I'm very happy and grateful with what I have right now.

But I can never reconcile my passion for art: in paintings,literature music and film, with what I am doing now. I am a pre-med student; but I appreciate so much poetry and whatnot, and I understand how these things contribute to the human race. I understand the beauty of the word, and that, it is through word that we find common ground for all our different human experiences. It is through word where we find that solace that someone else has shared with us our loneliest moments. And that someone has understood us, and that this understanding, has transcended time and space.And despite the austerity of life, we are not alone.

I appreciate history and I wish I could talk to someone about how fascinated I am with past events. I understand that despite common belief, our history has shaped so much of our today, and that it's important to know how the world was before, to understand of what little can be understood of the world today.

It hurts that people merely find it "cute". To understand these things is to understand a little more about life. Appreciating these things will not answer all our questions, but it makes living a little more tolerable.

I am only 19, but I fear so much of death. Not because of the uncertainty that comes after it, but because of not savoring, not relishing to the fullest, of what comes before it.

Jan 25, 2013

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  • Boy...seems like you confessed that on the wrong site. Too much of a knucklescraper reader audience here.

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