14 year old girl having the hots for me

I'm a young 27 year old male, so last year, my family and I were invited by neighbors who lived another few blocks from us asked if we wanted to come over to their place for 4th of July bbq hangout day. We decided accept the invitation and go. When we arrive, there were more guests there. My neighbors (wife of the house) side of the family who came to visit. I met the dad, the grandmother, the grandmother's sister, a little 4 or 5 year old girl and also... This other girl.

This other girl... A fine ass latina with a very well built body, her body is thick and curvy, delicious ass, she also has one of the most perfect natural large breast I have ever seen. She had really nice tan brown skin, long eyelashes and light brown eyes. Her hairstyle and her entire appearance looks like the actress when she was playing Dora in the real life Dora the Explorer movie. This girl overall had a bomb appearance. She was wearing a black Adidas black track suit attire, she looked so sexy in that outfit. I wanted to ripped those clothes all do her so bad. She's so f***** attractive. I'm still a virgin, my folks and people tell me I'm very athletic, handsome, sweet and muscular. So this amplifying my thirst for s** even though I chose to be a virgin by choice. Our family and friends wanted to play board games and started off playing left center right.

She didn't say much but just hanged around and watched us played left center right around the table. She tried sitting on her grandmother's lap but our neighbor (the husband of the house who is kinda a d***) tell her to go stand somewhere else since she's not playing. So she moved to my left side standing next to her dad while her direction is facing me. During the times when I was coming up with jokes and making everyone laugh.

I turned to my left and see her gazing and smiling at me, her face looked dark and red, almost as she was getting hot from staring at me, while I notice her watching me, she continue to smile and started stroking her fingers up and down her upper collarbone part of the neck.. Honestly, I couldn't tell if she was just get steamed from looking at me or what. But her eyes had that, I want you look. Again, I didn't dig too deep into it because she could just be doing that out of habit or she's itchy.

After watching us play left center right for far too long, she left the kitchen and wet into a bedroom to change into her bikini because she wanted to go out in the backyard into the hot tub with her cousin (6 yr daughter of our neighbors wife and dickish husband) yeah, our neighbors had a hot tub, she got change and walked out to the back with her towel wrapped around her body but barely covering who big ass t******.

I wanted to f*** her so bad. While she was outside with her cousin in the hot tub, my family and our neighbors and their family continue to play board games. Her grandmother started talking about the girl, her grandmother mentioned she's 14 and not even in high school yet. My face dropped. Even my own family had that "what" face. Only 14? With a bad body like that? What are they feeding teenagers these days. Why do they look so bangable these days? I try to show no emotion to that so I won't seem like a pervert. But still, I was amazed on how sexy she looked for only being 14, she literally can pass for a college student, around the ages of 20 -22.

But now, this is when I noticed she really was l****** for me.
She came back in the house with my cousin and followed her aunt and dad outside to see the fireworks from a distance. She came back in with the others and watched us play board games still.

We got done playing. When my family and I were ready to go, the rest of them were still at the kitchen talking with our neighbors, I quickly notice 14 year old latina girl looking at me in a very obvious way, still with the towel wrapped around her bikini body while barely covering her top. This time I knew she was just admiring me now, she was checking out my entire wardrobe, I love to make my own fashion styles and draw on my shoes and sometimes jeans. She was so mesmerized that she started whispering to her grandmother about my shoes, I mean, they're both watching me from across the room, body facing me in everything, making it so obvious, even I can clearly tell what they''re talking about and why are they watching me.

Her grandmother asked me a question if I drew on my shoes, now my family and her family all trying to listening on the conversation. I said yes, she then said my niece wants to ask you something, her grandmother and her aunt scold her saying, "talk to him, stop being so quiet and ask him!!" her grandmother and aunt got the girl to finally talk to me. She was too shy, very shy, she was too nervous to even talk to me, I couldn't help but to still look at her b**** while she's trying to have the courage to talk to me, her b**** was still popping out and she was barely trying to hide them with her towel wrapped around her body, I just wanted to lick her nipples and play with those big ass t****** all in my mouth. Anyway, one my family friends (the husband of the house again, the guy who acts like a d***) yelled out, "Use your big girl voice!!"

What he said made the girl even more nervous. She shyly put her head down, not making eye contact with me at all, asking if if I can draw on her shoes for her. Her grandmother told me and my family that some idiot boys at her school (yes, she's not even in high school yet at that time, she was only 14, she's most likely turning 15 or already 15 this year)
drew a doodle on her clean van shoes with a pen during her P.E. session when she left her shoes somewhere. The boys who did this obviously likes her, 8th grade boys who don't know how to flirt do stupid stuff to get the girls attention. The grandma walked straight over to me and gave me the shoes to draw on. I didn't even give a yes or no yet.

As my family and I said goodbye to neighbors and their family who came to visit, while the rest of everyone was the door step or walking outside, her and I were slightly the only ones in the living room for a sec, I turned to her, her body still half naked and wet from after getting out the hot tub. Her juicy breast were so big and crafted, I wanted to suck on those t****** and f*** her so bad. Her body is indeed sexy. I try to play it off by giving her handshake instead of a hug, I didn't want her family and my family for being ashamed of me for being a pervert for hugging a very underage child with her b**** sticking out. She was very nervous, she barely looked into my eyes and she was had a quiet smile when our hands shake.

My neighbors and I live pretty close. I told them I'll draw the shoes and have them ready by morning. Our neighbors family were only visiting so they're gonna leave in the morning. When I returned back home, I quickly made a cool design for a Vans shoes just in two hours or so.
I dropped the shoes off around 2 am while everyone was passed out and left the shoes in a big outside the doorstep. The next day, I get a text from my neighbor, she said her niece loved the shoes and think they look cool.

Fast forward many months later, I did some shoe design and my mom posted the shoes on her facebook. The girls grandmother commented on my moms facebook post of the shoes and said, "your son did a good job on these shoes, they look great! My granddaughter still have the ones your son made for her, she still wears them but sometimes because she don't want to get them dirty. I got so turned on when I heard she still has the shoes I made for her that are in great condition and still loves them. I knew right away she was fascinated with me, almost it felt like she fell in love with me. She liked me for appearance and body, and she founded out I'm skilled at fine arts. Still, I'm not sure if I'm overthinking or not, but I feel she wanted to f*** me so bad.

If I can, I would love to put my d*** in her P**** and ass. She seems to be the submissive type, so she wants me to penetrate her so hard. I wish I can relive all of those moments she was eyefucking me. I couldn't confirm she wanted me badly but I have a hunch she wanted to have s** with me knowing how old I am. I'm a very young looking person for being 27. I get people saying I look 18 - 21. Anyways, I really can't wait to see her again for another party.

Apr 29, 2020

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  • Nonce

  • I'd hit that if I had the chance

  • Me too!!

  • Your still a pedophile. You need help

  • It sounds like the grams is open to you banging her. you should talk more to grams and see what she has to say.

  • That’s exactly what my friend said to me. And he’s Mexican. He said it sounds like they’re trying to set you up with her. It seem like Mexican families like to set their daughters with older men. Like a tradition or something. I appreciate the comment.

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