Catching my mom masterbating

I am 18 and still living with my mom. It's just me and her all the time. I got off work one day and walked in the door and I heard my mom moaning. So I walked to her room and she was lying on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers in her p****. As I watched her I started to get hard so I went to my room and took off all of my clothes and started to play with myself thinking about her wet p****. I got and walked back to her door to watch her and she seen me and she didn't stop I walked in and layed on the bed next to her. She said she was really h**** and with her being divorced and not wanting a relationship she wanted me to finger her. I slid my fingers in her p**** and my d*** got even harder. She started sucking my d*** and I cummed in her mouth. We haven't f***** but I did like doing that with her and i know it's weird but neither one of could help ourselves I don't know why but I love how wet she gets and how tight she is and I definitely loving Cummings in her mouth and all over her t******.



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  • My mom let me see her naked all the time, also when she wore sexy lingerie, mom is the sexiest woman ever! She is 50,6ft tall, wide hips with a chunky jiggling ass, amazing looking p**** with a nice trimmed bush,and perfect 38dd t***. Everytime she showered or was laying around nude i jerked my c*** looking at her and she watched, she would pose for me in her lingerie and would let me rub my d*** on her fat ass and panty covered ass till i would c**, mom loved me to soak her hairy p**** or c** between her ass cheeks

  • My mother sucked and f***** me all the time and taught me how to suck other c**** and take them in my own ass which became a boi p**** for black monster c*** and free others had to pay and yes i would do anything sexual nothing was of limits as long as the money was there and het to

  • M-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-n-g.

    Learn how to spell, you dirty little creep.

  • I don't know if this is a true story, but if so, you're a sick individual, you Oedipus Rex son-of-a-b****!

  • Why do creeps like you read susch confessions then. Is it because your own mother sees you as a f***** who couldn't satisfy her although she's desperate for a man to ram her.

  • Who thinks up this carp. Even if this is a line of crap, and it most likely is, you have to have one sick mind to even think this crap up to write down.

  • I'm 18 and I still live with my mom. My mom would never do anything sexual like that. She is very strict and makes me do my homework and make my bed.

  • Yup. Well you advise her to get on the Pill DI_rectly so that you two can commence the Act. We know that is Naturally what the both of you crave & you 2 CANNOT prevent from happening regularly, especially now that she realizes how potent you are.

  • As the old saying goes. Damn the s*** is getting deep!

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  • So hot. Don't stop. Wish I could do that with my mom. I would have to f*** her though for sure. Closest I get is sucking my mom's p**** juice from her panties.

  • Me too, I want to know more. E-mail me on

  • You wish.

  • Me too

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