of myself in her! She is going crazy! She puts her feet on the floor and just starts going to town! The b**** is

saying a whole bunch of crazy stuff and I am just leaning back letting her f*** herself on my d***. I grab her ass and make her slow down so I do not

blow yet. I relax for a second, and say ok baby, do what you got to do! She just starts bouncing her tiny tight ass and really working the tip. I stick

my finger in her mouth to feel her tongue ring. I know she is c****** hard because she has the vice grip on me. I then say its my turn and she picks up

the pace. We lay there exhausted with ear to ear grins. I don't remember much after that, but luckily Ty had her number!

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  • Please stop posting these long, ridiculous lies. No one believes you, and half do not even take the time to read it!

  • Or was a copy / paste from once of their websites? Formating looks like it.

  • Have you sent this to Penthouse Letters yet?

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