I own her

My wife's little sister is a freak, She rubbed one out in front of me last month.
We were drunk after attending a family (Destination) wedding and she was sharing a hotel suite with us, My wife and I had the separate bedroom and she had the pullout couch, We got to the room some time not far from sun up I am sure and my wife flopped face down on the bed snoring almost immediately. I sat on the couch and her sister sat at the other end, I took a drink of one of the multiple beers I was carrying around for whatever reason and she said "you're in my bed", I said "yup" and she said "I need to go to bed", I said "Ok" and she sat there hicupping and looking at me then said "Fur real, you gotta go, And close your door", I said "Huh" and she said "Seriously...".
I got up and pulled the couch out for her then stumbled off to the bedroom, I wasn't even in bed yet and had not closed the door as she requested when I could hear rustling and could hear her breathing heavy. I poked my head around the corner and she was sitting in the chair and had her skirt pulled up and one hand in her panties, She turned the chair so it was facing the patio doors which put me behind her, If I would have been sober I would have for real snuck back into our room. She is super pretty, A little thick, Not fat but...Thicker, Beautiful face, Blue eyes, Dark hair and not a bad body at all.
I looked back at my wife who was still passed out face down, One leg dangling off the bed and snoring like an old trucker so I walked right up in front of her sister, She looked up at me and said "f***, For real dude, C'mon", she crossed her legs but still had her hand in her panties, She looked at me and said "Do you mind...Kinda busy", I looked at her and said "Oh don't stop on my account", She was sitting there breathing heavy rocking her hips back and forth on her hand, She stared at me and gave me a dirty look before saying "F*** you're an a******" and uncrossed her legs.
I was standing there in my underwear and whipped them down, She looked at me and went "Pfft, Pfft, Pfft" flicking her fingers at me to go away but I stepped out of my underwear and she kept going, She was half passing out or dozing off and trying to get herself off so i reached down and grabbed the waistband of her thong and said "here let me help you", She slapped my hands away and said "I think I can handle it" and lifted her bum pulling them down letting them fall to her ankles, I was kind of surprised that she keeps her gooch hairy since she is only 25 and my 30 year old wife keeps hers shaved bald but even with her bush she still has a nice s*****.
She put one leg over the arm of the chair and had her self spread wide open, I stood there watching her and she spread her hairy lips with one hand then started rubbing her c*** with the other hand, She had her head laid back on the chair and I stepped up to her face wiping my k*** and pre c** across her lips, She wiped her mouth and slapped my c*** saying "f*** off" and went right back to rubbing, I moved between her legs and knelt down, She let me rub her legs and thighs but when went for her p**** she lifted her head and pulled my hand away saying "fuuuuck no", She started wriggling around to get her dress down and got her fat t****** out, they're bigger than I thought but big and soft, Not super nice but whatever, She had her dress bunched up around her waist now and had a finger in her s***** while grabbing one of her b**** folding it so she could suck her own nipple.
I cupped the other one and she didn't say anything right away but after a minute slapped my hand away, I was kneeling right in front of her and she took her leg off the chair and put it over my shoulder, I thought I was going to go down on her but she started pulling me toward her with her leg then grabbed my hair pulling my head away at the same time, She was looking down at me and rubbing herself with one hand, Pulling me toward her with her leg and just before I could lick her she would pull my head away by my hair, I put my hands on either side of her bum as she worked herself hard, She started tensing her hips, Bum and legs then she would hold her breath as she went fast then would relax them and take a few fast breaths then do it again, She did that 3-4 times and then she slid her bare foot under my b****, She had her toes tickling my b**** and I took one hand, Reached up and grabbed her big nipple hard, grabbed my c*** with the other hand and she lifted her hips pulling me in and holding my face like 3 inches from her p**** and as I started coming on her leg and foot she whispered "OOOOHHHHH You mother f***** I wish your come was in me" and I watched as she came, I have never actually seen a girl come close up but she actually came, She got super wet, like dripping wet.
She put her leg down and twisted her body as she continued to come for probably a solid 10 seconds and I wiped my load up and down her leg with my hand, She collapsed into the chair and kept slowly rubbing herself giving a hard twitch and taking a sharp breath every second or so, She let go of my hair and grabbed my hand wincing as she pryed my fingers apart saying "OOOWWW" as she rubbed her nipple, She looked at me and had a couple final twitches then sat up and pulled her finger out of herself, She shoved her finger in my mouth and I sucked it then she pushed me back and stood up, I stood up and grabbed her from behind cupping her b**** and she pryed my hands off her and spun around facing me, She said "This never happened, This will never happen, I will deny it ever happened and if you ever mutter a word to anyone i'll chop off your b****".
I was still hard and grabbed her hand putting it on my c***, She looked down and said "yeah, It's big, You're...Great but not happening, Not now, Not ever, Not in your wildest dreams", She was trying to get dressed and I kept grabbing at her and touching her then reached down and shoved a finger in her, She stood up on her tippy toes and took a deep breath then grabbed my hand and said "Dude, Stop, Serious", She got her dress half assed back on and I whispered in her ear "Just give me a quick b*******", She shook her head and looked down at my c*** then at me and whispered "NOOOOOO" and walked away headed to the bathroom.
I went into our bedroom and undressed my wife so she was naked laying face down then laid beside her with my c*** out and waited, Her sister came back from the bathroom, walked up to the door and whispered "Sweet dreams" then closed the door, The next morning I went and got coffee then came back, My wife was still passed out but her sister was just coming out of the bathroom, She looked at me and I looked at her, I walked up and handed her a coffee then when she took it out of my hand I slid my hand up her shirt grabbing her b***, she arched her back pulling away from me but i grabbed her nipple as she did, Her eyes got wide and she whispered "Owww, Let go", I let go and she said "NOW" waving for me to follow her to the patio and she started to scold me about how I was such a perv and I violated her and so on.
I told her "Stop...Here's the deal...I own you", She squinted her eyes and said "What the f***", I said "I will decide from here on out about how this is going to go, You seduced me, You started the whole thing and sucked me into it", Her face sunk realizing that she had started it and at any point she could have been the one to stop it but instead kept pushing for more, I told her that she had two options "You can either...Do what you're told or...I can tell your sister that you seduced me", She threatened to tell her sister a different version and I said "Oh come on, You know you are a terrible liar and she has always been able to see right through you", she was so scared and so freaked out that she just sat there with tears welling up in her eyes and then said "Ok, Lets just forget this ever happened and...", I stood up and turned to walk away then leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear "I'm not sure what I want to do with you yet" and reached down jiggling her b***.
that afternoon I knew she was in the room and my wife had gone on an excursion with her mom so I went up and walked in, She turned around and froze then said "What?", I said "Turn around", She got a scared look on her face but did it and that was when I knew she was mine, I walked up and pulled her shorts down bending her over the counter and ten minutes later she was moaning "Good god don't ever stop", I said "Who owns you?", She said "You do", I said "Who owns this little p****", She said "You do", I said "who owns these big fat t******" and she said "You do". I held her hips and pumped a huge load in her and then pulled out and smacked her ass as I walked away then came back and whispered "there's lots more of that in store for you".
I think being submissive is out of the ordinary for her but she is learning really well.


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  • Pretty sure that's not legal

  • You're a definite p****, bro, you should have been able to close the deal the first night and the fact that you said you didn't and couldn't tells me there's no way you had the b**** the next day to extort s** from her. You think you were innocent the night before? Get real, you were just as culpable and were just as offensive with your SIL as she was with you. You're so damn dumb you didn't even realize she wanted you to f*** her the first night. She didn't want you to eat her, many girls are not into that on the first night or unless with an intimate partner, but d*** is like using a fleshy vibrator for them. She could have almost put it out of her head that she was betraying her sister because she was just wanted to use your d*** so she could c** real quick and you she couldn't care less about. You made her sick. That's why she was footing your b**** and kept pushing your head away when you tried to go down on her you f****** brick wall. She just wanted to barrow that warm fleshy thing you carry around with you all the time, if you were attached she would have to deal w/ that, but all worth it for the really whorish h*****.

  • I sure hope you're kidding about thid. That's some messed up shiz. We're talking sexual harassment.

  • *this*

  • Rip her panties off her and inspect them infront of her ,making perverted mmmm noises ,then lick up her discharge and stains whilst groaning in a sexual manner as you powerwank yourself.
    Then tell us what the look on her face is like!!

    Until then....FUCKOFF

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