Is there a Mr. Right

I keep finding Mr.Wrong Looking in hopes I will find Mr. Right! I have been told by many men that I am pretty,sexy just outright gorgeous so why the h*** can't I find a man! I have searched low and high I have been in and out of relationships but no luck! I treat them like kings and they leave or beat or disrespect me like I am trash! I give them my all rub their shoulders their feet make sure the dinner is ready when they get home from work I keep the house clean do about any thing for them! I also take care of their sexual needs And I mean any thing he want me to do in bed I have done it b*******'s 69's play into their fancies every mans dreams come true but in the end they still treat me like trash! What more dose a man want from me! why if you have the perfect girl would you beat disrespect or throw away like trash? Well is there a guy out there who wants a girl who knows how to take care of him! Let me know! Are you out there Mr. Right?

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  • Miss i think that you should just work on doing things for yourself first, you have been so busy doing things for these men who do not appreciate you for who you are. I think that once you start doing for you someone will show up.

  • Nut case.
    Whack job.
    Trailer trash.
    Bar w****.

  • How dose looking for Mr. Right make me trailer trash and bar w****? I am NOT trailer trash not a bar w**** whack job or nut case! You don't even know me to say so much hurt full things! I respond to everyone in the way they deserve if they are rude I will be rude back plain in simple if you respect me I respect you! I may have looked for Mr. right in a bar or club with my friends but I don't sleep with the first guy I think might be the right one I have only been with three relationships and these are the men I have slept with and one female they all end up the same way because they were afraid to lose someone who sounds to good to be true but if you think about it that is not how to keep the girl/guy by using abusing controlling destroying! They should treat them the same way loving caring sweet kind pleasing respectfully! I bow out gracefully and say good by for Mr. Right has found me and wants to keep me And treat me right for he has been searching for me and we are the perfect match! He gets his dream girl and I get the respect I deserve we made a great plan to wait before jumping in the sac so we can get to know each other first so we know how its will really work out or not so far so good we are happy!

  • F*** all haters you just jellos of me you can't get a woman so dam good so you hatting on me! To the women beaters watch out we are standing up and fighting back soon you will be alone and only have your self to blame! I use to take the bullshitting ass holes and take their abuse but f*** that no more walking over this woman! I am a strong independent woman no longer is looking for Mr. Right for He is not out there! Now I am going to take care of me and not look for another headache or heartache! That is all you get when looking for Mr. Right they lie cheat abuse or use you not worth my time!

  • ......not only do you have a horrible attitude, you are a horrible speller and use horrible grammar......its a good thing you have stopped looking for mr. right because even if you found him he would have nothing to do with you......very very sad........

  • So my spellings bad and grammar too you were sadly mistaken since after I stopped looking bamm there he was Mr. Right we are happy and taken it really slow! In love and get my respect and he gets his dream girl! hahahahah lol oh by the way my attitude was because of the attitudes I was getting by a bunch of jerks who only got what was coming to them! Karma is a b**** watch out it might bite all of you that think I deserved how I was treated! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!! I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You seem to have developed the impression that, because you have the skills to operate a microwave and suck a d***, you're entitled to happiness. If all the men in your life have treated you in the same way, and all your efforts have produced exactly the same results over time, then the problem is obviously not the men: the problem is you. You need to stop looking for Mr. Right and start looking in the f****** mirror.

  • Your a person who should look in the mirror for one when I mention I do what it takes to keep my man happy so I only mention some of what I do. You men who think I deserved a beating should get their ass beat and I cook not microwave I really think you men that have women and believe they should be beaten you should be alone and single no woman deserves to be beat!

  • Jesus, I've never even met you and already I want to beat you. What a train wreck you are.

  • Your An Idiot and don't even deserve a come back but pray you never meet me because if you think that you can beat me I will do what I got to and prove that your a coward and I will make you cry like a little b****! I have no respect for those ass holes who think its ok to beat a woman! Most of them are cowards and have no confidence in them so think its ok to beat control and isolate women in fact they are scared little boys who need to have their brains checked and fined tuned!

  • We don't need your respect or your confidence. We just need you to shut up, bend over, spread your cheeks open, and take it deep. That's all you're good for, honey. And so that's all we want from you.

  • Well the same could be said for you sir all any women would want from you is the stick you have have growing between your legs because they sure as h*** wont want to be with you for the few brain cells you have swimming around in that empty head of yours.

  • You have no self confidence no self respect! If you think that's what a woman is for then your a dumb ass idiot who needs to go seek help get and your brain checked!GO F*** YOUR SELF and get used to your hand because one day no woman will take bullshit from men and stand up speak up and dump your a**** like yesterday trash!

  • .....maybe if you didnt whine so much you wouldnt get beat so bad.............

  • A person shouldnt not get beat by their bf or gf no matter the situation. it should matter if they are whining. what you just said is a bullshit excuse of the abuser to put the blame on the victim.


  • seem to blow up a lot with little provocation.........

  • With idiots like you who thinks I deserve to be beaten and I am whiner h*** yah I would lose my cool! For your info I no longer take bullshit from any one if you think your in control your dead wrong I will wipe the floor with you before you even lay your hand on me all it will take you to just raise your hand you will be knocked the f*** out! No woman should ever have to stand and take abuse from men! Stand up strong and fight back leave their sorry a**** let them figure out how to cook clean and get that extra loving you gave!

  • ....yah you're shouldn't have to stand and take abuse from should have to take the abuse while you're on your knees. or on your back. naked. i think it's clear to everybody here now that all of your men gave you those beatings to get you to shut the f*** up and get the f*** out. jesus........what a f****** whiner!

  • I always been the silent type who never spoke unless spoken to. I never did complain! It take a lot for a woman to stand up and not be someones toy to be used and miss treated! Your a very cold heart person who knows nothing till you have been in my shoes don't Judge me! Like I keep saying I won't stand abuse no more I woke up to realized I did not have to live like that no more this is a land where we are equals!


  • Your dumb ass deserves an beating right now leave her alone she done nothing to you your an a****** if you don't know someone than you need not to Judge them! She seems to be a nice sweet woman who is looking for someone who will treat her like the lady she is and not like an peace of property!

  • "A nice sweet woman"? Have you read her responses? She's a bomb wearing a lit fuse for a hat. It's no wonder she can't find a man who won't beat her ass.

  • Yes I did she seems to be p***** of at people who want to judge her and think woman should be beat ever think she never had but bad men and thinks there are no good men out there how will she ever be able to trust a real man like me> a good guy who will enjoy to have a lady like that who will do what will please her man is very hard to find! Honey there is a guy out there don't give up yet I would love to meet you!

  • I used to be sweet nice and kind its guys like you who have turned me in to a b**** I finally won't take bullshit from No one!

  • Good luck,

    I know what you mean and know what it feels like to experience that type of heartache. I feel like the "male" version of what you are (or have) experienced.

    If I can give you advice, just focus on yourself. Use this time to get involved with things that "speak" to you, that make you happy. Make finding someone, a non priority.

    Once you do that, perhaps you can find a new level of self happiness and ideally cross paths with someone that is on your level. (ex: you meet someone at an event that you decided to get involved with vs. being dragged around to places "others" recommend".)

    Your soulmate is out there, just give yourself a chance and be kind to yourself.

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence! I need more people like you to be more positive and not be an ass about this! I really appreciate positive comments verse negative comments!

  • If you fine hs guy you call Mr right ,please let me know if he has a brother okay,

  • If I DO I sure will If you find him first let me know if he has a brother or friend like him ;)

  • Sorry hun found him but no bro or cuz or Friend but I will keep my eye out and let you know where to find another one he is out there some where I found one there is hope good luck in your search!

  • Hi Beautiful,
    I wish I had an answer for you. I am a married man about to turn 40 who has been married for nearly 15 years. I wish my wife was half as in tune with me and my needs as you appear to be. No woman should ever have to put up with abuse of any kind. If it makes you feel better I would consider myself to be "Mr. Right". I take care of the kids, I take care of my wife, I do the dishes, my wife has never had to work since we've been married, and I get nothing in return. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and how much better of a husband and father I am then her friends husbands, but yet I feel like I am alone most days because we hardly talk, we never do anyting together that doesn't involve kids and I am tired of feeling like this. I my sad life doesn't help you but what I can say is don't give up, because I know you will one day find the right man for you.

  • Where do you meet most of the men you have been dating? Where are you searching? What's the normal progression of the relationship? Do you move in right away? And what do you want most? long term relationship? get married? have more kids etc... There are men who don't care that a woman has children, just have to find them. Just sounds like there's a cycle you're in where you're attracting the same types of men. You have to break it. Somehow you have to change your approach and do the opposite. Not to mention, sometimes Mr. Right comes around when you least expect him and when you're not looking.

  • Some were from church some in bar/clubs some thru friends I was looking for long term/Married if they wanted kids with me yes. The relationship always start out good but they end really bad.I don't drink I like to just hang out with my girls when I am single and I have babysitter.No I don't move in right away!I have been single for over two years yet it seems like the same type of man wants my number and been down that path to much I have not found a man yet that wont in the end leave abuse or treat me like trash I want a man I can trust and don't just want a piece of ass! What I want the relationship to be is 50/50 love/money/s**/time to be equal.

  • Through friends and church are usually good ways to go. That sucks that it didn't work out. What about online dating? Like or eharmony? I actually know quite a few people who have gotten married to someone that they've met online. The abuse and treating you poorly is unacceptable. No man (they're not really men when they do that) should treat anyone like that. It's a blessing you're not with them any longer. Also, reflect on your past relationships and see what you may be doing to attract some of these guys. How you are in a relationship and to figure out how you can change or tweak this without changing who you are. Meaning, you know how you may have a friends who always date men who need "fixing" or they're codependent. And you can see it, but they can't. Sometimes there's just a pattern and we're not really aware of it, just drawn to men like that - or men are drawn to us. If you can look at it objectively, that can help you moving forward. You said that things end badly.. is the bad a common theme. Like, what do you fight/argue most about? That's what I'm getting at. All couples argue, and it's healthy to do so..the abuse isn't.I don't think what you're asking for in a relationship is too much. That's what we all want. Don't fret, maybe keep busy doing something else, take a break from looking. He's out there, he just hasn't come into your life yet.

  • I have tried online Zoozk Meet me chat lines e harmony most of the guys were lying in there profiles.It is not the argument it is the constent betrayals abuse non stop lies! Getting cheated on then told I am a w**** lying cheating b****! I don't know if I will find Mr.Right Maybe I will settle for a lying cheater or not date at all The worst part I have been trying out women and its all the same so confused Maybe I am meant to be single!

  • Hey baby ill be ure knight in shineing armour post a pic of u on here

  • You cant post picks hear! I can describe what I look like use your mind or go to Mocospace look for Yohanthorsen I have redish blond hair fair skin greenish blue eyes I am not too skinny not too big I got curves My bra size is 36 DD Find me on Mocospace and send me a line and say how you found my page there you can see for your self

  • I've just read your posts for the first time, and even though I haven't seen your picture, I feel like I know you intimately and want to take care of you. I've never been married but always wanted to be, and it somehow just feels like I've been waiting for you. Just for you alone. I know that sounds insane (and perhaps it actually is), but it's true. That feeling started with the first sentence of your initial post, and it grew and grew and grew with each of your lovely responses. It was as though you were taking charge of things and writing directly to me and telling me to get off my ass and come be with you and take care of you and protect you and even have a family with you. This is not something I have ever felt before, but it's not at all scary and doesn't feel wrong; quite the contrary. This feels so right it's unbelievable. And I feel like it's my place to save you from all the Mr. Wrongs that have crossed your path and keep you from ever feeling used again. I really do think you were writing to me, and in exactly the same way that I am writing to you right now. Even though you couldn't see me, you knew I was out here and you were telling me to write back. And so . . . I am.

  • Sir not wanting to be rude but you sound kind of clingy and psychotic and i dont think this woman needs that in her life right now.

  • If you think you are the one to save me let me know how to contact you! I am still waiting to find mr. right I am on mocospace look for yohanthorsen drop me a line from hear or say we have meet on ok

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