We are failing our kids,I feel sick

My toddler sons mom hates me because she was trying to use me and get away and ended up getting pregnant,twice. She thought I will leave her the kids to raise however she pleased and with whatever man she wanted but she was wrong.I keep chasing her about the kids(even outside the US) and we have a joint custody(each have the kids every other week) and she hates that.I love it and want it to stay like that.
She keeps telling people how she wants me to fail in school or at my job,that way she can be designated as primary conservator of the kids.
She just started nursing school last week.I am almost done with my graduate program but want to drop out and chase a bachelor of science in nursing, so that I can earn better later and longer if I combine my graduate and nursing degrees.
I was told she wants to change jobs because her work schedule conflicts with her school schedule.She hates to work with me to even pick our son up from school, while I am at work.My buddy currently picks up my son after school while I am at work,but he can no longer do that as of next week.Because of that combination of factors,I may have to quit my job too.If she ends up not making it in nursing school and I quit my job and things start go crazy,not only would we fail ourselves,we will fail our kids too.I am so scared that someday,our kids will end up at a mental healthy hospital-all because she refuses to work with me and wants to take the kids very far from me. She always says she wishes I never see the kids till they are age 18.Sad.

Jan 15, 2013

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  • Wow. She sounds like a complete loser. How the h*** did you wind up with her as your baby mama?

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