My husband beats me and thinks its okay

I'm scared of my husband because he hits me all of the time. We have a eight month old daughter together and I have tried to leave several times. He blames me for everything and I feel like a piece of garbage. He was hitting me before we got married so I knew how abusive he was. I've always been out on a limb hoping he'll change, but it doesn't. I've been to a woman's shelter, i've left back to my dad's,been to my mom's several times. But he always convinces me to come back to him. It's good for awhile, but it always reverts back. I feel like he's going to hit me so hard one day, i'll die. He's kicked me, slapped me, hit me with hangers/belts, strangled me. He's even had s** with me when I've said no. I don't know what else to do and I don't want to deal with the police. I just want my husband to treat me better like he did in the beginning. I feel so alone.

Jan 26, 2013

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  • He became abusive, and not only did you marry that mess but you reproduced with it too? How stupid are you?

    I'm not going to say you deserve it, you don't. But you do need some working brain cells, and some non-working ovaries. Keep innocent lives out of your idiocy!

  • I agree with everything the bottom comment says. But not only does your daughter deserve better, but you deserve better. I'm only a teenager & me & my younger brother & sister's used to see my mom get hit for years. It took a big toll on our life, thank god my littlest brother and sister don't remember, but me and my other sister do. Eventually my mom did divorce my old step dad, & it got a little easier, but it made my mom a mean person, it hardened her feelings, even toward us. I feel like it did the same to me, but i don't want to be like that. So stop putting yourself through this s*** everyday, no one deserves it. I hope you make the right decision, i would hate fot your daughter to gtow up thinking and seeing some of the stuff i have seen and thought myself...

  • Give him to me, he sounds f****** hot

  • Girl, you better get out of there before he kills you.

  • I'm sorry I know this may sound harsh but you need to hear it. Wake the h*** up and get the f*** out of there. Do you want your daughter growing up thinking its ok to be treated the way you get treated? I don't know what issues you have that make you feel like garbae (yes YOU'RE the only one who can control what you feel) but at this point it doesn't matter. Your daughter deserves better. She deserves to have a mother who will make sure she grows up in a safe enviornment. Good luck to you and your daughter.

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